Amor de Lacquer: Sinful Colors’ Shrek-green color

I love Sinful Colors. How they can be SO perfect and only cost $1.99 is beyond me. I was strolling through Walgreens one day (you know, because the beauty department is where I hang), aaaaand I come across this Shrek-green that I just HAD to have.

Even IF I have a similar shade at home. For the record, I don’t care how many bottles of polish you have, if a bottle that is only $1.99 screams at you, you HAVE to buy it.

It’s in the unofficial invisible beauty law book.

I’m serious.

Sinful Colors’ Innocent reminds me OPI’s Who The Shrek Are You. The formula on this kid is just as good as OPI’s too.

It was opaque and gorgeous at only 2 coats. But to make things even more interesting, I did a coat of China Glaze’s White Cap.

Do you find polishing your nails to be therapeutic? I do. In fact, I’d much rather do my own nails than have someone else do them. Maybe it’s because I’m cheaper than cheap but that’s neither here nor there. 8) What’s the fastest trying top coat in the world?

Seche-Vite, baby! The final look…

Loves it. Sinful Colors, you are perfect in every way. Never ever change.

I mean that.

  • I have this polish! It looks so good with your skin tone. My daughter’s so perplexed by it. She just keeps turning up her lips and saying “But Mommy…its green.”

  • Such a pretty shade! I love Sinful Colors too :) For that price, they are amaaazing!! 😀

  • MsFarrah

    This colorblooks gorgeous on your skin B!!! I love it, I just may have to look into purchasing a bottle for myself.
    Now is this a everyday going to work polish or just weekend only polish?

  • I have that one too, but it turned my nails yellow. I loved the look though!

    I even did the crackle on top of this color! Alien-freaky!

  • I agree with you completely! Sinful colors is amazing and sooo cheap!

  • Jeni

    I love how the color matches your iPhone case!! Wait…that is an iPhone right?
    And the color is beautiful! (Even though I’ll probably never find the courage to wear it)

  • LOVE! I kinda like the shrek green haha. Maybe it’s me but I could never get into Sinful Colors polishes. Maybe this will change my mind haha

    • Brittany

      Girl yeah…they’re only $2!

  • I love this color. I have a very similar color from OPI on my nails and toes now. I love Sinful Colors most of my nail polishes are Sinful Colors. I don’t find polishing my nails therapeutic in the least bit but that could be, because I am not good at it.

    • Brittany

      Baby steps, sis. I didn’t always enjoy painting my nails…now that I’m half way decent at it, I love doing it.

  • I love how the colors go well against your skin tone! I also find it therapeutic to do my own nails too! lol…

    • Brittany

      Thank youuuu!

  • I love Sinful Colors, really surprised at how great quality it is! I’m still looking for the perfect quick dry top coat.. just can’t get over the Toluene factor in SV.

    • Brittany

      Posche is another great top coat. But nothing dries as quickly SV. Ugh! The toluene factor doesn’t bother me too much b/c I only use it sparingly.

  • Allyson

    Hey! Love this nail polish as well! The color is fabulous! I just wanted to ask you something! Are you aware of the warning label at the back of the Seche Vite Top Coat? You should check it out if you havent already. It may not be something to freak out over, but it’s good to be aware! (:

    • Brittany

      Thanks for lettin’ me know. I’m aware that SV has toluene in it. I use it sparingly…especially when I’m in a hurry to get my nails to dry.

  • I have this color! It sure is a lovely color, and it is a dream to apply. I love Sinful Colors nail polishes. They are really lovely and a great bargain as well. I love how you played up innocent by adding that coat of China Glaze White Cap! :)