Pearl lips by Maybelline ColorSensational

Who loves lipsticks more than lip glosses? I do, darlings. I really do. Maybe it’s the old soul that’s in me but I find lipsticks to be classic and rather riveting. I feel like a “woman” when I apply them. I mean, don’t get me wrong…I love a good gloss but if I had to get rid of those or lipsticks. I’d send glosses to the curb in a heartbeat.

With the holidays rolling around, I’m going to do my best to show y’all lots of cheap lippies for holiday parties, gifts and stocking stuffers. Let’s start with these Maybelline ColorSensational jewels. You can grab these kids anywhere Maybelline products are sold and on All of these lipsticks have a pearl finish and like most lipsticks, are a wee bit drying. I wear a lip balm underneath to keep the moisture in my lips locked in.

Coral Lustre – I’ve never thought that coral lip colors were terribly flattering on my skin complexion. They are a little too cool and pink for my liking. Somehow, this one isn’t half bad. I actually feel okay wearing it without a lipliner.

Disco Pink – is a super pink with a whole heap of shimmer. I think it’s fantastic!

Glisten Up Pink is slightly cooler than Disco Pink whose shimmer isn’t as sparkly.

Nude Glow is a shiny caramel that actually works for me. I’m pretty picky with nudes and I really like this one.

Plum Shine isn’t as dark as a “plum” and that’s a good thing because I’ve had my fair share of burgundy lipsticks. Plum Shine is more of light red wine.

I’ve never claimed to be the best when it comes lipstick swatches so try to stifle those laughs if you see some lipstick creeping up on my check or somethin’. 8)

Whatcha think? See any you like? Disco Pink and Glisten Up Pink are definitely my faves.

  • It’s a hard decision but I definitely have to go with the Disco Pink and Nude Glow. I’m looking for a nude lipstick so I’ll surely give Nude Glow a try!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  • victoria

    I’m loving Nude Glow!

  • Hi!!

    I too love lipsticks way more than glosses…I find glosses to be just…to glossy? Haha does that make any sense? I guess I find them too sticky… And I agree with you when you say lipsticks make you feel more like a woman, that happens to me too!!~

    xox Rose

  • I like lipgloss more than lipstick, but mainly because I feel they dry quicker.

    The disco pink, I think is really cute!

  • Cinnie

    They look nice! How do they wear? And does the glitter feel grainy?

    • Brittany

      Not at all! Especially if you use a base underneath.

      • Cinnie

        Might have to try Plum Shine, then. Been looking for a sheer plum/darker red. Thanks!

  • G.

    Ooooh, I love ALL of them on you, honey! But I think my favorite is Plum Shine. It looks drop-dead GORGEOUS on that pretty pout of yours. xoxo

  • kia

    yay more color sensational lipsticks!!

  • i love the disco pink!!! gorgeous! :)

  • I love all. I can’t wait to have it. I’m planning to purchase all.