Mascara Monday: NYX Propel My Eyes mascara

The last NYX mascara that I tried disappointed me somethin’ serious. Can this kid make up for its sisters’ shortcomings? We shall seee…

Price: $13
Packaging (brush wand): 5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5

What It Claims:

The Truth: Now, THIS is a phenomenal mascara.

What I Loved About It: The lengthening action is just…epic.

What I Didn’t Like: I didn’t dislike anything. Well, maybe the price….this seems to be a little pricy considering NYX is moderate in price.

Overall: Yes NYX, yes!!! You definitely won me over with this one. I had high expectations for the wand as it is a great one.

It makes sweeping through the lashes super easy.  The bristles are nice and firm so they almost FORCE your lashes to get with the program. It’s a nice formula, stays on throughout the day and I didn’t experience any smudging or flaking. This one is a winner. In fact, it is my favorite of all of the NYX mascaras that I’ve reviewed. Rock ooooon, NYX!

Bare Lashes

Lashes with 2 Coats of mascara

Do I recommend it?: Absolutely!

Head over to your neighborhood Ulta or NYX Cosmetics boutique to order this baby. You can also order from their website or

Have you tried this mascara yet? Whatcha think?


  • victoria

    Love the wand! I think this is NYX’ best mascara yet.

  • Mary

    OMG WOW! I think I have to go get it now:D ..Looks amazing b 😀

    Oh and B I have a question:
    I know its going to sound lame or dumb, but do I have to be a woman of color to be a Clumps of Mascara sistah?? ^_^ I was just wondering:)

    • Brittany

      Are you kidding me, woman? Beauty knows no color. You are 100% a sistah around here. :)

      • Mary

        Thank you so much for the reply ! 😀 Love your work B !:) Everyday you impower us laddies with your lady wisdom^_^

        <3 xoxo

        • Brittany


  • gio

    You’ve just made me want to try this. It looks amazing on you!

  • Your lashes look amazing. I’ll definitely check this out!

    • Brittany

      NYX definitely surprised me with this one.

      • Lela

        Do you recommend this as the best mascara that is cruelty free? Do you have a review on cruelty free mascaras? Thanks!

        • Guest Blogger

          I sure do. Check the Mascara Bin.

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