Best Dressed Brushes Award goes to…Real Techniques!

Blogging can really make your dreams come true. I’m not even kiddin’. Guess who started Real Techniques? Samantha Chapman, the beauty bloggin’ phenomenon behind Pixiwoo. With over 40 million fans, she has launched some of the coolest brushes I’ve seen in a long time.

Pretty, uh?

You’ll be able to find these super soft brushes at Ulta for affordable prices. Take for example the The Travel Essentials set…

These set only goes for $15.99. Buuuut, not only do you get a concealer, shadow and blush brush, but they come in a travel case that you can fold up and put in your suitcase and purse…

AND it can also stand up like an easel.

The kabuki brush ($9.99) is my absolute favorite. Mainly because it has split personality. Goes from this…

To this…

Which makes it great for contouring and applying highlighter blushes and bronzers. I just love how beautiful and high-quality these brushes are. If you’re in the market for some new brushes, I think you’ll love these. Plus you’ll be supporting a fellow beauty blogger.

Think you’ll give these a try?


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  • Janda


  • DoDe

    I want to try the blush brush. But each time I go to Ulta they are sold out. The one that is on display as a tester is super soft. Congrats to sam. Thanks for the review

  • I love that they’re available at Ulta!! might do some damage this week while visiting the fam;)

  • oooh…i’m gonna go look for those this weekend. :) looking for a new kabuki brush anyways…which is better? this one or the ecotools kabuki brush?

    • Brittany

      Ahhhh, don’t make me choose!!

  • Of course! I love Pixiwoo!!!

    • Brittany

      Me too! She’s such an inspiration.

  • These brushes look great! I am in need of some new ones myself. I just have some from Target that I’m using now so I would be happy to get rid of those and use these. AND I would be happy to support a fellow beauty blogger as well :) Fingers crossed for a giveaway!

  • gio

    These look great, especially the kabuki one! I will have to check them out soon..

  • Stylish look and affordable price, these are right up my alley!

  • hj

    I think they look awesome. Can’t wait to try.

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