black|Up Cosmestics has the blush of ALL blushes

Some blushes are pretty normal. I mean, they’re nice, get the job done but aren’t quite memorable. This blush from black|Up Cosmetics is epic. And I know I use the word epic a lot but how else do I define such a greatness? I mean, seriously…just look at that.

Right! Riiiiight!

One of the reasons why I love SUPER bright blushes is because I find them to be so versatile. Of course if you aren’t careful with them, you can end up with cheeks reminiscent of Bozo the Clown, BUT…with a light hand and a liberal application, a blush this bright can work wonders.

The website doesn’t have a color definition for it but I would describe BL02 as a super pink blush. It’s packed with color. I mean….packed! One swatch will give you this…

Intense pigment, right? But don’t be afraid, darlings. It’s a sweet blush with a ton of personality. It looks great on the cheeks too!

I haven’t tried it yet but because it’s so pigmented, I’m thinking it could make for an awesome eyeshadow too. Makes the $24 price tag worth it. This is what blush dreams are made of.

Well done, black|Up. Well done.

You can grab the blush online or if you’re a lucky enough to live in Paris, you may be able to grab it in stores. Whatcha think? Is this blush a must have or a pass?


  • LA

    Super gorgeous! What’s the lip gloss you have on by chance?

    • Brittany

      Hmmm, I want to say it’s one by black|Up but I SO can’t remember which one. My bad, sis!

      • Brittany

        Okay, wait….I remember! It looks like NYX’s African Queen. One of my FAVORITE glosses eveeeer.

        • LA

          Ah!! Gotta get that one for sure now. Thanks B 😀

          • Brittany


  • I WANT IT!!!
    LOL it looks lovely

    • Brittany

      You would soooooo rock this.

  • Rai


    • Brittany

      Thanks lovely!

  • gio

    That looks so scary in the pan! I’m not sure I could pull it off but it looks great on you!

    • Brittany

      Yeah, it certainly looks super intimidating in the pan, uh? A little goes a long way so I know you could wear this beautifully. 😉

  • McKenna

    Wow…that color is gorgeous!! Looks like it could work as an eyeshadow too.

    • Brittany

      Yep! I’m going to try it as a shadow too. With a SUPER good primer. This baby looks like it could possibly stain.

  • hmmm I like this!

    • Brittany

      It’s a beauty…

  • Mija

    It looks super purple to me. Is that the lighting?

    • Brittany

      It’s always hard for me camera to capture super bright/neon shades. Even with natural lighting. It’s a bright bright pink.

  • Cinnie

    That looks FAB on you. How do you think it would look on a white girl? Too overpowering?

    • Brittany

      Girl yes…it’ll look great on all complexions. A little goes a long way so using a light hand is key.

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  • Love this! My kinda blush!