Sponsored Post: JOHNSON’s Baby Oil Keeps Skin A Glowin’ This Winter

It’s not exactly cold this winter in Florida (we’re averaging mid-80’s every day, yikes!) but if it was, I’d have my JOHNSON’S Baby Oil on deck. Are you a JOHNSON’s Baby Oil fan?

  • I use baby oil to SHINE!! Woot!!

  • ness

    I used to use Johnson’s Baby Oil after a shower a lot when I was a teenager, from what I recall it really did make my skin have a nice glow and locked in the moisture. Nowadays, I just stick to olive oil and lotion, but reading this post makes me wanna go back to using baby oil again :). At least for old times sake lol.

  • Cinnie

    I like their oil gel, easier to use and doesn’t spill from the hand when applying it. Smells great, too! Just wish it would absorb a bit faster so I’m not standing in my room in the nip, afraid to touch anything for fear of leaving grease stains.

    I like they used a woman of color in the add! I’m white but it gets on my nerves, how it’s like there’s no other race on the planet, when it comes to advertising. Tired of looking at blondes all the damned time.

    • Brittany

      I love you, Cinnie. LOL @ the blondes. Although I certainly agree. Diversity is a beautiful thing.

  • kazari

    so ladies, does it work? :/ I have massive dry skin and currently depend on body butter like whoa, but am always up for a cheaper alternative…..Also, isn’t it mineral oil? I think I had some massive issues with mineral oil back in the when.

  • A. Norris

    I think we’ve all been a baby oil user at some point, I know I was and loved my skin! Now I use Born in Brooklyn Skin Care products, especially their After-Bath oil. Gives me the soft skin I long for and its made with all natural ingredients. Perfect for my natural lifestyle! Check it out http://www.borninbrooklynskincare.com