Jemma Kidd’s Lip ID Color-Adapt Lip Gloss

Back when I was in that Target Beauty Contest, I had the opportunity to try out a ton of Jemma Kidd products. If you’re a Target store stalker like I am, you’ve seen JK’s products on the shelves, uh? I always thought they were a little too expensive for my taste  but the good news is…I’ve found most of the products to be worth your pennies. Take this gloss for example…

Remember Smashbox’s O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss? I thought it was the coolest thing since almond milk. JK’s Lip ID Color-Adapt Lip Gloss has the same concept. The gloss goes on clear and then changes to a pink-y hue on your lippies. Know what I don’t like though? The gloss’s applicator…

It just looks…unpretty. I don’t know, I’ve never seen a lip gloss with a mouth like that. It didn’t affect the application in any way but it’s not the prettiest lip gloss I’ve seen. I totally love the consistency of the formula though! It’s thick enough to where it brought about a ton of moisture to the lips but wasn’t too thin to where it seeped between my lips. The formula is a lot like Smashbox’s.

My bare lippies…

Lippies after applying Lip ID Color-Adapt Lip Gloss

Meh. Not the biggest shot of color but it’s nice enough. $20 is a bit of a stretch for a gloss at Target though. Especially considering Smashbox’s is $2 more. But if you’re in the market for a nifty and super moisturizing gloss, I’d give this one a whirl. Oh! And I used to think that whole “going on clear and changing color on the lips” thing was magic, but nahhh….it goes on clear and changes colors on white paper too. *shrugs*

Have you tried any of Jemma Kidd’s products? You can grab this one at Target stores and on

  • Wow definitely moisturized after using the JK lip gloss! I haven’t seen this brand down here!

    • Brittany

      Don’t quote me on this but I think this brand is U.S. only.

  • Solangel

    Yeah that’s…not worth 20$ at all :/

    • Brittany

      I don’t think so either. :(

  • Black Radiance makes a gloss like this, I’ve seen it at Walmart. I’ve never tried it, but I do know it was way less than 20 bucks :)

    • Brittany

      I didn’t know Black Radiance made a similar lippie. I’ll definitely have to check that out.

  • Mochacashmere

    Holy expensive lipgloss Batman!! $20 smacks for a lipgloss at Target??? * flavor flav voice* Woooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww!!

    • Brittany

      LMAO @ the Flavor Flav voice.

  • victoria

    I’ve always bypassed the Jemma Kidd stuff at Target because of the price. But one day I noticed they had marked down maybe 3 or 4 random items to 5 bucks! So I picked up a Gloss n Glaze, a lipstick and a volumizing mascara.
    But I don’t think I’d repurchase for 16-20 bucks per item!
    So girls when you’re at Target look closely because they don’t advertise when they put JK stuff on clearance they just put a small sticker on a very few items and you have to pick through the display to find them.

    If I see that Adapt Lip Gloss on sale I will definitely get it!

    • Brittany

      Thanks for sharing!! I never see these kind of deals. *pouts*

  • Wow that’s quite a lot for a lip gloss