Amor de Lacquer: Essence’s polishes- 99 cents but 100% aweseome.

Oh. snap. Those were my words the minute I saw just how beautiful Essence Colour & Go nail polishes I applied. Have y’all heard of this affordable brand? They are located in Ulta and I am just lovin’ everything I’ve discovered so far. Their mascaras aren’t half bad and the polishes are totally worth the 99-cent price tag. And I’m not even kidding. These babies are less than a dollar per bottle. Cool, uh?

Here’s the thing about Essence’s polishes….they are mini-sized. And my mini, I mean a little more than half the size of a normal nail polish. Some don’t mind the mini sizes and some prefer regular sized bottles. I’m a member of the latter but I tried not to hold that against Essence. Plenty of great things come in small sizes. Like Hello Kitty! 8)



This kid is my favorite out of the bunch. The shade looks a lot like a coffee that had a bunch of creamer put in it. And then gold glitter was dumped in the mug. I’ve never seen such a stunning shade. The application was perfect too!

Mellow Yellow

This Spring-like shade isn’t super unique but I loved that it provided an opaque finish in just two coats. The downside? The formula was a little gloopy. It got really think towards the end of the second coat.


Where’s The Party?

What a stunning duochrome, uh? It comes from a murky purple to a murky green and back. It’s got a nice jewel-toned finish too. Super cool!


Wake Up!

If you’ve seen one orange red, you’ve seen them all. This one isn’t super unique but it’s nice nonetheless. And need I remind’s less than a buck. It’s definitely worth your money.

I used 2 coats for each polish and while I really love the color selections, I so wish that the bottles were a little bigger. It makes controlling the handle a little challenging. Still, they aren’t bad for toting along when traveling. To my knowledge, the formula is Big 3 Free. I’ve got my eyes on a few more of the shades.

Whatcha think? Have y’all tried any of these polishes?


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  • Essence makes some of my favorite nail polishes of all time. I think I might just haul the enter collection 😀

    • Brittany

      I’m going back for more this weekend!

  • ashley

    i love the yellow color. I have two nail polishes from this company but i’ve never used them. I’ll definitely have to pull em out

    • Brittany

      They certainly aren’t bad for the price.

  • Shan

    Thanks for this post. I will have to try these polishes. I love nail polish but I’m a budget diva. Keep us informed on the inexpensive brands. :)

    • Brittany

      Woot! That’s my job. :)

  • gio

    I love essence products but I can’t believe I haven’t tried their polishes yet. they look beautiful!

    • Brittany

      You’ll love ’em, Gio.

  • I live in Europe and i’m addicted to Essence products! I love the nail polishes, the eyeshadows, etc. what i love the most is that the products are cheap but good quality, and there is a huge range of colors and choices… i’m rarely disapointed with Essence!

    • Brittany

      I hear that they’re big in Europe. Awesomeness!

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  • Sha

    They def are big here in Europe! And I really love them! They have the best cracking polishes and ther glitter topcoats are also the best around! And I’m a real nailpolish addict!
    I don’t know if they sell it in the States, but catrice is just as awesome! (and same-priced)

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