Mascara Monday: Maybelline the Falsies Black Drama vs. Maybelline the Falsies Flared mascaras

I’m working on getting the formal review up but in the meantime, check out my video review comparing the two here.

Which one are you lovin’ the most?

[NOTE: Clumps has been a little buggy and I’m working on getting the kinks out. Thanks for the tweets and emails letting me know my e-baby is actin’ a hot mess.] 8)

  • It’s funny timing that you posted this today bc this morning I used Black Drama for the first time (I used the original one a while back) and was trying to figure out if it’s really much different than the original. I’m eagerly awaiting your review… I’m at work and shouldn’t watch youtube, boo.

    • Brittany

      I don’t think they’re THAT different. Will get the review up soon. 😉

  • Hey B!
    I just purchased the Flare last weekend at Ulta while in Orlando, and I’m not really seeing a difference in any of the Falsies line:( so I’m anticipating your review to see if you notice something that I don’t.

    • Brittany

      I’m on it!

  • My FAVOURITE mascara ever..however I made the mistake off accidently buying the waterproof version – I hate it so much! It makes my lashes feel like wood and I found it so hard to remove from my lashes; a few even came out!
    I’m sticking to the original next time!

    • Brittany

      Oh noooo, not wood. Yikes!

  • victoria

    Looks like Maybelline’s got 2 winners here! Love the Black Drama name and packaging!

    • Brittany

      How cute is the lacy lace? Loves iiiit!

  • Anita

    I didn’t try flared (seems gimmicky to me) but black drama was the one I got and I luuurve it :) lol it cracks me up how many kinds of black there are. Brownish Black, Blackest Black, Very Black, and Black Drama. XD