It’s beginning to smell…a lot like Christmas.

If there is one holiday that can be easily captured by scent, it would be Christmas. Seriously. Pine needles, cranberries, gingerbread, spiced pumpkin, peppermint….all can easily transport me to my favorite holiday just by a sniff. This Deck The Halls candle by Slatkin & Co. has managed to do the exact same thing.

And don’t even ask me how. That secret is with the candle elves or somethin’.

Are you a candle lover? I absolutely love them. Sometimes I’ll flip off the lights and blog by candlelight. Which is like colonial style meets digital world, but hey….it works.

From Winter Candy Apple to Gingerbread, Everdeen and Cinnamon & Clove Buds, Slatkin & Co. is giving us so many ways to scent in our homes this holiday season.

You can snag this 14.5 oz candle at Bath & Body Works and for $19.50. Or even better…2 for $20. Considering this baby will burn for a good 40-65 hours, I know I’ll be getting a lot of use of it even after the holidays.

But my nose ain’t complaining.

  • Sounds like a delicious smell.

  • I have a gingerbread one! Just not that company and I got it at Ross for $5! lol

  • victoria

    My favorite candle was the Betty Crocker one that smelled like chocolate cake! I’m generally allergic to candles so I bake an apple in the oven to give off that holiday smell lol

    I can just see you blogging by candle light. Just don’t try out mascara in the dark lol

    Have a wonderful Christmas B!

    • Brittany

      You too, lovely!

    • Brittany

      I can hardly apply mascara in the light. Ha!! Merry Christmas to you too, darling.

  • Pine needles sounds good!

    Merry Christmas from Hawaii!

  • Lakitha

    I purchased the Buttered Rum, Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Mint, Hot Chocolate, and Frosted Cookie Candles. They give a great scent to a room even without lighting the candle. I have some of the little miniature ones that I place in my drawers. When I open my drawer, my clothes have such a nice scent