LUSH’s AvoBath Bath Bomb

Yep, I’m back with another one. This bath bomb smells like avocados. No, I’m kidding. How loco would it be if it did though? But it does contain fresh avocados and lemongrass essential oil. Lemongrass is by far one of my top favorite essential oils. This bomb is also infused with olive oil; a plus for ladies with super dry skin. AKA moi.

But it isn’t my favorite bath bomb. It smells just okay but I didn’t leave the tub feeling all silky smooth like I’ve felt after using other bath bombs. It wasn’t a total waste because I absolutely loved how green it made the water.

Yes, the little things amuse me. It was a good $6.95 but I wanted more from this bomb. It definitely can’t beat my favorite bath bomb. Oh well, off I go to try another one. Have you tried this bath bomb from LUSH? What say you?

Get additional deets about it here.

  • Love the site! Very attractive, sleek, and intellectual!

    I enjoy reading. Thanks for sharing!


    • Brittany

      Thanks Charli!

  • KAM

    I still haven’t tried any of the LUSH products, but this post is breaking my will. I am so in love with HairVeda’s soap, I can’t imagine anything better.

    • Brittany

      Try at least one bath bomb from LUSH. You will fall in love.

  • Momma Clumps

    Why haven’t you reviewed my bath bombs???

    • Brittany

      I will Mother Dearest.

  • LUSH bath bombs are very awesome. The color changes are definitely half the fun, and this one looks like a bathtub full of Ghostbusters’ Slimer.

    Definitely going to try this Twilight one.

    • Brittany

      Ghostbusters!!! Soo throwback! 8)