Clinique Brings Happiness this Holiday Season

If there was a perfume that could describe my personality, it would be Clinique Happy. This upbeat and cheery fragrance rocks in several ways and Clinique is giving us Happy lovers a darling holiday set. Say Hello to Complete Happiness.

Que bonita, no? I’m beyond tardy to the party because I didn’t even know there were other Happy fragrances. I know, I know. I’m mad late. While I’m a fan of the original Happy ,I reallllly dig the other siblings. A Hit of Citrus. is my absolute fav.

Per this set is, “A happy ensemble of fragrance notes: bright floral Clinique Happy and rich floral Clinique Happy Heart, plus limited-edition Happy in Bloom, Happy Wealth of Flowers and Happy Hint of Citrus. Travel-ready sprays inspire a spritz of happiness anytime.”

Indeed. This is THEE perfect gift for the fragrance lover in your life. For $37, you get five travel-sized fragrances that can be tossed in purses, suitcases, office drawers, glove compartments, anywhere!

Oh! And if you are a bit of a cheapie like me, get the set and give away the fragrances individually. Especially to your favorite young beauties.

I’m such a genius, aren’t I? Actually, the masterminds at Clinique are the geniuses. I’m just taking their shine. 😉

Grab this at Clinique counters and at

  • The Girlie Blogger

    They are so cute. Love the way Happy smells.


    I wanna smell these!

  • Missah

    it’s sold out on CLinique!

    • Brittany

      I knowwwww. You can still grab it at Clinique counters though.

  • victoria

    lol I didn’t know there was more than one version of Happy!

    I’m curious about the new Quick Eyes Intense eyeliner by Clinique. I’m just about out of my Quick Eyes in Really Black and I might get the black e/l in the Intense line.

    • Brittany

      Oooh, haven’t heard about this new eyeliner. Gotta check it out.

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