Introducing…the newest Clumps kid!

I say “newest” because Clumps has a lot of kids. I’ve got 3 darling godbabies and I am Auntie to many of my friends’ babies. I am also a proud Mother to a basil plant named Bern. Which, thank you very much, has not even started to wilt yet. The newest kid is 10 weeks old and is my first and only pet. Say hello to Polo!

Polo and I got off to a rocky start considering the first night he stayed with me, I couldn’t stop sneezing, had itchy and swollen eyes and couldn’t breathe. I didn’t want to be allergic to the little furball. Buuuut after a week or so, the symptoms weren’t too bad. It’s only when Polo decides to plop on my neck when I begin sneezing and sniffling like crazy.

This “having a pet “thing is so new to me. I found it tougher than taking care of a baby. At least with babies, you can kind of figure out what they want when they cry. But with a cat…you have to guess what different meow’s mean.

Polo has grown on me. He’s such a sweet kitty. And whoever said cats are free entertainment aren’t lying! I’ve died laughing at the crazy stunts this crazy kitty has pulled. Having had him going on 3 weeks now, I’ve finally gotten him to stop clawing my furniture and whining at night.

He’s on a balanced diet of high protein kitty food. Like human food, I discovered you really have to read the Ingredients List on cat food. I know I’m picky about what I eat and figured that I would only feed my kitty the best food that I could afford. And he certainly isn’t complaining.

That said, if you kitty lovers have any advice for me, please oh please shoot ’em over. Even though I did a lot of research before adopting Polo, a lot of things still remain a mystery. Where are you, cat lovers? Got any advice for me?

  • Gaelle

    He’s so cute!

    • Brittany

      When he isn’t clawing my furniture. Ha!

  • Aaaawww!!!

    • Brittany


  • Amy M

    Kitty lover here!

    Polo is SUCH a little cutie pie! Love him!

    I’m also slightly allergic to cats and I’ve found that it does go away over time, by 6 months in, it shouldn’t be a problem.

    My main advice is to make sure he’s used to you handling his paws/claws while he’s still young. When you’re cuddling, touch his paws, push on the pad to make the claw stick out and just get him used to it. That way, when those claws get long and sharp, he will let you trim them. I use the little scissor-type of clipper from the pet store and just cut off the clear tip.

    Also, they HATE aluminum foil. We had a problem with one of the kitties digging in the dirt of our large ficus tree, so we covered the dirt with foil and problem solved.

    • Brittany

      Thanks so much for the advice, Amy! Polo is so obsessed with clawing these days. He used to be good about NOT doing it but now he won’t stop. I’m thinking about picking up some of those kitty caps for his claws. And I’ve heard about the aluminum trick. My plan to is to layer the counter-top with it when he gets old enough to try and jump on top of it. 😉

      • Cinnie

        I had a black cat like your Polo for 17 years and I learned so much from him. I wish you two a blessed and happy, long relationship :)

        You can also use foil to wrap around the corners/edges of your furniture if he likes to claw your couch or chairs, or under closed doors (if he wants to get through, he might claw at the carpet under the door).

        They also hate mothballs, so if you find him going anywhere you don’t want him (closets, under furniture, etc.) just sprinkle mothballs in that place.

        Lastly, get a spray bottle, fill it with water, and don’t be shy about using it– it won’t hurt and he will HATE it, which is the best way to teach His Highness not to do something.

        • Brittany

          Adding mothballs to my list of things to buy. Thanks Cinnie!

  • Have plenty of toys to keep him occupied when you are gone. But know that he will be curious about everything. I used a water bottle to stop my kitties (mostly Libby) from getting up on my dresser and knock off my perfumes. After a couple of spritzes, she just had to hear me pick up the water bottle and she’d scoot. Harmless, but very effective.

    • Brittany

      Polo is the same way–which cracks me up. Just the sheer sounds of me picking up a water bottle (after I catch him clawing at my curtains) makes him jet. Hilarious. I wonder what he does when I’m not around….

  • He is sooo cute! Have you got plenty of things for him to claw besides your furniture? Scratch posts, scratch pads, scratch boxes…we have ’em all! Just gently place him on one of those when he scratching something bad, and he will sort of get the idea. I say “sort” of because we have 3 adult cats and they still scratch furniture once in awhile, but way less than they used to!

    • Brittany

      I’ve got one little scratch post for him but I think I need to buy a taller one for him. He’s getting stronger and keeps knocking his down. He’s doing better with not scratching the furniture. Thank goodness!

  • Oh also, you can fill a spray bottle with water and squirt him a little when he is being naughty. It doesn’t hurt them, but they don’t particularly like it, so they learn!

    • Brittany

      Oh yeah, I am all over the spray bottle!!

      • sevensixone

        If Polo’s misbehaving and you don’t have a spray bottle nearby, SOMETIMES you can just pick up any sorta spray bottle-shaped object and pretend it’s the real thing– like, point it at him and make PSST PSST noises while you pull an imaginary trigger.

        • Brittany

          Hahaha!!! That’s genius!

  • I’ve read that it’s good to get down on the floor to bond with your cat, so they’re at eye level with you. I did that with my (now deceased :() cat and we were very close, in human/cat standards. Also, if he lies on his back, exposing his belly, it means he’s comfortable in his surroundings!

    Such an adorable kitty; I’m sure you two will get along great :)

    • Brittany

      I’m going to try that and hope he doesn’t claw me. Ha! We’re getting along so far. He’s had a few evil streaks but for the most part, he’s a sweet kitty.

  • First, Congrats on the latest addition to your family. I love the furbabies. As a mother of kitties for the past 25+ years, I feel able to provide some advise. First, they will make toys out of the oddest items around the house; the ring from the milk containers, hair scrunchies, balled up foil… are just some. I purchased a live catnip plant and my “crackhead” kitty loves it. They will provide you with years of entertainment and love…enjoy!!!

    • Brittany

      I’ve heard that catnip will make them go nuts!! Right now Polo is really into balled up paper. He gets so excited when I throw it.

  • He’s adorable! I have two people in my family who are prone to allergies from kitties. One thing I do to help them out is bathe the kitty with special kitty wipes. You can buy a variety of brands at any pet store and there are some that are especially targeted for allergies but I don’t remember the brand name. This keeps the dander and oils on kitty that make you sneeze to a minimum! The other thing that can help are the foamy bath soaps which I use on the youngest kitty. We have two and my allergy prone daughter has one. They are all black like Polo and don’t ask me how that happened! It wasn’t planned!

    • Brittany

      Thanks so much, Cadence! My allergies aren’t as bad as they were when I first got Polo. But I’ll definitely consider getting some wipes just in case they decided to pop up again.

  • FUR BABY!!!!! 😀 I’m mad at you for “I am also a proud Mother to a basil plant named Bern” :-\

    • Brittany

      Heyyyyy….that plant hasn’t died yet. I am proud. LOL!

  • Mairyn

    I don’t know if anyone else has posted this, but cats hate the smell of citrus. I was watching a gardening/lifestyle show a while ago and they were putting orange peels in parts of the garden where the cats kept chewing on the plants (or something like that). I’ve never tried it on my cat because she’s delightful and I’ve had no need to :)

    • Brittany

      Whoooa…never knew!