Steam Activated Cleanser? What the…

From a beauty blogger’s perspective, you know a product is good when you start using it before taking pictures. I like to be a good blogger and give my products photo shoots before I start usin’ them. But I couldn’t help it. When I saw that Biore had a paraben-free Steam Activated cleanser, I just had to give it a whirl. Hence why I’ve used up a quarter of the bottle. Ha!

Wait…steam activated cleanser? Just how in the world is that supposed to work?

According to Biore, when used in the shower, the steam Activated Cleanser with SteamActiv™ Beads help to stimulates the skin with a cooling mint extract complex. It contrasts against the warmth of the steam to revitalize the senses as it deep cleans for healthier-looking, refreshed feeling skin.

You know what? It feels darn good on the skin. I’ve used it both in the shower and outside of the shower and you can totally feel the difference. When used in the shower, the skin gets a bit of a menthol-like refreshing feeling. That, I believe, can be attributed to the peppermint I saw residing on the Ingredients list. The pumps works  nicely and distributes enough product for a full face lather.

The beads up close…

Not a bad cleanser at all. And I’m lovin’ that it’s sulfate and paraben-free. Kudos to drugstore friendly brands that are eliminating unnecessary preservatives in their products. You can grab it for $7.99 at or at your favorite drugstores.

Think you’ll give this a try? Or does “steam activated” sound too gimmicky?

  • Steam activated? Never heard of that before. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this.

    • Brittany

      It’s pretty groovy and definitely worth a try.

  • I’ve never seen that but I have to try it! I’m obsessed with Biore products.

    • Brittany

      Then you are absolutely going to love this one.

  • McKenna

    I got a sample of this one time and it feels so good when you’re in the shower! My face felt so fresh. I didn’t know it was sulfate and paraben-free though. Sweet. :] Does this help with cleaning pores? I have pore issues in the summertime.

    • Brittany

      Doesn’t it feel good? It really gets deep down in the skin. What kind of pore issues do you have? Like….clogged pores?

      • McKenna

        Yup. Their pore strips didn’t work for me.

        • Brittany

          Hmmm, never tried those.

  • Tiffany

    I wonder how this would work in conjunction with the Clarisonic?

    • Brittany

      Hmmm, that’s an idea. It would probably feel super rejuvenating. I may give it a whirl tonight.

  • I may need to try this!

    • Brittany

      I think you’ll like it. It’s affordable enough too.

  • Woohoo! Sulfate free! I think it’s worth trying just for that :)

    • Brittany

      Riiiight, I am lovin’ the exclusions.