MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions collection

When I found out that MAC Cosmetics gathered some of their favorite bloggers to put together a collection of their customized lippies and shadows, I was geeked up. I mean, hello, this showed that bloggers have voices that are valued! I saw it as an enormous step up for dedicated bloggers everywhere.

And then I saw promo photos of the collection…

I’m supposed to be on makeup promotion. Just what in the world am I going to do now?



You can’t tell me that every shade isn’t calling your name.

It must have been a dream for these bloggers! Getting to have the opportunity to SEE how makeup is made and then to custom make and name your own to sell to the masses? I would have fainted on the spot.

The collection will only be sold for a limited time online and only in the U.S. and Canada. Yeah, I know….that part sucks. Hurry and get your shoppin‘ on!

Many congrats to my girls The Makeup Girl and Afrobella. They are two bloggers that have acted as wonderful mentors and friends and I could not be more proud of them.

Which products do you have your eyes on? I’ve go to grab All My Purple Life, Hocus Pocus, Jealousy Awakes and Caqui. Get them before they sell out!

  • I only LOVE “caqui” & “all of my purple life” hopefully I can get my hands on them before they sell out!

    -MiiSS kECiia

    • Brittany

      I hear there are issues going on with the website. Eeeeeek!

  • I am so glad I snapped up “All of My Purple Life” last night!! Someone tweeted Afrobella with a way to purchase it before hand, and I JUMPED! LOL

    • Brittany

      Yeah, I heard about the pre-order’s. I was able to get mine an hour or so ago. Yessss!!!

  • Sherry Blossom

    I want EVERYTHINGGGGG we MUST support our fellow Bloggers and THIS collection WILL be a huge hit! I was only able to snap up Afrobella’s lipglass. After seeing her at The Makeup Show Chicago wearing it I KNEW it was definitely for me! MAC website & call in center went down shortly thereafter! :(

    • Brittany

      Try again, Sherry! It’s up!! And right you are…I LOVE supporting my fellow beauty bloggers.

  • Ashley

    I just bought “all my purple life,” “caqui,” “hocus pocus,” & “sparkle neely sparkle!” The site was working just fine for me.

    • Brittany

      I grabbed Caqui too. In loooove with that orange.

  • i was super excited when i heard about this collection. i know it’s a beauty bloggers dream, right??? i’m supposed to be on a spending ban, but i just had to get Afrobella’s All of My Purple Life… i actually purchased 2 tubes, lol, and I also purchased a tube of Caqui. Nothing else was a must have, but I’m so happy for all the bloggers.

    • Brittany

      I got those two and The Makeup Girl’s Hocus Pocus.Can’t wait to get them!!

  • Brittany!!

    Hi honey! Thank you for the congrats you know your my girl!!! It was an amazing opportunity and I am so thrilled at the responses to HP so far!! Let your readers know that I’m doing a blog post with reader’s looks so submit submit! I’m also doing a contest tomorrow 😉

    • Brittany

      I’m on it. XOXO

  • I just got mine! So happy, i did a blog post on them no more then ten minutes of opening the package. I got them all!

    • Brittany

      Rock oooon!

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