Giveaway! Exclusive tarte waterproof essentials bag!

What could make your Friday a little better? How about a giveaway sponsored by tarte? I know, I know…I’m excited too. Two ladies will win the following…

And it’s International-friendly so that means my girls in Dubai, Kenya, Rome, Jamaica, Switzerland and Brazil can join in too. Yippie!

Be one of the first to snag tarte’s QVC-exclusive Waterproof Essentials collection. The collection is valued at over $205 and includes the following:

• Worldwide launch! maracuja creaseless concealer (retail price: $24.50) (available separately in September 2011)

• NEW shade! Amazonian clay 12-hour blush (retail price: $25)
o exclusive QVC shade: peaceful (soft pinky-peach)

• NEW brush! QVC exclusive blush bamboo brush (retail price: $27)

• NEW shade! emphasEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof cream eyeshadow (retail price: $22)

• NEW brush! QVC exclusive eyeshadow bamboo brush (retail price: $28)

• NEW shade! smolderEYES Amazonian clay waterproof eyeliner with sharpener (retail price: $25)

• NEW shade! LipSurgence™ natural lip luster in sweet (retail price: $24)
o shade: sweet (golden pink)

• lights, camera, lashes! clinically-proven natural mascara (retail price: $19)

• deluxe mineral powder bronzer in park ave princess (retail value: $10)

You want it, uh? Simply email to enter!

Simply email with the subject “It’s a tarte summer”. Want extra entries? Leave a comment in this post telling me your favorite tarte product.

Zee Rules:
-U.S. and International friendly.
-Entrants must be 18 years of age or older (if you are younger than 18, get your parents to enter the giveaway for you)
-Contest ends on  Friday, July 15th at 5:00pm EST
-Have you won a giveaway within the past 6 months? Give someone else a chance, homie
-Winner will be selected at random
-Family members, stuffed animals, coworkers and personal friends of B are not eligible
-In the event that a winner does not respond in 3 days, another person will be selected
-Click here for additional rules and regulations for giveaways hosted on Clumps of Mascara.

Don’t want to wait to grab this beautiful kit? Purchase it on QVC now using QVC Item#: A217165.  Shoot any questions and concerns to Good luck!

  • keogan

    thanks for hosting this giveaway! i LOVE tarte…ever since you reviewed the amazonian clay blushes, i had to go out and buy a couple. while there i ended up getting the lip tints, too! both products are GREAT (i have multiple colors and finishes of each).

  • emi s.

    my favorite product is the powder blush in tipsy. . . even though i don’t own it yet!

  • Thanxs for the Giveaway!!! My fav product is Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed!!

  • milxx

    favorite tarte product is the smolder eyes pencil in bronze. it makes a perfect everyday look

  • Katrina

    I love their bronzer!

  • I love the tarte amazonian clay blushes!

  • Parris A

    I love the LipSurgence! It lasts a long time!

  • Veronica Moore

    Fave tarte product…tarte Dark Circle Defense concealer. It’s great stuff and a little goes a long way!

  • Mia

    I really like lights, camera, lashes and the clay blushes!!! woo hooo! and you get park ave princess? such a good deal!!

  • johanna

    I love my tarte amazonian clay blush lasts all day ! Finally!

  • Michelle G

    I really love their LipSurgence Lip Tint in Pouty. Love your blog. Thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway. Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Jenny

    My fav tarte item is their emphaseyes mascara. It makes my lashes so long and big. Loves it!

  • Elms

    I really like the calming concealer. It is ahhhhmazing!!!

  • Crystal Prado

    My favorite Tarte product is their eye lash curler!!!!

  • Lindsey Huber

    My fav tarte product is is the amazonian clay blushes

  • Christina Zhou

    My favorite tarte product is the lockandroll eyeshadowss :) i only have one, but i think its like the coolest thing in the world :)

  • Wynell

    I like the Amazonian Clay Full-Coverage Foundation SPF15

  • Colleen b

    i love their natural cheek stain.

  • love love love the natural cheek stain in tickled (:

  • Erin P

    I like their lipsurgence and the natural cheek stain.

  • Favorite Tarte = the lipsurgence lip tint! I like the minty-ness lol and how soft it makes my puckers feel! I only have the one and would love to give their other products a go! Thanks for hosting!!


  • Ashley

    i really like Tarte’s 12 hour blush

  • Sehar

    I absolutely love Tarte’s cheek stains – so easy to apply!

  • Amina

    My favorite item is the Amazonian Clay blush in Peaceful :)

  • Susan

    I love lights, camera, lashes mascara. It curls without a lash curler!

  • Kristin

    I adore my amazonian clay blush in tipsy. It’s my perfect coral colored blush!

  • My favorite Tarte product is LipSurgence natural lip tint in Enchanted… I have it on my lips right now :)

    This is an awesome giveaway, Brittany! Thank you!

  • LaKeisha H.

    My favorite tarte product are the cheek stain, they give me a little color without making me look like a clown.

  • I’ve never tried any Tarte products before, but have always wanted to! The waterproof set would be great for this summer because it’s been so humid and my makeup has been melting off like crazy!

  • Tami

    I really like the bronzer in park avenue princess!

  • I would love to try tarte, but I havent yet.

  • Jenny B

    Love lights, camera, lashes! I have super sensitive eyes and tuis doesn’t bother them at all!

  • Anjali

    I love the Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in Blissful :)

  • Michelle

    I love the Tarte Lip Surgence Natural Lip Luster in Glisten. It’s the perfect coral shade for summer and it feels amazing on your lips.

  • Trang Nguyen

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! My favorite Tarte product is probably their Smooth Operator tinted moisturizer. LOVE IT!

  • Amber

    My favorite product is the the lipsurgence lip tint! i just love them =)

  • Love the eyeliner!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jeni

    My favorite tarte product is their emphasEYES eyeliner in teal!

  • Fatima

    I love the tarte cheek stains!

  • Sockna Cisse

    the smolderEYES is AMAZING!!

  • Michelle H.

    At this time of year, I would have to say that my favorite product of theirs is their waterproof eyeshadow. I also like their cheek stains.

  • Hi :) This is an awesome giveaway! I’m in!

    My favorite tarte product is LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint – it lasts a long time and looks great :)

  • Melissa

    My favorite tarte product is the 24/7 natural lip sheer in tea time.

  • Love love tarte! I think my fave product is the eyeshadow.

    Thank u!!

  • First, I love that the products are natural and invigorating. And second, I love that packaging is green, recyclable! My favorite product after the Tarte mascara is the LipSurgence lip tint! Just luscious, but you feel great knowing your adding vitamins and not unknown, unnamed chemicals on you most forward body part.

  • martan

    Thank you for the giveaway.
    One of my favorite TARTE product is the cheek stains.

  • Ana Belén

    I love Amazonian clay waterproof eyeliner with sharpener

  • Tiffany

    My favorite is the amazon clay Blush!!!! Scrumptious

  • supriya

    Ever since I heard about the amazonian clay blushes I had to try them and they are sooo pretty!! :)

  • Sharon R.

    I don’t have a favorite Tarte product yet since I haven’t been able to afford any of it. That’s why I’m hoping I win this giveaway.

  • Kelly

    One of my favorite products is the Tarte cheek stains. After reading about the amazonian clay brushes I am definitely going to have to give them a try.

  • The Tarte lip stains are hands down my favorite product from Tarte.

  • Blythe

    I love the lip stains :)

  • kmeisse

    I love the amazonian clay blushes! They blend so easily :)

  • I am loving the Tarte True Blood palette. So far I have used it every day since I purchased it!

  • I’ve heard so many good things about Tarte. Sadly they dont it where I live. This is random but I’ve always wanted to try their blush sticks.

    My favorite are the creaseless concealer and amazonian blush.

  • Bhavna

    Thanks for such a great giveaway B! My favorite is the 12-hr blush.
    I’ve been wanting to try Tarte products for sooo long.

  • Janine

    My favorite tarte product is tarte for True Blood limited-edition cosmetics collection! I thinking about ordering a second one!

  • trix

    i love the natural cheek stain in dollface :)

  • Tina

    i dont own anything from Tarte but would love to try the amazonian clay blushes and the matte lip tints:)
    thanks! x

  • Patricia S

    I don’t have a favorite because I have never try their products, but thank you for the chance. I would like to try the natural lip luster in sweet. Thanks, your too generous! :)

  • Joann

    I tried out the lip stains at ulta but I never was able to buy any.

  • Sash

    I don’t own any Tarte products, but I would love to
    try the Amazonian clay blushes and the lip stain.

  • Elizabeth D.

    My favorite Tarte product is the Amazonian Clay blush in TIPSY! It’s the perfect summer orange blush for me :)

  • Nou

    I don’t have anything Tarte, but I always try on the natural cheek stain in true love.

  • Alyssa

    i love the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Tipsy!

    my all time fav blush!!

    thanks for this giveaway!


  • malaika wainwright

    I love the tarte cheek stains. They give me just the right amount of glow. Tickled and Tipsy are the perfect fun and flirty shades!

  • Nancy

    My favorite Tarte product is their Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara.

  • To be honest, I do not own any product from Tarte, but I’m certainly want to try out their True Blood™ limited-edition palette!!! ♥~

  • Tammy

    lipsurgence is my fav!

  • Amy

    Along with everybody else, I love the Amazonian clay blush. It’s looks so natural.

  • daniela

    my favourite product from tarte are the blushes!!

  • Lavendar

    I haven’t tried any Tarte products yet; although, I’ve been seeing reviews for the Amazonian Clay Blush everywhere. I would love to try that first!

  • Shanelle K

    Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful

  • Coral

    my fav item is lights, camera, lashes!
    however , the waterproof version made my eyes so itchy !! =/ such a shame because it was great!!

  • mini

    My fav is the Tarte lipgloss in 40 winks, its the perfect shade for my cocoa skin

  • Yvonne Monique Jones

    I love the tarte Dark Circle Defense concealer

  • Allyson

    Haven’t had the opportunity to try Tarte, although I get their emails. Hopefully I win this kit so I can *wink*

  • Jae

    I love tarte products because they’re so enviro friendly…the cheek stains never worked on my oily skin but I love the amazonian clay blushes…they’re my favorite by far (perfect for summer)!

  • Amber Morden

    Thanks for having another giveaway! My fav Tarte products are definitely the Amazon Clay blushes! :)

  • angel

    My favorite tarte product is lights cameras lashes. It is amazing!

  • I’ve never owned Tarte products before, but I tried the eraser concealer in Sephora recently and it looked really nice! I’ve been wanting to buy some badly. Thank you so much for this generous giveaway!

  • Dawn M

    I have not had the opportunity to try tarte yet but would love to.

  • Gin

    EmphasEYES is my favorite Tarte product, but the cheek stains are really good, too!

  • AshB

    Fellow mascara junkie here, so my favorite is “Lights Camera Lashes”!

  • I want the blush in tipsy so bad! Right now I can’t afford it but one day it will be mine!

  • Patti

    my favorite tarte product is their amazonian clay blush!

  • Curlyloon

    I love their clay blushes!

  • Anamarija Tkalec

    Amazon clay blush is the best!

  • Monzi

    My favorite product is the apple a day lip gloss. And I’ve been really down on my luck lately, I hope i win!

  • Janda

    I really like LipSurgence natural lip luster in frisky

  • Gaelle

    Thanks for the international giveaway!
    I bought a lipsurgence in enchanted a few weeks ago in NY & I love it! It’s too bad Tarte is not available in France…

  • Katie

    I have never tried Tarte! I’m hoping that I can soon (maybe through this giveaway?!)

  • My favorite Tarte product is their bamboo brushes! Love them!

  • Nancy

    I love Tarte!
    I’ve been using the maracuja oil for about a week.. it is fabulous!
    I’d be thrilled to get your giveaway!

    Thanks for the chance to win~~~

  • Living in Australia, I have not had the opportunity to try Tarte products, but I have been desperate to try the Amazonian Clay blushes!

  • Elizabeth

    I really love the lip tints! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Catherine

    I have sadly never used any Tarte products!

  • Lisa

    Well, I have never used a Tarte product before, so I don’t have a favorite. I have heard so much about this brand, but never have had the opportunity to try them.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lisa

    I love Tarte’s amazonian clay blush in Blissful. I haven’t stopped wearing it since the day I bought it.

  • Brooke

    I haven’t tried too many Tarte products, but I love their Jewelry Box Palette because of all the options inside. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  • Teresa

    I love the amazonian clay blushes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I love their blush!!

  • Blair

    I love their Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara

  • Christine

    I actually don’t own any Tarte products right now, but I really want to try this Amazonian line – especially the blushes! They look so fabulously pigmented!

  • Anna

    I REALLY wanna try out the tarte lights camera lashes! mascara. I don’t it’s not technically a fave product since I don’t own it, but it looks so amazing!! I will be mine! At some point! Patience is key. :)

  • Rachel

    I really want to try the Amazonian Clay Blushes but they are so expensive in Canada. I think they were 31 or 33 dollars for just one blush.

  • Julie

    My fav product is the Amazonian Clay Blushes, I have one and love it. The wear and color payoff is amazing.

  • Sharon Larose

    My favorite tarte product is the PureOptic lip gloss in the color “love that nude!”

  • Sarah

    I love just about everything from tarte but the stand out faves are the amazonian clay shadow sticks, the amazonian clay setting powder, and the mineral bronzer in Park Ave Princess. Tarte is my favorite brand and I love how everything is all natural!

  • AshB

    Have you posted the winner yet?