Add THIS to your makeup bag.

Anyone else feel rather lost and insecure without an on-the-go makeup bag? I know, I know. It sounds absolutely insane for me to admit but I am a gal who REALLY relies on her makeup bag. I have since thrown out my dingy and dirty Hello Kitty makeup bag for one that is 10x more attractive.

Purty, uh? Carefree has gifted me with a Freshen Up Essentials kit complete with all of the items that I’ll need to stay fresh throughout the day.

And is toted in such a darling pink bag.

That says a lot for me considering I’m not a fan of the color pink.


Yeah, I know…

Also inside this kit comes a few of Carefree’s ActiFresh liners.

Don’t get me that Too Much Information face, girl. We’re all women here so we can rap about this sort of thing. Ideal for pre and post-period, these liners are great for giving you that extra bit of freshness. They are super thin, surprisingly comfortable and have an odor control system that keeps you fresh for up to 8 hours. Heyyyy! And did I mention that they are only $6.60 for a 120-count box?

Snag ’em anywhere Carefree products are sold.

  • For the record, I did NOT give you the “TMI face!” I think that’s a great idea, and a cute kit! LOL

    • Brittany


  • It really is a cute bag. This post reminds me that I need to organize my purse, finding something is like reaching into a bottomless pit. You always get me thinking that I need to buy whatever you post. If I see them in the store…I might have to pick one up. Who knows? lol

    • Brittany

      I know, right? Me too! My purse stays a little more organized when I’ve got a beauty bag like this.

  • Being another one of those “not a fan of the color pink yet I have so many items in it”, I’m rotating two pink makeup bags and a purple one. I wish there were a discrete pocket in makeup bags for panty liners though. I don’t want one of them flying out while digging for lipstick in public, you know?

    • Brittany

      Yeah, I know what you mean. These pantyliners are so tiny though so if one does flip out, no one (especially a guy) will know what it is.

  • this is super cute and an awesome gift too :)

    shel xx

  • Anna

    Hehehe, I did not give the TMI face, but that did make me lol.

    And wow, 6.60 for a 120 count box???? Oh my gosh!