The Ultimate Stocking Stuffers – Lip Balms

Toss away my mascaras. Give away my blushes. Flush my eyeshadows down the toilet. But touch my lip balms, girlfriend and you just may pull back a nub. I don’t play when it comes to my lip balms. Hence why I love reviewing ’em, collecting ’em and giving ’em away.

How’s this for a lip balm army?

Aren’t they just fantastic? Do any of these babies look familiar you? If not, I’m excited to be introducing three new brands that make soothing and moisturizing lip balms. Plus, if you’re looking for cheap stocking stuffers, lip balms are the best way to go!

Okay, you’re going to hate me for this but the brand is still in the process of launching their website.

Even so, Nature’s Lip Nourishment lip balms are one of my favorites because the main ingredient is shea butter.

Which is nuts! I’ve never had a lip balm with shea butter in it. I use the Kool Mint one every night right before bed. I’m addicted to it and can’t wait for the website to launch so I can deliver more information about pricing and availability to y’all. Next up is MoistStic, a brand whose inclusion of peppermint helps soothe the lips while the tea tree oil helps heal the lips.

At $2.59 a pop, you can grab these ultra-healing lippies from Target, Kroger and online. It isn’t the tastiest lip balm and has a medicinal smell to it, but if you don’t mind it, MoistStic makes for a fantastic winter balm.

The most flavorful of the bunch comes from Surya Brasil, a brand that you can find at Whole Foods.

This vegan brand has some of the of the tastiest lip balms I’ve ever tried. I mean – not that I go around licking balms but you know…it happens. From Acai Berry,Chocolate and Strawberry, I can’t really decide which one I like best.

These beeswax lippies go for $3.49 and would be perfecto if they had SPF in them.

Don’t ask me to choose a favorite. I love ’em all!

Are you a lip balm lover? Which brand is your fav?

  • ichigopan

    I do love lip balms. Always trying new ones even though I already found winners:

    Hemp Lip Conditioner / The Body Shop
    Lip Saver / Aveda
    Minted Rose Lip Balm / Smith’s Rosebud

    Can’t wait to try Nature’s Lip Nourishment. I’m a shea butter addict.

    • Brittany

      Will definitely keep an eye out for the ones you suggested. :)

  • victoria

    lol toss away my mascara and eyeliner and you will pull back a nub!

    I’m pretty attached to Classic Chapstik but I agree that these make cute stocking stuffers

  • Me

    Yay, i looove lipbalms too! Though i have a hard time finding a good one, because of almost every lipbalm contains Lanolin :/.. That’s what i would call pretty gross; if you dont know what it is, then i would love to tell what i did, and a lot other gals put on their lips lol : Lanolin is the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands on sheeps, possibly also other animals with fur/wool.
    You know when you haven’t had a shower for maybe 2-3 days and you hair starts to get greasy, it’s the same nasty stuff, besides it’s obtained from sheeps that didn’t have a bath for years..
    well that’s what i smeared all over my lips once.. good times :)

    • Brittany


  • Latorsha

    I do like lip balms, but wear mainly lipgloss. I just can’t find one that I feel does what I need it to do. But I just never know what brand. The little tubes always make me think back to the stuff my mom bought me as a kid. lol
    Glad to see that there is some real grown up stuff out there for me that works. 😉

    • Brittany

      I know! For the longest I thought those stick balms were a little kiddy but yep, are a ton of brands for us grown folx. :)

  • Stacy

    I have never been much of a lip balm fan because they always just felt waxy. But I recently discovered one by Neutrogena naturals (got it free in my target beauty bag) and I love it. It goes on smooth, moisturizes my lips and doesn’t feel waxy at all. I will defintely purchase when this one is all gone.

  • I dunno if I am gonna get a stocking this year :/

    • Brittany

      You certainly deserve one. :)

  • Amy

    Trader Joe’s Virtuoso Lip Balm. A little under $3 for 3 tubes and the stuff is amazing. My second choice is The Body Shop Hemp Lip protector. I always go back to the TJ one though because it has SPF and is very moisturizing, not waxy.

    • Brittany

      I’m so sad that there isn’t a TJ in Florida. :(

  • Ohhh, yummy ones too! I love my balms. I have this OCD of putting on lip balm before I go out and run.