Orange Lipglass. Can you dig it?

Orange lips anyone? You know I’m down. Then again, if it came in a hue warm enough for my skintone, I’d rock a blue gloss. Oh wait…I have. Point is, I’m a gal who knows no limits when it comes to different color lip glosses.

Take MAC’s Caqui for example.

This is another wonder from the MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions collection. I fell in love with Hocus Pocus, took All of My Purple Life to the beach and now Caqui is my newest BFF. Described as a persimmon orange, Caqui was the only other lipglass from the collection that I felt so inclined to buy. This gorgeous lippie did not disappoint me either.

The cool thing about orange lip glosses is even if you don’t like them, you can always warm up the shades with a pinker or browner lip pencil. I happen to like this gloss by itself though. It’s pigmented and opaque enough to wear alone aaaaand works beautifully on top of a red lipstick too. I just found this kid to be incredible versatile and quite flattering.

Not bad, eh?

A girlfriend of mine told me that she didn’t think she could pull off an orange lippie. One swipe of Caqui changed her mind.

And she isn’t exactly the most daring gal in the world. 8) I say give Caqui a try. You can still grab it online at But run, don’t walk, darlings. I’m not sure how much longer Caqui will be around for.

Are you a fan of orange lippies? Or not so much?

  • b Fab

    I looooove this new Orange lip! I always rock a coral lip for summer, but have embraced the more Orange hued glosses & lip sticks and I love it! What I found when rocking my Orange lip for the first time to tone it down, is to put a sheer gloss in the same color family over it!

    Love this lipglass though! I need to get it before It’s all mgone!

    • Brittany

      Yes!! Wearing a sheer over an orange like this will definitely tone it down a bit and make it more wearable for those who are still a little weary.

  • Love this! I’m not sure if I could pull it off but I think I need to get this before it’s gone!

    • Brittany

      Get it, get it, get iiiiit!

  • Cinnie

    Looks fantastic on you! Would look putrid on me, but maybe I’ll try it eventually! You inspired me to try hot pink and now I wear nothing else, maybe I can talk myself into giving this a go as well.

    • Brittany

      I say give it a whirl. You may surprise yourself. :)

  • kia

    caqui looks fab on you! i need it!

  • Ruth

    I love it. I’m super ghastly pale with chestnut hair and blue eyes. My warm complexion really suits warm glosses ! It looks amazing on you too, just gorgeous darling xoxo

    • Brittany

      Thank you, sweets!

  • maria

    I bought this two weeks ago when I was looking for an orange/coral lipgloss! I love it too. It’s become a staple for me because I can mix it with brown, pink, or nude lipsticks and always get a different effect. I need to try it over red lipstick, like you said.

    • Brittany

      I haven’t tried it with a nude lippy. That has got to be rockin’!

  • I am totally loving the orangey lipsticks and lip glosses. I think they look fab on just about everyone :)

    I’m a new follower from the PS Beauty Blog. Love your site!

    • Brittany

      Thanks so much, Tiffany! Off I go to check out your blog.