Mascara Monday: Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping mascara

Looks as if Revlon is back with a new mascara! I’ve reviewed the original Grow Luscious mascara so let’s see if Plumping can impress me.

Price: $6 from Walgreens
Packaging (brush wand): 3 out of 5
Overall: 2 out of 5

What It Claims: Per packaging…

The Truth: This mascara was so not up to par. What is it with Revlon and mascara? The two simply just DON’T mix.

What I Loved About It: The wand is a vast improvement from other Revlon mascaras I’ve come across.

What I Didn’t Like: It didn’t provide ANY kind of volume, not much length and the flaking factor was out of control.

Overall: Okay, I give up. Seriously. Revlon’s mascara have left me down so many times that I will cease to ever have high hopes for them. For quite some time I thought perhaps it was my previous experiences with past mascaras that left me scarred. But nope, their mascaras are really not worth your money. And there are several reviews from other beauty lovers who can attest to that.

So what made Grow Luscious Plumping NOT up to par? For once, I can’t blame the wand. In fact, that’s what boosted the mascara’s rating up a bit. This is a vast improvement over some of Revlon’s other wands. It breezes through lashes easily and allows you to separate even the most unruly lashes. But formula-wise, the mascara is just the pits. Granted, I know my lashes aren’t naturally the longest and most lush but helloooo, a good mascara should give me the illusion that they are. Even after a good 2 coats, you could barely tell that I had on mascara.

And then there was the flaking. I tried the mascara for an entire week and each day I had it flaking out on me within hours. I expect this at a minimum after rocking a mascara for hours at a time but Grow Luscious Plumping was flaking hours after application. Just….fail. This also means that it isn’t waterproof. I don’t care WHAT the packaging says. *sigh*

Bare Lashes

Lashes with 2 Coats of mascara

Do I recommend it?: Triple no. Save your money.

What do you think? Is Revlon just habitually bad when it comes to mascaras or do I keep grabbing the wrong ones?


  • I almost got this the last time I bought mascara. I’m glad I didn’t now! I got Loreal’s Voluminous Million Lashes instead, and am extremely happy with it. =D

    • victoria

      I’ve tried Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black and it’s light years ahead of Revlon GL! The volume is insane in one sweep

      • Brittany

        L’Oreal’s Voluminous is one of my favorites!

  • victoria

    I think Revlon knows it has such a great reputation in lip and nail products that maybe it’s just putting out mascara because it’s “expected”.

    • Brittany

      Maybe that’s it….but man, these mascaras are the pits.

      • victoria

        Revlon gives you a free eye shadow or lip gloss in the package with this mascara. Hmm maybe to stifle any complaints about the mascara LOL

        • Brittany

          Really? I didn’t get one of those sets. I love their lippies!

  • Asia

    I totally agree with the Revlon and their lacking mascaras. I have tried soooo many, each one failing worse then the next. I don’t even look when they advertise a new one.

    • Brittany


  • TraciB

    Are they serious? There isn’t much difference between the two pics.

    • Brittany


  • MaryB

    Nope. I cannot do Revlon mascara. It seems every line has something that’s just a complete fail for me – and Revlon mascaras are the pits for me.

    • Brittany

      I agree. Good thing their polishes are up to par.

  • McKenna

    Well…at least it’s not clumpy? I try to look on the bright side of things, but gosh the before and after look nearly the same!

    • Brittany

      I absolutely adore your positive outlook on crappy mascaras. XOXO

  • Wow, hardly any difference… I love revlon lipsticks and polish, but this is ridiculous!

    • Brittany

      Tell me about it. Ugh.

  • victoria

    LOL It’s no coincidence that this mascara is always packaged with a free Revlon eye shadow or lip gloss. They know darn well it’s a ploy to stave off returns and/or complaints! Seriously, I NEVER see Loreal, Cover Girl or Maybelline mascara packaged with a free shadow or gloss!

    I will fall out of my chair if Revlon ever makes a great mascara like so many other drugstore brands do in their sleep!

    Anyway great review and photos as usual B!

  • Julia

    Wish I had seen this review sooner…I just purchased it this morning at Walmart. I usually use Maybelline The Colossal Volum Express (fat yellow tube) and find that it works pretty well for me, but thought I’d try something different. I should have known Jessica Biel and her annoying commercials were full of it! :) Oh well, I already opened it, so guess I’m stuck with it now! I’ll probably apply it over the stuff I already use vs. on its own; maybe then it won’t seem so bad!

    • Brittany

      Now that’s an idea! 😉

  • jenna

    Seriously??! I love this mascara!! Its my absolute favorite!! It makes my eyelashes so longggg…i love it! but at first it didnt really make a difference but a month later i tried it again and it was a lot better…yeah…

    • Mrs Black

      I love this product, purchased it a month ago, wear it everyday, each time i put it on, never have a clump, makes my lashes look full and long. I am considered a makeup guru! I have studied cosmetics for many years. Tried many lines, and opened to trying new skin remedies, I am a cosmetologist! I have sold indivial lines, started with Mary-Kay at 18, and cont. researching my competitors. I have used lots of off the shelf lines, but prefer MAC and Sephora, and agian mk!! i say this mascara get 4 stars from me.

  • Donna Allen

    I have been using for over a month and I am totally amazed – my lashes are in much better condition, the Revlon product goes on like a dream. I am constantly asked if my lashes are real. No clumping and fantastic length

  • MJ

    I’ve actually been using this for a few months and really like it! Gives me nice definition with absolutely ridiculous length (without looking spidery) and I’ve actually noticed that my lashes are longer and more plentiful since I’ve started using it! I don’t get flaking or clumping from this, either. Sorry it didn’t work out for you :(