Amor de Lacquer: OPI Grand Slam! England collection

As part II of Serena Williams’ collections, we’re checkin’ out OPI Grand Slam! England, in honor of the England tournament. Can’t help you there, darlings. I struggle with following sports and while I’ve never been a fan of following tennis (snooze-fest if you ask me), I am a fan of this collection.

Not too shabby, uh?


I only used 2 coats for this kid but know that it looks even more stunning with THREE coats. I am in love with this shade. It’s got a bit of a foil finish with an insane amount of sparkle. I can dig it.

Servin’ Up Sparkle

I know, I know…this glitter looks ultra strange by herself. I wanted to show you the power she can bring when used solo. Now just imagine her layered over your favorite nail polish. Intense glittery wonderfulness!