Softsoap’s Strawberry Smoother. Yummers!

I know. I just HAD to do it. It wouldn’t be Clumps of Mascara if I didn’t do something silly like toss a bottle of body wash in a blender. But seriously…when I first laid eyes on this body wash, I was all “OMG, I need a smoothie STAT!” Y’all KNOW how much I love smoothies. That said, I am loving the concept behind this kid.

Sweet, uh? Retailing for less than $5, this body was is perfect for gals who desire only a bit of of fragrance after bathing. I love that it isn’t long-lasting as I am not a fan of body washes whose scents last alllll day. While my skin is a little too sensitive right now to give this a whirl, I will definitely be stashing this for the winter months. That is, if I can stop myself from using it as a handwash.

I am picky about what I put on my skin so I was hoping that this was low on the synthetic ingredient side.

But it wasn’t. And yeah, I did have high hopes because it looks as if many commercial drugstore products have gone green-er and have omitted parabens, sulfates, dyes and what have you. Here’s to hoping that Softosoap jumps on that bandwagon!

Still…it’s a great soap. And did I mention that there are what looks to be actual strawberry seeds in there?

Coooool! All of this talk about strawberry smoothy-stuffs has me itching to make a smoothie myself. Ooooh blenderrr….

  • I smelled this at target today and it smells like strawberry margaritas… alcohol and all =P Thanks for the review :)

    • Brittany


  • I am using the liquid hand soap of Softsoap at present, love the scent!

    • Brittany

      Smells sooooo good.

  • Angelica

    I love Softsoap! especially their pomegranate kind. There is another shea butter kind that they have, I love that one too.

    • Brittany

      Oooh, haven’t seen the pomegranate one. Sounds delish!

  • Cinnie

    I actually have been searching for a body wash whose scent lasts all day. Can you recommend one? Cuz I can’t find one anywhere– everything fades in an hour or so :(

    • Brittany

      Hmmmm, can’t make any recommendations. Scents that last too long irritate my allergies somethin’ serious. That’s one of the reasons why I stopped shopping at Bath & Body Works and Victoria Secrets.

  • My hubby got this for me a little while ago. I wasn’t too thrilled at first because I am not a big fan of fruity body washes, but I fell in love with this one. I loved the creaminess.

    • Brittany

      Kudos for having a good man who can pick a good beauty buy!

  • Rachel

    If you like bar soap, Soaftsoap Coconut scrub is pretty cool.