Butter London Yummy Mummy: An Ode to Paula Deen

This is my first Butter London nail polish. *squeals* Wanna know the best part? I didn’t even purchase it! I went to a nail polish blogger meetup and us gals not only had a wonderful time chit chatting, but we also brought some polishes to trade. Considering we all take nail polish pretty seriously, I knew I’d end up with some REALLY nice stuff, but that was a total understatement. I ended up with some GREAT stuff. Including this kid.

It’s kinda crazy that I like it because I’ve never really been a fan of these kind of shades. It’s a nude-y beige with a bit of gold shimmer in it. I’ve seen pictures of it before online but never on brown skin.

I guess it’s okay. It looks a little pink-y in the shadow.

I’m not super in love with the color. I’m just happy to have my first Butter London polish. I love saying the word butter. Butter butter butter. I must be Paula Deen’s long lost niece.

I die a little bit every time I see that picture. I freaking love me some Paula Deen.

  • I need this!!

  • You made me lol with the “butter butter butter butter” and Paula Deen picture.

    And I need to be filled in as to when meetups like these happen, because I would LOVE to trade Nail Polishes and other beauty items (particularly hair ones!)

    • Brittany

      Are you in Orlando, Yirssi?

  • I really like the color. It’s a nice nude/neutral. I think it could go with a lot of things. Never heard of this brand either so thanks for sharing.

    • Brittany

      Butter London rocks!

  • Lavendar

    That is the perfect brown-girl nude I’ve been searching for! Gotta find it!

  • hahahahhaha omg that last picture is amazing!

    I’ve been so curious about the Butter London polishes, and the finish looks very nice on that color. Maybe I will treat myself when I finally use up at least one bottle of polish o.O

    • Brittany

      They are definitely worth a peek.

  • This color looks amazing against your skin tone! Like you, except I had to purchase my first Butter London “lemming” this summer. The color is definitely a lot less conservative than the one you’re wearing, but I like seeing colors I’d totally wear swatched on 1) a skin tone very close to mine and 2) a colour I would totally rock! Now, about those NAIL POLISH BLOGGER MEET- UPS?!?! I almost peed my pjs (notice time I’m blog surfing) after reading that! I’d love to find out the when/where/how I can be a part of the comraderie soon. The best part about it is I’ll hopefully get to finally meet you! You’re an inspiration and well known in (our) Orlando www community of natural hair and beauty blogging. Hope to see you at this year’s Natural Hair and Beauty Expo! Please feel free to to email me any info Re the meet ups or networking opportunities. TIA!

  • victoria

    I’ve seen many photos/swatches of Yummy Mummy online and I must say it suits your skin tone the best!

    I love Butter London and I think I will give this shade a go!

    • Brittany


  • Shavonda

    I actually really, really, REALLY love this color on you, Britt. This is definitely up my alley. Its the perfect everyday/go with anything shade and it seriously looks good enough to eat! It smoothe like “butter”. This is absolutely on my holiday wish list.

  • Thank you for posting pictures!!!! I am going to make my first Butter purchase and I heard this color looks good on all skin tones but after searching the net yours was the only photo on brown skin. Thank you again! I like that it’s nude so I’m going to buy it and see how it goes. Thanks!