Gettin’ down with the brows: Black Opal’s Brow Shaper

Let’s talk about something that I hardly EVER discuss on Clumps of Mascara. Brows. I am a simple brow girl. I get these bad boys threaded every 2-3 weeks, brush ’em daily and keep on moving. Even when they start growing out of control the hairs start looking unruly, I don’t bother with trying to tame them. Less is more for me and I don’t have the time or patience to do a ton of sculpting, trimming, drawing and fancy-ing when it comes to my brows. Plus, believe it or not, I really appreciate my thicker brows. Even if they are nuts. Nothing like a waxing incident gone bad to help you appreciate what you’ve got. I got my brows destroyed by this waxer in Los Angeles over 4 years ago. Twas the worst of times.

Imagine my surprise when I ran into an eyebrow product that I actually really like. Say hello to Black Opal’s Brow Shaper.

This online exclusive $7 brow palette promises to “Achieve the look of professionally styled brows with this powder in a natural-looking shade, ideal for shaping, contouring and defining brows effortlessly. It’s the perfect quick-fix to sculpt, accentuate arches and supplement areas where brow hair is sparse.” (source)

Well, that doesn’t sound so bad. I’ll leave the conturing thing to the brow kings and queens of the world, though. The most use I will get from a product like this is filling in those sparse hairs. Because no one really has perfect eyebrows. Except blogger Saimese but we digress. 8)

I think that this product only comes in one shade and that’s “Medium”. The website didn’t show any other options but I do think they should have at least one lighter shade. Medium, however, works good for me.

It isn’t perfect but it conceals well on my brows. I will probably be using this baby as an eyeshadow too because it is one intense matte with a nice and long-lasting finish.

The angled brush that comes with the set isn’t really worth much so do yourself a favor and use your favorite angled brush. I have one from Crown Brushes and used it to only fill in and slightly define my brows. Take one of my brows before…

Not too much of a tragedy, right? I did some dipping and dabbing…

Not too bad, uh? Adding some of the powder made my arch stand-out a little better.

I topped the brows off with some brow gel and was happy to see it last all day. Not bad for a smooth 7-bucks. You can snag this from

Are you a low-maintenance brow gal or do you like to go all out and spruce yours up?

  • MsFarrah27

    I am a brow girl. Brows can do wonders for my face especially after I get them done(by threading or waxing)I really only have to put on mascara,liner and gloss and go!!! I will have to check this product out since I can’t drive to Brandon for threading every time I see a stray hair. I only resort to waxing when I really have to:( my skin no likey that wax and all the other products they use.

  • OSHH

    Honey wax burned my brow area one too many times, so I just get mine plucked every two weeks and keeps it moving. I don’t like alot of make up, an overly made up look, and fuss. Like Farrah I usualy just do mascara, liner and some type of lip color

  • My eyebrows are way too thick for color…. :/ But Ill tell you, sometimes I wish I could use these without looking Armenian…lol!

  • You have such a knack for posting about things I need at this moment! Currently I’m growing out my brows and need a brow shaper, such as this one, to fill out the shape while I’m stubbly/until the stubble grows into longer brow hair.

    Thanks for the post! <3

  • I’ve been using a Rimmel duo on my brows for years. One shade is brown, the other a “nude” that works well as a highlighter with or without concealor under the arch. I finally hit pan and want to cry. I need to see if it still exists but the blasted name has rub off! waaaa. :*(

  • I need to get more involved in taking care of my eyebrows. I might have to pick up that Brow Shaper. Great post!

    • Brittany

      Thanks lovely.

  • victoria

    I’d forgotten about Black Opal! Maybe review their mascara for a mascara Monday?

    Does the Brow Shaper work well as an eyeshadow? I always like a dual purpose product!

    • Brittany

      You are so in my head, Vic. I actually have one of their mascaras drafted and ready to go soon. 😉 And YES! The brow shaper can definitely work as an eyeshadow too. Of course you’ll have to use and nice sturdy base to make sure it doesn’t budge.

  • my brow hairs are so light. when i use brow colour i get scared. but this looks safe to use. now to see if i can get it in the uk

  • Looks pretty good on you, I do like how it enhanced your arch. They do need to offer additional shades to meet all needs. I usually just pluck mine but I do go in for a wax clean up from time to time. 😉