The Crystal Light Flavor Over Fizz Challenge

Let’s talk beverages for a moment, shall we?

Normally I’m a water on the rocks kind of girl. And when I’m really trying to be fancy, I have a lemon wedge. You know…because I’m extra like that. But when I had the opportunity to give Crystal Light’s drink mix a whirl, I had to give it a chance.

After all, I can’t hate on much of anything that has 5 calories per serving. I decided to take the Flavor Over Fizz Challenge. What is this I speak of? It’s a Crystal Light challenge in which women all over are to trade in their diet sodas for Crystal Light. It’s an easy challenge for me considering I’ve never been a fan of diet sodas in the first place.

Wait. Easy Challenge…is that an oxymoron?

Anywhoovers, part of the challenge is to dress up your drink. In addition to dropping my favorite fruits in a glass of Crystal Light’s Peach Iced Tea, I also put it in a wine glass.

Because any beverage automatically gets mega cool points when placed in a wine glass. Plus, you gotta love the crystal and the LIGHT shinning in the background No? Okay, maybe it’s just the photographer in me. I hope you’ll snag some of these for delicious summer sippin’…

My favorite? The raspberry green tea. I could actually taste the raspberry. Like, fo real, fo real. It’s not pictured because I drank it all. 8)

I encourage my diet soda drinkin’ guys and gals to jump on board with the Crystal Light Flavor Over Fizz Challenge. Diet sodas really aren’t that good for us anyway. Have you tried Crystal Light? Whatcha think?


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  • Ashley

    i’ve been drinking crystal light for years now. My favorite is the pink lemonade

    • Brittany

      Haven’t tried that one yet!

  • Jenny

    I always thought that Crystal Light had aspartame too, so never thought it was really better than diet soda. I must investigate! :)

    • Brittany

      It has it in there. I drink so little of anything other than water, that I don’t think it’ll cause a problem. Those that drink a toooon of diet soda a day, however, just be cautious. Good for you for reading labels!

  • Kym

    I would love to drink these but I get a horrible headache from the aspartame in it. I stick to plain boring water.

  • Jennifer

    Umm, I really cant stand the taste of Crystal Light. So instead of it Ive been drinking Celestial Seasons tea Herbal Blends with ice and no sugar. Wonderful taste, but dont know about the calories…

  • Aisha

    Have you ever tried Wyler’s? I can’t stand any kind of diet drink but these taste so good! My favorite used to be pink lemonade then they came out with half tea/have lemonade. Oh my goodness!

    Here they are only sold at Walgreen’s mostly but I have seen them at HEB (I’m in Texas) and they are 10 packs for $1 or if you can find it a big 50 box for $5.


    • Brittany

      Hmm, I’ve never tried Wyler’s. Gotta give that one a whirl.