Amor de Lacquer: Essie Braziliant Summer 2011 collection

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve checked out a collection from Essie. How I let this brand get away from my radar is beyond me. Sooooo glad that I’m back on board in time for their Summer 2011 collection. I am super impressed!

Absolutely Shore

Honey yessss. I LOVE this seafoam green. I haven’t seen anything like it and although the consistency was a little watery, I find it to be a stunning and unique jewel.

Smooth Sailing

At first glance, Smooth Sailing looks like it could have been a holographic. But nope, it’s a darker periwinkle with micro-glitter. I love it.


I am absolutely in LOVE with this shade. I’ve never seen anything like it. It has a bright orange and neon pink/peach shimmer. I think I’m going to try it matte too. This baby is a total must have!


Meet Me At Sunset

Yummy! A sweet and juicy orange. It almost has a jelly finish.

Super Bossa Nova

It’s not a terribly unique shade but if you’re looking to add a bright raspberry magenta with blue undertones polish to your collection, this will be a great addition.


Too Too Hot

I can’t tell if it’s a blood orange or just red. Either way, it’s my least favorite in the bunch only because I’m sure it has an identical twin somewhere

I used 2 coats for each polish and had a few struggles with some of the shades. Smooth Sailing was a bit on the thick side and Absolutely Shore was watery. I think they’re worth the struggle though as they are both absolutely stunning.

See any you love?