FOTD Friday: MAC’s Hocus Pocus is magical!

It’s been a while since a makeup collection has made me actually want to spend money. Which sounds horrible but between attempting to find financial security and feeling like I have enough when it comes to makeup, I’ve got to be really selective when it comes to bringing home new beauty stuffs. The MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions collection had me super hyped up.

While I only snagged a shadow and two glosses, I want to feature them individually. Because they are just that awesome. First up is The Makeup Girl’s Hocus Pocus.

Watch the magic behind this stunning shadow…

Even if this wasn’t my girl Lianne’s shade, I would have purchased Hocus Pocus anyway. I SO don’t have a shade like this in my stash. Described as a dark sooty grey with silver pearl, Hocus Pocus is unique in its own right.

The subtle silver shimmer actually looks cold on my skin and it makes for stunning dramatic smoky eyes AND wearable work-appropriate looks.

It goes on like buttah.

Since  I spend more time at work than at joints where I can rock a smoky eye, I decided to rock a look for work. But because black eyeliner can be a little boring, I pulled out a blue and silver liner…

And put them on the waterline. For the record, I will never be that gal that spends a ton of time on her brows. I’ll fill ’em in a bit if I need to but I much prefer the un-stenciled, bushy, au naturale brow look. I know good brows can totally take a look up a notch but I’m leavin’ mine alone. 😉

I put Hocus Pocus all over the lid…

And then I pulled out MAC’s Twinks. Remember Twinks? It’s that litte guy in the middle.

A highlight color and mascara and I was ready to go.


Not without a smokin’ lip color though.

I’ll be reviewing this soon but Milani’s new Haute Flash glosses are just ah-maziiiing!

Sooo I wanted to do a nice little photo shoot with Hocus Pocus but it’s summertime in Florida and that means it’s cloudy at least half of the day every day.

The best lighting I got was outside of my job. But even that was sketch.

And people kept staring. Like, come on, folx…have you never seen a beauty blogger attempt to take a photo of her FOTD in natural lighting? What gives?

Y’all know I don’t care though. 8) I am still trying to get used to this DSLR of mine. Sometimes I just want to take a picture and go. Not play around with 5,000 settings. Grr!!

Hocus Pocus is currently sold out. Which is actually a good thing. That means it was THAT good. If you didn’t get it and still want it, stay tuned. This U.S. and Canadian online-exclusive shade shall make its return soon. And when it does, I’ll be sure to let y’all know on Facebook.

Did you manage to get Hocus Pocus? Whatcha think?

  • I love Hocus Pocus! It looks good on you B! And OMG, I haven’t used twinks in ages lol and that lip color is awesome very pretty

    • Brittany

      Thanks lovely!! I love how versatile Hocus Pocus is. Definitely one of my TOP favorite eyeshadow colors.

  • Super gorgeous blue liner! I love it B!!!

    • Brittany

      Thanks darlin’! Black can get so boring sometimes.

  • Found your blog recently! I love it! Love that pop of blue in your look! Very pretty!

    • Brittany

      Thanks!!! Off I go to check off your blog!

  • Cinnie

    It looks very greenish to me. Is it? Or is my monitor pooping out on me?

    • Brittany

      It can have that effect. I didn’t use any colored bases under it but it does have a green tint to it. Your eyes do not deceive you. 😉

  • Super cute. Love the mix of colors that you used and the blue liner is all of everything glorious.

    • Brittany

      Thanks darlin’!

  • kia

    it’s magic! this color looks different on different skin tones (or bases?)… i did a look with it and i tried to bring out the green in it, but it didn’t quite show as much as I wanted. love the double liner on the bottom lid/water line. i try to give that effect to my shadow/liner too on the bottom lid. 😉

    • Brittany

      I agree!!! On some it looks green and other it’s a little more brown. Either way, I’m lovin’ the effects. Compliments from you always lets me know that I’m doing somethin’ right, Kia. XOXO

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