FOTD Friday: Violent Lips temporary tattoos

Halloween is comiiiing! Are you dressing up? Got a costume? Goin’ to a party? I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do for Halloween. I really only get dressed up if I’m going to an event, but if I’m not, inhaling a bag of Halloween candy and then complaining about how much weight I’ve gained the following week should suffice. If you’re lookin’ to do somethin’ a little different for the spooky holiday, check out Violent Lips.

I know, right? Looks kinda cool/weird. Have you heard about these temporary tattoos? I think they are super practical for those of use who want to do something shocking without going over the top.

Okay, I lied. Wearing a temporary tattoo on your lips can be considered “over the top” but you know what? It’s fun, unexpected and totally innovative. So how do these work?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out but be prepared to spend a good 10+ minutes applying it as it takes time. Going too quickly can result in making some errors. Which of course will be spotted all over this post 8)

Spotted at Sephora and, you can get Violent Lips for $15. Considering you’d only wear these for special occasions, I think it’s a pretty good deal. Plus, you get three of them!

Here’s the thing…you have to know how to read. Thoroughly. Don’t give me the crazy face. The instructions are easy to understand but don’t try to be a Literary Speedy Gonzalez. Take…your…time.

Good thing the steps are easy to understand.

1. I popped the tattoos out and removed the plastic film.
2. Using cuticle scissors, I cut along the lines to get as close to my lips’ width and height. This part was tricky. I found the top lip to be easier than the bottom lip but it was still pretty tricky.
3. After measuring, I pressed the sticky side on bare and dry lips. And by dry I mean no lip balms or glosses.
4. Blot the tattoo with a bit of water on a cotton pad or washcloth for 40 seconds.

The entire process for both top and bottom lips may take you a while. Especially if you suck at measuring your lips. Which yeah….I did. I’m horrible at cutting paper so cutting temporary tattoos for my face ain’t all that easy. But I did the best I could.

The good news is that Violent Lips have a lot of cool designs so if it’s not sprinkles you like, they have a crazy selection on their website. I don’t fancy the sprinkles as much as I do some of the other designs. But still…it’s fun.

-Relatively affordable
-Several designs to choose from
-Application, wear and removal don’t damage your lips in any way
-They stay on for quite some time. Even while drinking. You can get a good 3-4 hour wear out of them

-Cutting the tattoo can be a bit tricky and time-consuming
-They leave your lips beyond dry. A balm on top will decrease wear time
-Stretching your lips before allowing them to dry can result in a distorted design
-Removal can be a little difficult. It took a bit of scrubbing for me to remove it all.

Whatcha think? Yay or nay to lip tattoos?

  • You are so funny! Whether making your videos, or writing a post! :-)

    This is super. I’ve never tried Violent Lips before. You’ve written a helpful (and hilarious) post to let us all see so we can try to do it correctly. I’m sure I would make the same mistakes–if not more! LOL! x

    • iMillie

      it looks like you put the top on the bottom and the bottom on the top the cupid arch is supposed to be on the top to match your actually cupid, besides that i think it looks nice on u

  • I’ve found their website a while ago and check it every now and then for fun, but I never actually bought Violent Lips. Fun to see it on you and not those models from Violent Lips. Now I get a better idea of how it looks irl!

  • I think this is cute! I like the idea :)…the only thing is that I def wouldn’t be able to deal with the ‘dry lips’ factor!

    Btw, not sure if you caught my tweet, but I tagged you in a blog post earlier this week…would love to hear your take on things! :) ->

    • Brittany

      Thanks darlin’! I’ll check it out.

  • gio

    These look so cool and fun! But they sound like too my hassle for my taste too lol.

    • Brittany

      Oh yeah. They are definitely time consuming.

  • Whimsical but I don’t know if I’d do it unless I was going to a costume party. In a younger life, I would have done it once or twice for going out.

  • Girl, what will they come up with next!! :-)

    For Halloween, I could rock some tattooed lips, sure! LOL


  • G.

    I have been waiting, and hoping, and praying for a thorough, in-depth, honest review of these, and then BAM, you post one! Best. Review. Ever. I officially know everything I need to know about these, thanks to you! :)

    And um, they look adorable on you!! xoxo

    • Brittany

      Thanks G!

  • They look interesting. I am not one to really set trends or anything, but at least for Halloween it seems like something to consider for an event/party.
    I really like the honesty of this review.

    • Brittany


  • First, I love your hair–beautiful! Now, down to business. I would use them for Halloween, but not in my everyday life. Also don’t like the fact that you said they made your lips dry… I cannot have that. LOL. Great post!

    • Brittany

      Thanks lovely! And oh yeah, these definitely aren’t for everyday use.

  • brandi

    i’ve been wanting to try these, but i don’t know where/what i’d wear them for!
    btw, i don’t know if you knew or if someone already pointed it out (this post is a bit dated to be commenting on) but i think you put the lips on upside down.