TMI Tuesday: Confessions of a Hairy Woman

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Yes. It’s true. I’m hairy. And I’m a woman. 10 years ago I could never admit this. Shoot, 5 years ago I couldn’t admit it. But the fact is…my hair grows at the speed of light.

This can be beneficial in some cases. Hair cut gone wrong? No worries. My hair will grow back quickly. Overpluck the brow? It’ll grow back in 2.3 days. Ironically enough, I’m not one of those “gotta be hair-less all over” kind of women. Even though I live in tropical weather year round, I shave my legs once a month. If that. Stubble doesn’t bother me and the only area that gets hair removed regularly is the bikini line and my underarms. Everywhere else though? Pfft.

I even have a mustache.

Sexy, uh? I spend several minutes a day in the bathroom try to get rid of it AND the hairs that sprout all over my chin. Dude, I don’t know what happened but when I hit like 22 or 23, I started getting a ridiculous amount of facial hair. In fact, I can’t even go a day without doing some kind of plucking or clipping. It’s quite the nuisance. And the whole laser hair removal thing? Yah. I’m not convinced that’s safe enough for us richly hued people. The only saving grace is Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion. While it doesn’t eliminate the chin hairs, it dries up the bumps that ingrown hairs cause – making it hella easier to tweeze the hair out. It sucks, y’all. It really does.

Chin hairs are vicious lil’ somethings. They’ll spout right before something important happens. You’ll be getting ready for a  date, meeting or important presentation with only seconds to spare. You catch a glimpse in the mirror and see a chin hair. You go to pull it. It doesn’t budge. Instead, it coils up into a darling little candy curl. You pull again. Doesn’t budge. At this point, you feel like the chin hair is laughing at you like…

It sucks, y’all. It really does.

Are there any other hairy gals out there? Please make your voices heard. I just know I can’t be the only woman who is thiclose to pulling out a razor and going at it on the chin. Have you ever tried laser hair removal? Would you? Are there any products or techniques that you use to get rid of or minimize facial hair? And what’s the deal with women who pluck their brows, only to draw them back in? I could SO use some insight on that.

  • I too battle with facial hair on a near daily basis. My sudden facial hair seemed to happen when I went off BCP. (BCP makes me nutso, though, so there’s no way I’m going back on it!) I got a major girl-stache going on, plus the chin hair. (I guess it’s a girl-tee? lol!) I go at it with a spring facial threader tool thingy at least twice a week, and I pluck in between if I see one that bugs me. If I could afford laser removal I SO WOULD. It would be worth it. I’ve kinda made my peace with it now, but when it first happened I was really upset. I feel ya! It’s a pain!

  • Tatiana

    Yes me too! I’m tan, with really dark hair and I scar easy. I really want to get laser hair removal but probably shouldn’t because 1.) I’m broke 2.) I have keratosis pilaris. I’m still willing to get a consultation though because my hair grows back fast too, I hate it! It’s embarrassing!

  • Sam

    I, too, found my first chin hair when I was 23. They’re not just hairs, but they’re WHISKERS — man-beard type whiskers. I get them all over my chin, but they particularly cluster on the sides of my chin so that if I grew them out, I’d look like Fu-Manchu. I can’t afford laser hair removal, so I just pluck on a daily basis. My sister has the same thing and we joke about being “obsessive chin-pluckers.” My doctor says it’s due to elevated levels of estrogen, which have caused my testosterone levels to increase in my body’s effort to find hormonal balance. I’ve been so annoyed the redness on my chin from constant plucking and ingrown hairs, so I’m actually really excited to read about the Drying Lotion and may give it a try. Thanks for the tip, and I feel your pain! (Or maybe that should be, “I feel your whiskery chin!” *grins*)

  • Amy M

    I have tweezers stashed EVERYWHERE. In my desk at work, in the console of my car, by every mirror in my house. I wax my mustache and eyebrows, but my chin hairs are too tough for that. Gotta pluck. I hate that thing where they curl up like a ribbon and laugh at you…

    My mother had electrolysis when she was in her 20s but now that she’s in her 60s she shaves her chin every day. She’s made me promise that if she “loses her mind and goes in the home” that I won’t let her sit around with a beard… Hee hee.

  • Jen

    I can jump on the hairy wagon with you. It sucks but I’ve sort of gotten used to it–I’ve been dealing with it since I was a young teenager. It used to bother me a LOT but now it’s just something to deal with.

    It’s nice to see posts/comments like this though and to know I’m not alone in my annoyance!

  • Trina

    I feel ya pain! Mine started while pregnant with my son. I used to joke about it by saying I was having a boy & becoming a man. I thought it would slack up after delivery but over a year later, it persists. I Nair my chin and upper lip once a week, but more often during That time of the month. I doubt I’ll ever get lasic because I avoid unnecessary medical procedures at all costs.

  • Shan

    I too am constantly plucking chin hairs and dealing with scars left after plucking. I’ve tried waxing, threading and creams but those chin hairs are tough.

  • Not gonna lie, I had a LIGHT mustache and it bothers me…so I shave it…sometimes tweeze. Sometimes get it waxed. But its so light,you cant even notice it.

  • lisa

    I wax every 4-5 days. (And while I’m not some great waxer, I’ve had lots of practice, so it’s not that I’m doing a lousy job.) The sides of the face/sideburns/cheeks, I get threaded. I think facial hair on women is a lot more common that we think, if that makes sense.

  • I have to tweeze last thing at night and first thing in the morning. (How do they crop up over night??!) And each week there is another new whisker! Perimenopause sucks!!! I have to be truthful since it’s TMI and all…I do use a razor. And I’d do laser if I could afford it.

    • Brittany

      I’ve always wondered how razors work. Somehow I feel like if I try it, the hair will grow back thicker, quicker and longer. Or is that a myth?

      • I *believe* that’s a myth. I shave both my upper lip and chin, and neither seems to have come back darker or thicker.

      • its actually plucking that causes the hair to grow back thicker and longer. When you pluck a hair, it has to form a new root deeper in the skin than before, so each time you do that it becomes a stronger, deeper hair :-(. So if you ever want to have them permanently removed, it may be more difficult to remove the hairs that have been plucked repeatedly.

        • Brittany

          Really??? *gulp* I never knew. I’ve noticed that lot of my chin hairs have gotten REALLY long and curly over the years. They used to be tiny hairs now they’re like….3 ft long. So annoying.

          • I hear you. Try a good razor and there’s this stuff called “The Cool Fix” that helps to reduce irritation and ingrown hairs. My honey uses that and he’s thanked me a million times over for it. It also helps soothe the skin after electrolysis (which is WOC friendly). Good luck girlie!

      • Anita

        Snopes says it’s a myth, but I’ve seen it in action. My mom used to just get peach fuzz but when she started using those little electric face razors now she gets black hairs. And I had long fuzz on my stomach once so I shaved it and it grew back a big darker so I use nair on it now. I use nair on my face too, idk if it overrides the myth though lol. I’ve read that waxing makes hair grow back less thick and over time it grows slower and less denser etc, and that shaving stimulates hair follicles and mkes it grow thicker.

        • L

          I’ve read somewhere it’s because normally hair is tapered on the end so it appears to be lighter. When you shave it lops that off and it grows out to look thicker because now there is a blunt end. Waxing is like restarting with a new hair that is tapered again. And I think it can technically be less thick over time is because it’s like overplucking… not so sure about that though.

          Here’s a silly diagram if it helps, I’m not very good at explaining verbally :)

  • You are not alone. I shave my upper lip and chin. My mother has the same issue. (My sister however is hairless, even after four babies. Yeah, I hate her a little bit for it, too.)

    I used to wax my brows, lip and chin on a regular basis. It’s still my preferred method, but since I haven’t had the time I shave or pluck as needed. My brows have improved, I can now grow two separate, distinct brows without requiring a landscaper to manage them. But the other facial hair remains.

    Shaving my legs is a pain with a disability, so I only do it if I must … or I’m impressing a date, lol.

    So glad I’m not only with the facial hair issues!

  • Brandi R

    I too have this problem and it all started after going on Birth Control pills. I pluck like a mad woman. I tried the creams but they irratated my skin. What I found works is exfoliating daliy to stop the ingrown hairs and Clinique dark spot remover for the dark spots left after plucking.

  • WHAAAAA? Tweezing makes chin hairs worse? This makes so much sense to me now. Brittany, I heart you for this post, I felt a bit ashamed my face was so hairy. I’m glad to see I’m not alone.

    Though, now I’m not sure what to do because tweezing makes it worse and won’t shaving create stubble?

  • I have friends who thread the stash and other areas on the face…but I button up like a baby when doing the brows alone…so that’s a no go. At this point, I’m sure my razor game is better than most men in my life, lol. Goes with the territory I guess. Women having facial hair really is not the most unusual thing…but it’s those pesky ingrowns that irritate…!

  • Lovely

    Ive done laser hair removal and I’m a black woman. Worked wonders! They used a Yag laser. Took about 5 sessions. Hope this helps.

  • i thought i was the only she-beast around these parts! i just became like part man around 23-24 years old…chin just sprouting all types of hair in this weird patch. MAJORLY annoying! and mustache too, wtf? why am i suddenly wolverine? do not want! *sigh*

    i wish that laser hair removal was an option or SOMETHING permanent, but with brown skin, it’s pretty much out. threading and hair creams are the only thing i do for it

  • Jessica

    So, couple things first. I’m 20 and I am exteremly hairy, I grow hair between my breasts, on my stomach and on my chin. It is so embarrassing, I hate it so much. The tweezing thing that nikia said is a myth, and so is the shaving myth. The reason that hair appears thicker after shaving is because hair grows tapered. When you shave the hair it creates a blunt edge, which is why it appears thicker. The whole forming a new root deeper is also a myth. There is no way that can happen, I’m a professional, licensed cosmetologist, so I’ve done my fair share of reading about hair, hair growth, and hair growth myths. I pluck the hairs on my chest because it takes longer for them to grow back, but I shave the ones on my chin most of the time because they grow under my jaw, so I can’t see them to tweeze. Hopefully the hair bulbs that are producing our unwanted hair will have a short life span(as all hair bulbs do).

    • I mean, the person who gave me the information originally was also a professional, licensed cosmetologist soooo…Maybe its just different for everyone, just like everything else skincare related.

  • I can thank my father and his furry Scottish genes for my facial fuzziness! I shave the lip and chin at least once a week, and I pluck the evil, smarmy, under-chin hairs that pop up as soon as they appear. The worst bit is that my facial hair grows in really noticeably because of how pale I am and how red my hair is :/

    I unfortunately started getting facial hair right after puberty because I am estrogen sensitive and my body tries to produce more testosterone to compensate.

  • UGH! I’m definitely a hairy woman (thanks PCOS!). Pale/fair with VERY dark facial hair; mustache and half my chin (left side mostly, weirdness). Not okay… I’ve gotten kinda lazy about removal, though I either go the creme remover or razor routes when I get around to it. I think part of the reason I don’t shave as much as I should is the evil ingrown hairs. They just get super deep and painful. And since I live in a colder climate up here in western WA State, my legs hardly see the light so I’m especially lazy about shaving them, lol.

  • AHS

    I veet on my upper lip, but I have been know to just use Nair or veet on my entire lower face. I also use a handheld threader, but that hurts. Tweezing those tiny hard hairs is HARD! I feel your pain! High five to my hairy sista :-) thanks for sharing

  • Cinnie

    Half Italian, I have always been in a life-and-death battle to stave off the stereotyped lady moustache. I wax that sucker off at least once a month, or more depending on regrowth.

    The chin hairs have just started a few years ago, and I am VIGILANT and RUTHLESS in plucking them. And yes, I always follow a pluck with MB’s Drying Lotion.

  • Cinnie

    Oh, and I always follow a lip waxing with a coat of MB’s DL too. I get a pink moustache overnight, but it magically prevents that bloom of fine tiny whiteheads I always get after a waxing.

  • Angie

    Oh my my!! it’s so comforting to read that other gals out there have this problem too! Hairy women unite! I have hairs around my neck , chin, and upper lip. Even tiny ones on the chest. It’s seems like they’ve gotten thicker and noticeable in the past two years since I was 20. I always try to tweeze but it’s time consuming. So I use Veet, and a week later it’s back. I do think they grow back thicker after tweezing. Lord! I would love to try laser hair removal in the future.

  • Jez

    Have you tried Sally Hansen waxing strips? , they last up to a week on me.

    • Brittany

      Nooo, I haven’t. I’ve never done waxing. The thought terrifies me.

  • Shannoon

    omg I would NEVER do laser removal I know a girl whose face got BURNED so bad from that! I would NEVER EVER CONSIDER IT EVER!

  • OSHH

    Yes I too battle chin hairs, I get a chin wax every other week or so, and pluck like I have OCD in between LOL. When I can afford the YAG laser I’ll def have it done. I shave the pits, bikini line and legs once a week.

  • Belle

    Good to know there are others out there dealing with this! Whenever I realize I forgot to bring my tweezers with me if I go to college or home, I get really upset. I have stubborn chin hairs that seem to have gotten darker and thicker as I’ve tweezed them over the years. And I have a mustache. I often feel very self conscious. I usually pluck my chin and leave my upper lip alone, but I hate how my chin is riddled with scars and bumps from tweezing. I think I may start making regular appointments to get waxed when I can afford to do so.

    • Belle

      I also should try using the acne stuff you talked about or other blemish creams people mentioned in the comments. That would be nice.

  • mae

    i am 36 years old, have dark course hair and have had facial hair since high school. i have always been extremely embarrassed about it, esp after being teased by boys in high school and told “it’s time to shave your stash” in college. i have tried plucking, hair removal lotions, shaving and even laser hair removal. i had 7 treatments on my upper lip and my chin and still have lots of thick pointy hairs! the laser also gave me dark brown coloring on my upper lip and burnt my pretty beauty mark off!!! i started plucking daily hoping that the hair would eventually stop growing in both places but to no avail i still get hair. my chin is a mess with ingrown hairs and lots of red scabs. i have used st. ives apricot scrub for at least 10 years and that doesn’t help exfoliate enough. i started using sulfur soap and then coconut oil after my shower. it helps a little but not enough to keep my daily tweezing at bay.

  • Carol Ann Wheeler