TMI Tuesday: Boobs. An abundance of or lack thereof

That sounds like a talk show title, uh? Boob Talk with B. Hahahaaaaa! For some boobs is a serious TMI topic. And why, I’ll never know. My girlfriends and I love talking about our boobies. We push ’em up in public and complain about how small or big they are. It is my belief that all us women folk have a personal love or hate for our boobs.

All throughout middle school, I wanted boobs. I was so bare, that I didn’t even wear a training bra. There was nothing to train. Each morning, I would wake up thinking that maybe overnight God granted me with a bosom blessing. And each morning, I’d wake up and be like…

…because nope. Still no boobs. In my middle school mind, boobs meant social status. Trading my camisole for a training bra would grant me access to the Cool Kids Club. Because I was a victim of bullying for most of my middle school life, I wanted boobs like Charlie wanted a Golden Ticket. And then one day it happened. I was in 9th grade. I did my morning ritual of glancing in the mirror and greeting me was a pair of C boobies. C’s!

My world changed. I became a new person. I was a girl. A young woman. With boobs. Those C’s eventually turned into DD’s. And that’s when the fun of having boobs ended. Bra shopping was never something that I never looked forward to. I could never wear the cute and dainty bras that came in colors like magenta, purple or pink. I had to wear white, brown and black bras with not 1, not 2 but a good 5 hooks in the back. It didn’t matter what size I was, because of the boobs, I ALWAYS had to go up a shirt size. And wearing a bathing suit top was the worst. No matter what I did, I always looked like I was auditioning for a Playboy cover.

I used to do some heavy complaining about my boobs.

Until I met a college friend who had undergone a mastectomy at the tender age of 22. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 19 and the minute she heard me complain about my boobs, she shut me down. So told me that I should be grateful and learn to appreciate those boobs of mine. And ever since then….I’ve been appreciating them.

Do you love yours? Get annoyed with ’em? Want more or less? Find them to be perfect? What’s your boob story?

  • Jamie

    Sometimes mine annoy me, but I know that if I didn’t have them anymore I would be upset! I do agree with you on bathing suit shopping. A certain lingerie store that we all know and love told me for years I was a 36D but then I got measured at an appropriate place and I was actually a 36DDD! So then bra shopping and bathing suit shopping was so much better…bigger chested ladies should check out Cacique (a Lane Bryant brand). They have cute bras and some awesome styles for those of us with a little more on top!

  • L

    I get annoyed with mine but please let me tell you the use of the .gifs in this post is priceless.

  • ChrsLvsBks

    Weightloss has reduced mine greatly so I am actually looking forward to bra shopping. Now to find the time, and the moolah.

  • I used to be teased because I had big boobs. Now that I am a woman and have lost weight, they havent gone anywhere…sure they hurt my back…I cant find a good bra, but I LOVE my boobies!! They are who I am. They are there to make me look like a woman and joggle em…okay maybe not jiggle em. Lol…it hurts when they jiggle…hence why I have to wear 3 bras for the gym. But they are me. 😀

  • Lauren

    I’m starting to like mine a little more. That certain lingerie store that Jamie went to told me I was a 34D and when I got measured at Nordstrom, I was a 34DDD/34E. I was absolutely shocked because to me, they didn’t look that big. Now that I’m thinking about having children, I’m worried about how much bigger they will get with pregnancy. But, I guess I’ll cross that road when I get there.

    If you’re looking for some cute colors in larger sizes, try Wacoal or Chantelle bras. They have a good selection that doesn’t go into grandma territory.

  • Blythe

    I have DD and sometimes I don’t like them, but I have big hips too so at least I look symmetrical! The hardest thing for me is finding a good sports bra – haven’t yet found one – but definitely the right bra helps me to not feel so huge and circus-like and more normal :).

  • OSHH

    I never wanted big boobs, they run in my fam maternally. So kinda was the opposite of you B. I think I willed myself out of huge chesticles LOL. I am more than happy with what I have, enough to fill a champagne glass!!

  • Melissa

    I’m a very petite boobied girl. Bothers the hell out of me. I’ve always wanted at least C’s. You know, be able to rock a little cleavage without having to break out a sharpie.

    I don’t know what its like to have large breasts, so I’m sure if I did have my all mighty C’s I’d complain about them too.

  • I hated being the first girl in my class to ‘develop’. Terrible teasing that made me feel ashamed of my boobs.

    Now I tell my husband he is lucky; a lot of guys have to ‘buy’ boobs this big. 😉

    Wearing the right size bra makes a BIG difference. A good bra will put the girls right where they need to be and hold them firmly without smooshing them down.

  • Oh glorious boobies! How I wish the boob fairy visited me growing up. Instead I make due with the supposed “add two cup sizes” pushup bras to try and even out my “figure” such as it is *curses genetics*. It’s just as difficult to find bras for a bigger girl with no boobs as it is for a woman who is more generously endowed. Ever try to find a 40+ sorta-B cup? *shudder* I go with finding a cup size that fits and then just get the extenders so that I can make something fit. My mom still tells me that I’ll still grow (I’m 27! I’m well past that Mom!!! lol). She went from non-existant boobs to DD cups between 8th & 9th grades! Can we say holy crapola? Anyway I do often remind myself to be happy with what I’ve got though.

  • I used to HATE my boobs growing up… I was a serious tomboy growing up, so I never wanted boobs because it would change how people saw me, but by the time I got to middle school I already had a very full C cup… and unfortunately I was mocked mercilessly for having them.

    It wasn’t until high school and they finally stopped at a very full D/ small DD and learned to really appreciate them… it didn’t hurt that men and women all comment on what a great pair I have.

  • Enjoli

    I used to have a full C cup size boobs. But after having my kids and breastfeeding, my boobs have gotten noticeably smaller. And with all the working out and running I do, they are yet even smaller. Bra shopping is a pain for me as I need B 1/2 cup but no idea where to find that. I miss my perky, FULL C cups!! I love my kids so I don’t regret having them. Bottle line, enjoy them while you got ’em cause they can get smaller over the years or after childbirth.

  • Enjoli

    Oops. I meant “bottom line”. Lol

  • Ann

    I’m a skinny and petite girl. I feel like I have nothing when I look at my friends, but I’m happy with what I have. The lingerie store mentioned by Jamie told me I was a 34B for quite a while. Something didnt feel quite right. So I got measured again. The sales associate told me I was between a B and a C. What? I dont wear push ups and 32B sometimes felt too tight. C’s fit a little better but sometimes I wish they could be a little tighter; not 32B tight and not too relaxed like 32C. I’d look at my friend who is also a 32C and she just looks so much fuller. How am I a C but with no cleavage? In my mind I think I’m a B, but seeing my C bra makes me happier just because it says “C”.

  • Victoria

    I love mine! I haven’t always been so happy with the boobies though. I, too, was teased in Jr. High (the equivalent of Middle School in the small town I am from) for having nothing and no training bra. It wasn’t until I was about 15 that I grew anything. *Sigh*

    Now, I am happy with the size they grew to: a healthy (for me) 32DD…aka 34B as 32DD doesn’t exist in most cases. I look fine with my boobs and any more or less just wouldn’t be me!

  • I wish I had fuller boobs…like all year round, not just that time of the month ;)…That, and boobs that are perky enough to stand on their own! Lol

    p.s. Yay for TMI Tuesdays! Lol

  • MaryB

    I used to be tiny, tiny, flat. Funny, at the time, I was working as a topless dancer. Talk about feeling inferior…65 pounds later, and I’ve got healthy lookin’ boobage, with a big ol’ bubble behind to match. I still buy push-up bras though!

  • Shavonda

    Ahh the ever-sore topic of breasts. Well at least it’s a sore topic in my world. Im incredibly self conscious about my boobs or shall I say (lack there of). Im definitely a member of the itty bitty titty committee and It drives me crazy. I know we arent all supposed to be well endowed in that area but I would love to know what it feels like to fill out even a B cup. Ive had 2 children, nursed them both and still in the end have barely a B. I made the decision a while ago that I will be getting implants in a few years. Great topic B.

  • Belle

    I’m one of the itty bitty crowd: A cup. Used to annoy and embarrass me a lot. There was one time my mom insisted on my sisters and I getting measured for bras at a department store. The saleslady gave me shocked look when she found I was an 18 after she measured me and my sisters. I’m the oldest but the smallest breast-wise. Saleslady told me to go to the training bra section and I haven’t had the courage to get measured again since. Used to lament over not being bigger but I’ve come to the conclusion that if God gave me these, then I should learn to accept them.

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  • Angel

    I’m 14 and at my school you’re either curvy with a layer of flab stomach, or flat and stomachless. I’d much rather be what society calls “curvy”. I’m between a 32A or B, and always have to shove what I’ve got together to make any inkling of cleavage. Locker room time I envy the girls who have to wear double bras because they have amazing clevage. My mom is a 34B after 3 children; and I’m Asian too, a part of the itty-bitty-titty community. I don’t do any sports so complaining about them jiggling while running would never be a problem. I’m underweight. I can’t put on weight, or cleavage. I WANT cleavage, ugh. Our school has uniforms, which makes the flat even flatter and the “curvy” look less well-endowed. I want full C’s by the end of high school.

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  • Jessica

    The only trouble I’ve ever really had with my boobs was wearing/buying bras, but that’s something my entire body contributes to. I wear 28D, which basically doesn’t exist anywhere unless I’m forking over my life savings and my soul. Per bra. But to actually have undies that fit is SO WORTH IT. I no longer have to tug my band down every five seconds, or tighten the straps so much that they dig into my shoulders, or buy new bras every other month because the ones I just bought only fit on the smallest hook and are now too stretched out for me to wear. And now that my boobs actually have support, they look pretty darn awesome, I must say.

    My big issue now is telling people I’m a D cup because people don’t seem to know how bra sizes work. I always have to explain that the cup of a 28D is the equivalent of a 30C, a 32B, a 34A, and so on. ugh. I wish well-known bra companies *ahem Victoria’s Secret* would sell products in a wider range of sizes. Like, seriously. You look at their catalogs and even their freaking models are wearing bras that don’t fit. They are the reason why 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Because for many of us, the correct bra size doesn’t even exist.

    /rant Sorry, this is a topic I am rather passionate about 😛

  • Crissy K

    I used to be ashamed of my boobies. I had Cs when I was in Middle school. I hated the way men would look at me so I always hid them by slouching and wearing teeshirts and jackets. By the time college hit I loved my boobies 36DD. But Now that I’m nursing( ll months) they are gone they look like deflated balloons. Though they do go up to a 36F when I’m at work. Eek. I hope I can afford a breast lift after I have my second baby.

  • Anna

    Ever since 10 I’ve had some breasts, I’m now 17 and I have a large C size. I’ve never been happy or confident with my breasts because they hang so low! I feel like a old Granny with saggy boobs or something! I also have zero cleavage because my breats are so far apart. Its something that’s really been bothering me lately…pushup bras don’t do a thing either. Makes me feel like I’m not a real woman sometimes. Stupid, I know…but true.

    But hey, least I have breasts, right? And, I’m sure whoever I end up marrying will love me…weird boobs and all (haha) and I’m sure they will serve their purpose when I have kids :)

    • Brittany

      What a beautiful persecutive. If you are thinking like that at 17, you will continue to have a bright future, darlin’! 8)

  • Clara

    I have this friend who is very well endowed and I myself am very not. She jokes that she would give me a cup of boob if she could (in a very good mannered way which we both enjoy). It’s actually really fun to go bra shopping together since we both have such a hard time. Often we end up in one dressing room with using one another’s head as our bra discard pile. She at least fits in to some Victoria secret… They just don’t make my band size. I’m either a 28 or 30 A, I’ve a tiny rib cage but it isn’t circular, it’s an oval. Like a plastic cup that’s been stepped on. So my boobs are spaced as a 32 or 34 but the band is too loose and I really don’t have the meat to fill out the cups.

    But I’m only really SOL when it comes to pretty womanly bras, the 32A ones from the Target/Walmart girls dept fit hilarious well. Like perfect (though if the band was just a smidge tighter I’d be in heaven). Its pretty ho-hum now going and getting training bras. I’ve got my Masters of Science and the ability to buy bras that fit so I don’t even care about the snickers from the cashiers. Also I’ve got a really great tush and amazing legs. Where the T fairy forsook me the A fairy was generous and also called in a favor with the L(eg) fairy.

  • Maria

    I was a big c and then upgraded. :). Oh was the best thing. They sit up and will never sag, even after having my baby.