Mascara Monday: Benefit Cosmetics’ They’re Real mascara

Hi darlings!

It seems like it’s been forever and a day since I’ve been able to blog on Clumps of Mascara. While the Clumps of Mascara’s layout is still under construction, the virus that was somehow hacked into the site has been removed. Many thanks to The Guy. He spent over 2 weeks trying to help me restore Clumps. Dating a geek obviously has its benefits. 8)


The complete written review of They’re Real mascara will be up soon but in the meantime, check out my video review.

  • Thanks for the review! Love the nails ^^

    • Brittany

      Thanks darlin’!

  • Anamarija

    and yeah, what happened to the tarte giveaway?

    • Brittany

      A winner hasn’t been selected yet only because I haven’t had a chance to pick one. I’ve been too busy trying to get Clumps up and rolling again. When a winner is selected, I’ll be sure to post. Thanks!

  • Anjali

    i love your nail polish!! which one are you wearing?!!

    • Brittany

      That’s OPI’s Road House Blues with Sally Hanen’s Hidden Treasure layered on top. They made a dynamite combo!

      • Anjali

        it’s beautiful!!

        • Brittany

          I’m lovin’ it. It’s definitely one of my favorite mascaras right now.

  • Asia

    Yea! Thanks The Guy. I was going through clumps withdrawls, lol. I haven’t heard of this mascara. It looks good. I may have to break away from my MAC Haute & Naughty to check it out. As always, thank you B for the info : )

    • Brittany

      Always. 😉

  • Sherry Blossom

    Awesome review!! Love lengthening mascaras…my lashes are long & i like the “tarantula” on your eye looks lol…im also with you on not wearing falsies often and preferring your natural lash. I am a MUA in NY and usually only pull out falsies on clients or when I’m doing a super dramatic look! So how would you compare this mascara to Maybelline lash stiletto??

    • Brittany

      This one is WAY better than Stiletto. Stiletto is a lengthening mascara and They’re Real covers it all. 8)

  • goaldigga

    B, where do they sell Benefits mascara? this is a must-have for me!!! Also, have you reviewed any of the Mary Kay mascaras?

  • goaldigga

    no I am not slow-learning lol….guess I shouldve watched vid in its entirety b4 I asked where you buy it!!!!

    • Brittany

      Hahaha, it’s all good, darlin’. It’s at, in Sephora stores and to my knowledge, you can scoop it up in Ulta as well.

  • I love this mascara, one of the few I have tried which grabs every one of my lashes and does end up in my eyes during the day!

  • Linnie

    I love this mascara, and I agree that it would be AMAZING in waterproof. I’m gonna be in a wedding soon, which is why I’m here reading your mascara reviews because, I can guarantee this is one wedding I’ll cry at. My friend actually worked at sephora and the benefit representative taught them how to ‘properly’ use the dagger. If you use it on your top lashes before using the side of the brush it gives more length and volume (it does for me, anyway).

    • Brittany

      Interestiiiiing. I’m going to try that tip. Thanks so much!

  • Mesha Tucker

    What polish are you wearing on your nails? It’s so pretty!!!!