Essence’s Multi-Colour blush. $3 wonderment

Essence is still rocking my world, y’all. We’ve marveled at their mascaras and nodded at the nail polishes, but just how do their blushes fare up?  Not that I want to give the post away but they are amaziiiiing! Sorry. I just couldn’t hold it in.

Retailing for only $2.49, this blush contains five colors. I like to use it all over versus using each of the shades individually. Not to mention, it would be pretty hard to do so use them solo. Although you CAN use your fingers. I am a huge proponent of using the fingers to apply blush but I used a blush brush for this one. All 5 shades feel silky smooth.

It’s a totable and travel-friendly little sucker too, isn’t it?

And doesn’t look too bad on the cheekies either.

Not bad for a $3 blush. Plus it looks so purty! You can grab it at Ulta and

In the market for a new blush?

  • rhonda

    goodness, lately every single post i’ve been seeing has been sponsored by its company! are there any products you buy yourself and for which the reviews aren’t influenced by the fact that the company sent them to you for free? everyday this feels more and more like an advertisement blog than a personal makeup blog. very disappointed.

  • mee

    i have it too and looove it lol:).. btw how can i find the mascara reviews on ur website?

  • I’ve never tried the multi color blushes, but often wondered about them. I appreciate you doing a review about this one. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if you used one at a time or all. As you demonstrated all the colors do come together nicely.

    • Brittany


  • I used it daily.
    Really it is good than my previous blush.