Amor de Lacquer: Zoya Touch collection

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I’m a colorful nail polish lover by nature. When I heard about Zoya’s Touch collection a mumbled “Meh…” passed through my lips. When I saw them in person, I was a slightly impressed. But when I tried them out on my nails, I was floored. Now I’m head over heels in love with these nude-y patooties.

Zoya describes the shades as ‘full coverage nude creams-softly kissed with a touch of metallic to make them ultra wearable and dynamic’. I couldn’t agree more!


While I didn’t love Minka at first swatch, it was the gorgeous shimmer that saved this girl from my disapproval. It works well with my complexion too. This may be my favorite out of the bunch.


I think I’d like this more if my nails were a little longer. My shorter nails hardly give polishes the justice they deserve. I like Pandora. She’s got a bit of pink to her. This is shade that I could wear daily when I’m recovering from those color overload moments.


Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. In pictures, Shay looks like a warmer version of Minka. Shay has a bit of an orange tinge.

I used 2 coats for each polish and didn’t have any problems formula-wise. I was surprised at how well these looked on my warmer skin tone. I didn’t have much hope prior to reviewing the collection. I’ve seen these shades look well on fairer complexions so I ecstatic that they look well on me too. These are the perfect work-safe shades.

You can grab ’em online for $8 a bottle.

What do you think? Are you a nude-y kind of girl or not so much?


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  • GlamSwagger

    I like Pandora a lot! I’d wear that everyday!!

    • Brittany

      That topped off with a bit of glitter is hotnessssss!

  • I’ve been lemming Shay, I waaaant it!

    • Brittany

      Are you still on a no-beauty buy like me? Or was I the only one on that horrible probation? HA!!

      • cinnie

        No, I’m on a self-imposed diet from buying beauty prods too. It hurts! I need to get my hands on my preccciousssssss.

        • Brittany

          I’m on a diet too and cheated yesterday. I know your pain, sister.

  • Ashley

    I looovvee Minka! Pandora is a *beep* no and I’m on the fence with Shay. Thanks for the swathes B! You’re my go-to WOC nail girl!

    • Brittany

      Glad I could help, love!

  • pandora is such a prettttttty color!!! :) I’m in love with nude colors. All of the colors looked gorgeous on your nails. :)

  • gio

    Pandora looks very pretty! :)

  • Pandora’s nice. I like the shimmer and the slight pink in it.

    • Brittany

      Riiiight. Subtle but gorgeous.

  • I love these colors. I’m not a totally nude type but these colors are gorgeous.

  • Jasmyne

    Oooh I love these! I want some.

    • Brittany

      I might hook you up, sis. 😉

  • Patricia S

    Minka has a nice soft look! Great for a first date! :)