POLL: Will you get the Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette?

If anyone knows how to work beauty junkies into a massive  frenzy, it’s Urban Decay. Their legendary Naked palette was notorious for being out of stock both online and in stores. While it found its place in permanent makeup land, beauty lovers now have the Naked palette 2 to obsess over.

Considering I’ve got a mess load of similar shades, I decided not to get the original Naked palette. Vex in the City’s swatches, however, have me thinking about putting the Naked  2 on my birthday list. You know…in case Esposo asks. Then again, I’ve been a beauty lover for a good  5 years or so and I find it hard to get excited over repeat products and Naked 2 looks a lot like the original Naked.

Aside from the packaging, they could pass for twins. Not to mention – while I don’t have neutral shadows like this in ONE palette, I’m sure if I search my shadow collection enough, I could find dupes of these. Boy, I tell ya….being a beauty blogger brings about a level of discernment. No longer can I just buy products because of the hype. I be breakin’ it down yo.

What about you?

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  • I already have Naked1 so I don’t need it. I have enough neutral eyeshadows to last me a life time with that alone :)

    Alice in Nappyland

  • You crack me up!! LOL I totally agree with you… I have the naked palette and naked 2 looks the same maybe different packaging.

  • I saw reviews on YT and it is slightly different than the first but not enough to make me run out ad get it. The hype from the first Naked palette isn’t over yet. I think they put this palette out too soon.

  • I definitely don’t need it. Then again I’m an impulse buyer so who knows what could happen, lol. For know I’m pretty sold on not getting it because it is so similar to the first one that I have.

  • Well, I have so many dupes that I never bought Naked 1. When I heard about Naked 2 I was sort of surprised because I’m not sure there could be THAT much of a difference, and it looks like that is the case. Won’t be getting Naked 2 either, but I adore urban decay!

  • I need to hurry up and get one. I’m so behind on this trend! I don’t even have the first Naked Palette yet…!

  • gio

    I love the first palette but Naked 2 doesn’t do anything for me. The colors are too similar and I’m not really into neutral shades that much so I can’t justify having both.

  • victoria

    I like Foxy and Blackout. Blackout will help sell this palette, it looks like Carbon. I only wear matte eye shadow, so I won’t be getting this.
    Eventually I might get the 24-7 in Zero or Perversion though.

  • Now had the Naked2 looked noticeably different I would have pondered buying it but I am satisfied enough with the 1st one.

  • K.

    The Urban Decay eyeshadows are always so tempting but I’m allergic to Bismuth Oxychloride and they have it in every one of their eyeshadows…

  • I’m going to skip this one. I already love the first edition Naked palette, so I won’t cheat on it with the second edition lol. I know that I really don’t need it.

  • Skipping. I have the original Naked and 5 of the other shades in Naked 2 from other UD palettes. The rest are too similar to the original. I prefer color over neutrals anyway.