Guest Post: Mimi’s Peacock Nails

I was quite flattered to be asked by Brittany to write a guest post for Clumps, you have no idea! It’s like a blogging celebrity thing. The blogging equivalent to Paula Deen asking you for your macaroni & cheese recipe.

I was Googling around, looking for patterns to inspire some new nail designs when I found this picture of a rug.

It was so simple, yet definitely captured the essence of peacocks (side note- peahens really got short end of the stick. Nature definitely did not leave any beauty for them!).

I freehanded the design. I bet there is probably a nail stamping plate that you could use to easily stamp the light green background pattern, but sometimes there is great joy and satisfaction in doing something completely by hand.

I used:

From left to right: Sally Hansen Fairy Teal, Orly Sweet Peacock, Spoiled I Only Eat Salads and a mixture of Sally Hansen Polar Bare + Ulta Snow White for the base white color.

Second side note: Have you ever seen a peacock fly? Up until recently, I didn’t even know they could, figured they were too heavy, that all those feathers must drag them down. I recently saw a video of one taking flight, it’s quite spooky how graceful and quiet they are. Birds can be sneaky. Never forget that.
Author Bio:
Mimi is the brilliant mediocre writer of Makeup Withdrawal, a beauty blog that has it all- makeup, nails, hair and fragrance. She has finished cosmetology school, is now back in college intending to study engineering and has a great love of bears and fast cars (not at the same time, that’s dangerous.)
Note from B:
Thank you so much, Mimi! Oh, and Clumps sure to follow Mimi on Twitter too.


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  • nice designed! hope i can do it in my own. :)

  • Very pretty! I love the colours, peacocks really are beautiful (sorry peahens)

  • I love her nail art posts…so much skill!!! Mimi, I didn’t know you were going to be an engineer! How cool!

  • April

    great design… it’s beautiful! I love the colors!

  • I love your peacock nails! I was looking at other people’s once I did my own and I really like the ones like yours that are peacock inspired but not exactly just a feather on your nail. Yours look great, and there is a stamp in my bundle monster stamp set that would do that pattern for people (like me) who don’t have such a nice steady hand like you. Great job! 😀

  • Oh my gawd, I cannot believe you FREEHANDED that design! I can barely make a straight line with polish so I am beyond jealous. These colors all look incredibly awesome together, I am totally inspired to do something like this :)