Amor de Lacquer: Lippman polishes that you MUST get!

Oh geez. I’ve fallen in love with some polishes. So much that I’ve been rockin’ the same shade for FOUR days. That’s a total record in my book. Say hello to Deborah Lippman’s I Know What Boys Like.

Riiiiight? How prettyfull is this periwinkle?

I love Deborah Lippman polishes. A LOT. But they are just so gosh darn expensive. They run for a smooth $16 and oftentimes I can justify the purchases because I find that some of the shades are just strikingly beautiful and unique. I Know What Boys Like may be one of those.

I don’t think I’ve come across a such a creamy and stunning periwinkle. And it shines without a lick of top coat. And then there’s the season’s most popular color.

Coral! Girls Just Want To Have One is a hot one. I found myself wearing this baby for a good 2 days or so as well. Both polishes are total must-haves.

How awesome are these polishes? Are you gonna love ’em from afar or pick ’em up?

You can get them online and at Nordstrom.



  • Your nail polish looks so perfect. Can you do a tutorial on how you apply your nail polish. I always have trouble and manage to get polish on my cuticle. Thanks!

    • Brittany

      Will add that idea to my list of future blog posts. Thanks Morgan!

    • Ramona

      I agree Morgan, I was just searching and trying to find out how Brittany keeps the base of her nails so clean! I always end up with paint on my cuticles or so uneven. Do you use tape or something?

  • victoria

    Hey Brittany,
    Was wondering if you’ve tried Illamasqua nail polishes? I’ve seen them on Sephora and was wondering if they’re highly pigmented or not.

    The Lippman polishes look great btw

    • Brittany

      They are. I don’t have many of their polishes but I love the few that I do have.

  • The coral polish is really pretty! I loooove that color! I know what boys like is also a pretty color. It stands out against any skin tone.

    • Brittany

      It really does. It is such a stunning shade.

    • beachgal

      I have the coral shade in the summer DL polish line as well. It’s called Girls Just Want to Have Fun. I have enough blue creams and don’t wear what I do have all that much, but for the darker blues or gray/blues on my toes. The bright blues just don’t do much for my coloring on me – but I do better in those than any chalky pale blues. This gal is having fun with DL Girls Just Want to Have Fun. However, I found it to be a bit watery for a DL and wonder if I got a bad bottle like I did on 2 bottles of DL Naked. It covers, but not as well in as few of passes as I was used to with DL creams in the past. Was suprised to find very little difference in shade of my DL Girls Just Want to Have Fun (coral/orange end of coral vs. pink end) and Essie Brazilliant. Even more surprising was I got faster, more even coverage from that Essie Brazilliant than my DL! It’s usually the reverse.

  • gio

    That coral looks gorgeous!

  • The price point is the one thing that I just can’t get past. But I see so many beautiful photos and swatches of her polishes, and they are so gorgeous. This would be considered a luxury item for me, as I would rather spend under $5 on a polish. But who knows, maybe someday I will splurge… :-)

  • coco_fiere

    I’ll likely love these from afar as I have a bright cornflower blue shade that I love already: SH Hard as Nails Xtreme in Pacific Blue. $2 gorgeous-ness that even men notice. LOL
    As far as the coral, I’m leaning more towards the orange of my Lippmann Lara’s Theme. I haven’t mastered not making it chip or have tip wear issues yet but dang it if it’s not pretty on me. Thanks for the great swatches!

  • Rose

    Just going by memory I Know What Boys Like (love that song+ vid) reminds me of China Glaze Secret Peri-Winkle, or Sephora’s Hello Kitty in Blueberry. Always difficult comparing true life to pics online. They both look lovely though!

  • i have “girls just wanna have fun” and i absolutely adore it. definitely one of my fav shades for summer. DL makes wonderful nail polishes. the texture is wonderful and it lasts long.