The Flying Biscuit Cafe: Best Breakfast spot EVER!

Okay, so by now y’all know how much I loooove breakfast. The future Clumps kids may hate me for it, but a few nights a week, we’ll be eatin’ breakfast for dinner. It’s just a way of life for me. Aside from cooking breakfast, I love going out to eat breakfast. A few years ago I discovered The Flying Biscuit Cafe.

Dear grits in heaven, this place has my entire heart!

It was one of my friends in ATL that couldn’t stop bragging about The Flying Biscuit that led me to visit the Buckhead location years ago. Since then, I’ve been wishing on a star that one would open up near me. Gainesville, Florida (you know, Home of the UF Gators)…about 2 hours from me is about as close as it gets. I was already on I-75 South and just HAD to stop by.

Breakfast all day? That’s SO my middle name. Every Flying Biscuit I’ve been to (which is 4 in 3 states) has such personality and character.

…there’s even something special about the tacky floral tablecloth.

The Flying Biscuit is most known for their biscuits (obviously) but their grits are freaking fantastic, as well. I keep it simple when I order. Grits, eggs, chicken patty and a delicious biscuit with cranapple butter.

The guy went all out and had an amazing dish of turkey hash over their ‘moon dusted potatoes’ and topped off with an over easy egg.

Just delish. I ended up going again when I visited Raleigh, North Carolina.

Do yourself a favor and visit The Flying Biscuit if you’ve got one in your hood. And mail a sista some of their biscuits. Please ‘n thanks. 8)

  • Girl, the Flying Biscuit is SO GOOD. I just can’t eat the grits all that often because I’m lactose-intolerant and they have so much cheese in them, which is a true tragedy because they are the best grits I’ve ever had, period. I’m still trying to figure out what kind of cheese is in there! But on the real, what’s up with them not having a chicken biscuit on the menu?

    • Brittany

      Um, yeah….I’m LI too and I have to pop not one, but TWO Lactaids before eating those grits. And you’re so right. How could they NOT have a chicken biscuit?

  • victoria

    OMG those grits look so good!

    • Brittany

      I looooove grits.

  • I love the Flying Biscuit!!! I first tried it in ATL and they opened up 2 here in Charlotte, NC…I live 15 mins away from one of them…lol. I’ve tried just about everything on their menu…my favs are the grits and biscuits with the apple butter…YUM! I’ve also tried the one in Raleigh. They have slightly different menus at different locations which isn’t too bad. I have a few pictures on my facebook page. :)

    • Brittany


  • OMG, cheesy grits!!! I’ll have to get hubs to take me there. Looks totally yum-yum!

    • Brittany

      Don’t forget to try the biscuits too!

  • I’ve never heard of this place, but I WILL be looking it up when I travel. Thanks for the tip!

    • Brittany


  • Do you know if there is one near Miami/Ft Lauderdale? We will be there next February and my husband and I are both breakfast people too, and yup, at least once a week we have breakfast for dinner. We love these kinds of restaurants that serve breakfast all day. Our favorites are family owned greasy-spoon diners and just love it when we find one while traveling. So much better than the usual McD’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc.

    • Brittany

      Nope, they don’t have any in South Florida. The only one in Florida is in Gainesville. Tragic. Just tragic.