Black Opal’s True Color Lipstick Kit Razzle Dazzle

Nothing like some good lip color palette porn to get a beauty lover excited, uh?

The prude that is me had a hard time typing palette porn. 😯 Let me move forward and attempt to forget about it before I delete it. Ha!

But yes, darlings…this is a quick feature of Black Opal’s True Color Lipstick Kit Razzle Dazzle. This limited edition palette retails for $20 which is  a decent price for a palette chockfull of fall lip colors.

I’m not sure how flattering these natural and nude-y shades will be on my skin complexion but that won’t stop me from trying them out.

Ohmigoodness, did I really type porn AND nude in the same post?

I’m just awful.

I think palettes like these are better suited for makeup artists than for gals like myself who usually do makeup in under 5 minutes.  Are you a fan of lip palettes?

  • LOL @Porn&Nude you naughty girl!
    The palette looks really nice, the lighter shades may not look too hot on chocolate skin but you can always mix it with another shade 😉

    • Brittany

      Exactly! The beauty of a lipstick. :)

  • vanna

    Did you like any of the colors on your lips?

    • Brittany

      Not really. I had to change the colors a bit with liners. I’ll be doing swatches soon.

  • I like the 1st shade in the top row. It reminds me of my Inglot Sleeks Cream Gloss in #91 which is one of my favorite nudes. Gorgeous on top of Rimmel’s l/s in Birthday Suit.

    • Brittany

      Check you out. You’re a dupe spotter!