B’s Discoveries of 2011

Well y’all. It’s about to be a new year. Some people are very “whatever” about the New Year but honestly – I LOVE them. I spent most of my New Year’s Eve’s in church. A few years ago I started traveling. This year, I will be enjoying a staycation with Esposo in Orlando and getting my mind right for 2012.

Oh. And celebrating like a mofo because guess who will be 27 on January 2nd? Oooooh yeah. No shame in my game. I am 27 and proud, yo! Before we bid adieu to 2011, I wanted to drop a list of some of my best and most memorble discoveries of this year.

Share yours too!



  • Gray hair. I knew this was coming. Mama Clumps always said women on her side of the family always go gray early. While I have no problem getting older, there’s just something about gray hair. I’m so not ready for it.
  • The menstrual cup. My discovery of the greener and more comfortable alternative to sanitary napkins was reason enough to make 2011 epic. I can’t even begin to tell you how I love my Diva Cup and Lunette Cup.
  • Weight gain. Okay yeah. I’ll admit it. I gained a whopping 20 pounds this year. I call it a discovery because  I literally just discovered it. Never mind that I’m having to buy 14’s and see the obvious weight gain in my face when I take pictures. Oh. And it didn’t help that I got a YouTube comment asking if I was preggo. Dang. While  I am sad about it, I’m confident that I’ll drop the weight again. I’ve done so before!


  • These lip balms. And don’t you dare ask me to choose a favorite. I just can’t.
  • Aaaaand, the Best Lengthening Mascara Award goes toooo…..this guy!
  • I tried Butter London for the first time this year. SO in love with this brand.
  • I tried a whole heap of Boscia this year and they are one of my FAVORITE skincare brands to date.


  • Age doesn’t matter. I always feared getting older. I was always afraid that I didn’t do enough at 23, 24 or 25. That’s nuts. I’ve done a lot. And as long as I’m living I will continue to do a lot. Life is a blessing and I will no longer be sad about being granted the opportunity to live another year.
  • Having an untraditional wedding was exactly what I wanted all along. I’m so glad Esposo and I started off our marriage the way we did. I have no regrets in not having a big lavish wedding. We did things our way and didn’t have to take out loans to do it. Hollers!




  • Red onions. I didn’t start liking them until this year.
  • Goat cheese. God himself may have made this cheese. Aside from it being the only kind of cheese that doesn’t make my tummy go haywire, everything from goat cheese pizza to goat cheese salad is just delicious. Goat cheese is life.
  • I discovered and fell in love with both Indian and Ethiopian cuisines; which is refreshing. I was stuck on the Thai, Vietnamese and vegetarian tracks for quite some time.


  • Pinterest. I purposely stayed away from this site for many months. I knew an addiction awaited me. I eventually gave in and because of Pinterest, I have been inspired to  becreative beyond belief. And yes, I definitely consider it a hobby.
  • Knitting. No real reason really. I’ve always wanted to and finally decided to actually do it. Once I master knitting, I want to try crocheting. I take my first class in the new year!
  • Soap making. As an apprentice, I’ve found so much joy in mixing up herbal blends and gifting friends and family members with my creations.



  • Lenny Kravitz. How can I just be discovering his music? Three words: He is amazing.
  • Asa. Jazz is my first love and this Nigerian artist sings to my soul. I love her vibe and the positivity in her music.
  • DeBarge. Okay yeah – I’ve known about them for years but their music, OMG…soooo underrated.
  • Bebel Gilberto introduced me to Bossa Nova, a genre of music that is now one of my favorites.



…this one is short because I’m just not a TV/movie-watcher.

  • The Walking Dead. I’m not a lover of zombies, vampires and mythical creatures. After a coworker recommended that I watch this show, I became such a huge fan. Sure, it’s a little slow (okay….very slow) but the drama is always to the n-th degree.
  • Law & Order SVU. Never mind that this show has been on for over a decade. One boring evening, I decided to finally watch an episode on Netflix and to say I was hooked is an understatement. Let’s say I have seen every episode and cried when Elliot left the show.
  • I love your candor, honesty, and humor B! I know that you’ll have all kinds of awesomeness to share with us in 2012, and amazing TMI Tuesdays that push the envelope. Here’s to an awesome 2012!

  • Lisalis

    Thanks for a wonderful year of posts! Your blog is phenomenal. I love your writing, your topics, your willingness to talk about challenges! My 2011 favorite products you’ve introduced me to…Lush Vanillery solid perfume (I love Pacifica solids too), goat’s milk soap (it’s all I use now) and Madre Labs lotion (I use this on my hair and body).


  • Aww Bretana I am so proud of you and how far you have come. It’s just HAPPY weight. Enjoy your time. I wish you much more happiness and prosperity in 2012.

    • Brittany

      Only a real friend would call my weight gain “happy weight”. Love you lots, Ari!

  • Congrats on all your new discoveries and your MAJOR life changing event(that I JUST found out about). And, can you believe that I’ve NEVER heard of ANY of the products that you listed. I’m especially feening for that new lip balm that doesn’t even have a site yet. Keep me posted! Happy New YEAR!

  • What a fabulous list. And no, age doesn’t matter. And yes, untraditional weddings are the most memorable.


  • Me encanta como escribes! Este fue un resumen super entretenido, y nunca me canso de leerte.
    Feliz A`no 2012!!!!


    • Brittany

      Jajajajaaa, Muchas gracias, Mija. Espero que tengas un ano nueva fantastico!

  • I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

    • Brittany

      I love you toooooo!

  • m.

    We share a Pinterest addiction & the same birthday as well! I’ll be 38, though :( lol Great insights. Happy New Year & Happy Birthday!

    • Brittany

      Woo hoo! Happy birthday fellow Capricorn!

  • Awesome! I loved this post! Very honest and open! Congrats to you and your husband and have a great new year!

  • Zana

    Things I loved in 2011…reading B’s AWESOME blog, of course!
    I do not know how many mornings I woke up really feelin’ a kinda way and read your blog and smiled and on some days I straight LOL’d…Your year-end list rocks and you definitely have me curious about the “cup” as well(yasss!!! on your TMI Tuesdays) So congrats on all your 2011 goodies and goodness ( a lil’ “love chub” is normal btw)…I’ll on a healthy weight loss journey myself in 2012 so I’ll be looking out for tips from your spot–Happy 2012!!

    • Brittany

      Awwww, thank you so much, darling. Many blessing in the new year!

  • I’ve really enjoyed your blog in 2011 and look forward to it in 2012. Best wishes for 2012!!!!

  • Love this list! I personally am in love w/ red onions & am an avid crocheter. I have made all kinds of cute items.

  • kia

    great wrap up of the year! look forward to more b and clumps and blogging buddy adventures in 2012!

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  • oh, knitting! i am a long-time lurker but i believe first-time commenter, and when you mentioned knitting i had to chime in with a kudos and a recommendation to check out http://www.ravelry.com. you have to register but it is so worth it for the patterns, forums and so much other information on there. another addiction to add to your life, but this one is a pretty healthful one as far as addictions go.

    • Brittany

      Woooo hoooo! Thanks for letting me know!