Hard Candy’s Fox in a Box. That rocks!

Despite not reviewing many of their products, I really like Hard Candy’s beauty stuffs. They’ve got gorgeous lippies and nail polishes and from what I’ve heard, their mascaras aren’t too shabby either. But HC is one of those brands that I have yet to have really tackle. Until now.

How cute is this packaging? And the name? Fox in a Box. *squeals* How awesome is that?

Many thanks to one of my YouTube subscribers who so graciously passed this over to me. She sent me a beauty box of all kinds of goodies and this little gem was in there. She must have known that I am a blush and bronzer fiend and could not have selected a better item to gift to me. Hard Candy’s Fox in a Box bronzing duos and blushing quads retail for only $6 at Wal-Mart. Not a bad price, uh? I’ve got Skinny Dipping and there are 5 more to choose from.

I pretty much love anything that comes in a box. Don’t ask me why. I just love squares and cubes.

Random, I know.

I’ve used this swirled together and it looks divine on the cheeks. It’s a bit on the ashy side so I find that little goes a long way. It has a matte consistency but I’d love if it had a bit more of a shimmer to it.

Still. Not a bad bronzer duo for quick fixes and those new to makeup. Oh! And it comes with this small brush too.

Which, let’s face it….we’re a little too uppity to use something like that but I think it’s cool that it came with the set. Okay, I take that back. I don’t mean uppity, per se, I just mean you’ll probably be better off using  one of your bigger and softer brushes. There’s not much you can do with a brush so teeny tiny. Except take pictures of it at the beach. 8)

This duo has me itching to try more stuff from Hard Candy. Have y’all tried any of their brushes and bronzers? What should I try next? They’re Baked Blushes don’t look too shabby. Hmm….


  • Cinnie

    I’ve used their lash serum Ginormous Lash mascara, and while it gave great results, it flaked like a mofo and was the opposite of waterproof: it practically LEAPT off my lashes at any provocation. I ended up tossing it out after a month, which made me very sad.

    • Brittany

      Oh nooooo, not cool at all.

  • Cinnie

    2 more things: I am using their Sheer Envy tinted moisturizer, and LOVE IT ZOMG <3 <3 <3. Gives the expensive brands a run for their money, for sure.

    Also, with a little research I found that you appparently have the Truth or Dare shades in your Fox in a Box. Hot Flash, which includes a hot pink shade and bronzer bronze shade, as well as the 2 in Truth or Dare, might be more up your alley :)

    • Brittany

      Weird. Mine says Skinny Dipping. I’ll check out Truth or Dare though. Thanks Cinnie!

      • AshB

        That one is “Skinny Dipping”… it has coral, the “Truth Or Dare” has a pale pink. You can also tell by the box colors. Check it out on the website. :)

        • Brittany

          Thanks for clarifying, darling!

  • So far I’ve only tried their Eye Def glitter eyeshadow. I expected it to be crappy but was really impressed, and now I want all the other colors! :)

    • Brittany

      Adding that to my list too. 😉

  • My Holy Grail Hard Candy product is the Sheer Envy Primer… it’s a silicone based primer that feels exactly like Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer, but costs half the price, doesn’t make me break out, and comes with a lot more product. It makes any foundation look airbrushed on!

    I really love some of the HC nail polishes also (Mr. Wrong is GORGEOUS)

    • Brittany

      Oh snap…they’ve got a primer too? Hard Candy rocks!

  • joanne

    the quality of your photos are superb! may i know what kind of camera you’re using? please pretty please. want to buy one w/ same quality for my online clothing store. thanks in advance,hope to hear fr you

    • Brittany

      I switch between a Sony Cybershot DSC HX1 and a Nikon D3100. Lighting is everything when it comes to photography. Hence why I head to the beach sometimes to take pictures. :)