Amor de Lacquer: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri jewel toned polishes

I absolutely loved this collection from Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. My living room and bedroom follow a similar color palette with the jewel toned burgundies and golds, and this collection was totally up my alley. Like most of Sally Hansen’s nail products, these are difficult to find. But if you do manage to spot them at your local drugstore, don’t think twice about gettin’ them. I don’t think these will be around for long.


Quick Brick is a jewel toned burgundy and hands down one of my favorite polishes ever. This is absolutely stunning on nails. It looks like sparkling garnet jewels. Just gorge!


Teal-y Fast is fabulousity in a bottle. If you are a teal lover, this is a polish that you HAVE to have.


Bronze Ablaze is just what the name says. A bronze. It looks interesting on my skin complexion.


Presto Pewter is a silver that you’ve probably seen before. I can never get enough silver polishes though.


Cocoa A-Go-Go reminds me of a hair color that I once had. It has sparkles of gold and bronze. Without those sparkles, it would probably be a milk chocolate brown but the sparkles give it lots of personality.


Ruby Rush is my second favorite. It’s a stunning shade that has neon magenta sparkles that is overshadowed by its dark base.


Grapescape is such a beautiful purple. I’ve never been a fan of purple but shades like this make me change my mind. And my poor camera. It was having a hard time capturing the essence of this purple. It is rich and deep and while it looks dark in the bottle, it looks phenomenally purple on the nails.


I used only 2 coats for each polish. The formula on these are fantastic. In fact, you could probably get away with only one coat. Wear time is always good for Insta-Dri. And since I’ve got those long and wide nail beds, the large brush (similar to OPI’s Pro Wide brush) is perfect for me. You can get these for under $8 anywhere Sally Hansen nail polishes are sold.

See any you like?


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  • gio

    Quick Brick is gorgeous! love the teal one too.

    • Brittany

      Gorgeous, right?

  • Katrina

    Beautiful colors. Did you use a topcoat?

    • Brittany

      Nope. No topcoat. These polishes are beautiful all on their own.

  • Natasha Gillam

    Oh man, i love all of those, i wish i could have them all.

    • Brittany

      If you find them, get ’em! Sally Hansen polishes can be a little hard to find.

  • I love the teal shade!

    • Brittany

      Try adding a glitter top coat over it. In-saaaane.

  • Shine-o-rific!!!!!

    • Brittany


  • I own the Tealy Fast- my only complaint is the chip factor- I can’t get more than a day’s wear out of this Sally Hansen product before it’s peeling and chipping like crazy.

    • Really? Have you tried wrapping your nails?

  • I’m loving every color especially Teal-y Fast and Bronze Ablaze. Super pretty. Gotta go and look for these soon. Thanks for sharing :-)

    • Brittany

      Thanks sis!

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  • very nice. they are all pretty

  • I am obsessed with these! I picked up Tealy Fast & Bronze Ablaze but I’m kicking myself for not getting all of them.

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  • I need to get to Rite-Aid QUICK! I need half of these and I know if I get to the store in the morning they’ll be there….waiting on me :)