10 Tips For Aspiring Beauty Bloggers

10 Tips for Bloggers

Lately I’ve been getting a ton of emails from gals looking to start a beauty blog and they’re looking for blogger tips. I’m one of those “tell it all” bloggers. I have no secrets and don’t mind sharing information that I think can help motivate wannabe bloggers and current bloggers. I’ve been formally blogging for 8 years (wowsers!) and have learned a thang or two. This list would best help those who are seriously looking to get into blogging…any genre. And by seriously, I mean you want to eat, sleep and breathe blogging. Nah. I’m just kidding. Or am I? 😎

1. Take great pictures.

Okay, considering I’m a budding photographer, I WOULD say that, right? Seriously though…nothing sucks more than a blog with REALLY bad pictures. And you know what bad pictures are. Pictures that are fuzzy, too far away, grainy, have too much light, not enough light…get my drift? Many aspiring bloggers feel as if they have to invest hundreds of dollars in cameras to produce good pictures. Not true. Point and shoots and even smartphones can crank out gorgeous pictures. If you have 8 megapixels on your smartphone, you can take incredible pictures. Lighting and angle is EVERYTHING in photography. Learning how to take great pictures takes time. I’m still learning. Also, readers REALLY love to see your pictures. Not a picture that you found online. And for goodness sakes, don’t ever submit a blog post without a picture. That’s just wrong. When I see that I’m always like, “Dude. Is this a blog post or a thesis?” People need pictures to break up text. It’s a scientific fact.

2. Read and comment on other blogs.

Chances are, if you’re interesting in starting a beauty blog, it may be because you were inspired by other beauty blogs. Good. But even once you start blogging, KEEP reading those blogs. And leave comments. Not “Wow. That’s cool.” unengaging-type comments but comments that let the blogger know that you really liked their writing, pictures or information. Hold on though – leaving YOUR blog link in a comment is a huge no-no in the blog community. It’s rude. If you want to share your blog, kindly send an email and introduce yourself. Camaraderie and community is everything in the blogosphere. I never want to be that blogger that got so big that I stopped commenting on other blogs. Nope. I follow and comment on blogs daily.

3. Don’t just talk about the product, SHOW the product.

Love that new Clinique blush? Or NYX’s newest mascara? Awesome. But an advertisement of the blush or mascara doesn’t show me anything. Anyone can Google a picture. I want to see how it looks on YOU. The reason why I prefer reading blogs over magazines is because I get an in depth review with pictures. Nine times out of ten, a magazine is just going to show you a pretty picture of a NARS’ eyeshadow. I’d rather get a glimpse of that eyeshadow on your eyes. While I believe it is okay to display stock photos from time to time, the bulk of your blog should really be focused on what’s going on your skin. Or…in your kitchen if you’re striving to be a food blogger.

4. Do more than just blog.

Blogging is great. But if I spent my entire time just blogging, I’d go insane. I love writing about beauty and all but talking about it 24/7 is a bit of a snooze fest for me. If you’re too lazy to put up a blog post, do a video. Create a Facebook fan page and engage your readers that way. Do you like little text and love pictures? Jump on Instagram! Take your blog in the community and host events. Connect with other bloggers in your area and have a volunteer day. Write an e-book. Sell products. The fact is, the most successful bloggers do more than just blog. Take heed and brainstorm ways of how you can go beyond blogging.

Random pic of me to break up the lengthy text. Hollaaaa!

5. Find a niche.

There are a million beauty bloggers out there. Seriously. There are bloggers in the U.S. Bloggers in Germany. Bloggers in Australia. White girls blog. Asian girls blog. Mexican girls blog. Dutch girls blog. Even dogs blog! There are bloggers who do videos. Bloggers who feature their pets. Bloggers who feature their kids. And on and on….. Find a niche that works for you. Attempt to stand out. Love planting and polish? Make plants and polish your focal point. You want to give people a reason to read your blog and simply saying, “I have a beauty blog.” isn’t enough. Saying, “I have a beauty blog and I also put coordinating recipes in each blog post.” makes me want to check your blog out. It’s memorable. My niche? Mascara, duh! 😉 I mean if the blog name Clumps of Mascara doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will. I also have other niches. Like ya know…being silly and talking about embarrassing but real things like birth control. Weeeeee!

6. Treat your blog like a brand.

When I started Clumps of Mascara, I was graduating from college, moving across to country to volunteer for AmeriCorps and had NO idea that my blog would take off the way it did. Had I known, there would have been A LOT of things that I would not have done. You don’t know who is looking at your blog. It could be a potential employee or potential client. That means, watch your language and edit like you’re submitting a dissertation. Nothing sucks more than reading one of your blog posts and seeing messed up grammar. Yep. It happens to me, too. Blog as if the world is looking. Create a logo for your blog. Get business cards and attend blogger meetups and social events. Treat your blog like it’s a big deal. You can’t expect others to take you seriously if you don’t take yourself seriously. And media kits for bloggers? They are SO in right now. Get one. Can’t make one? Hire someone to do it for you. 

7. Brag about your blog.

For the first few years Clumps was around, my family didn’t know it. Neither did my friends. I have a tough time tooting my own horn, and not doing so has made it so that I missed out on many opportunities. Your hard work should be seen by those who love and support you. Let people know what you’re up to. And who knows…they may be able to help in someway. In my case, my bragging about my blog (via resume) landed me a job in field I really wanted to work in: social media. Oh yeah, that’s another thing. Blogging CAN lead to jobs. I have landed corporate positions and would not have never had those companies look my way if it weren’t for the experience that came with blogging. 

8. Don’t stop blogging.

Once you start blogging, don’t stop. I’m serious. Don’t. Even if you can only blog once a week…do it. Consistently not blogging will throw your readers off and you will inevitably lose some. At the same time, don’t think you HAVE to blog daily. If twice a week is more feasible, do that. I finally have Clumps running like a well oiled machine but it’s not because I’m up until 2am blogging. I’ve created a schedule that fits my lifestyle. Think of one that works for you and put it to use.

9. Focus on great content over numbers.

Every blogger wants a billion readers and trillions of comments. Numbers look good and they make us feel good. But if you develop great content, people will keep coming around. Do numbers matter? They can. Baby bloggers should really focus on creating content that makes people want to read their blogs before stressing over numbers. And dude – once you START stressing about numbers, you’ll never stop. For now – enjoy nursing that baby before s/he starts talking.

10. Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers.

This is a tough one because we’re human beings. I get a ton of “Man, I wish my blog was like yours.” comments but what people don’t realize is that Clumps is 8 years old. I’ve invested hundreds and hundreds of dollars in my blog. I spend hours brainstorming, taking pictures and researching information for Clumps. I didn’t just wake up one day, start a blog and become successful. Uh no. It doesn’t work like that, home skillet. Even now, there are still SO many things that I have to do to get to where I want to be. Do I admire other bloggers? Absolutely. I am motivated by them. Everyone has to start somewhere. Even the biggest bloggers were baby bloggers at some point. Focus on YOUR blog and where you want it to go.

+ Honorable Mention: Worry about making money later. Seriously. I get so many questions asking me how to get free beauty products or how to get invited to events. Starting out, I NEVER emailed any brands asking for free products. They found me. If your number one goal for starting a blog is to make money, then honey, this is the wrong field for you. Sure, I make some revenue through sponsorship/ambassador opportunities and ads but guess what? I still have to work other jobs outside of Clumps of Mascara to make ends meet. Repeat after me: Content first. Money later.

Bottom Line:

Blogging takes time. If you plan to be a serious blogger, it’s an investment. Especially if you have to purchase a domain, layout and branding tools. Stay calm and keep it fun. The minute blogging STOPS being fun is the minute I will invest time in another hobby.

Did that help? A little? Not really? Either way, let me know your thoughts. Also, if you’re looking for tools and books that may assist you on your new blogger journey, visit my Amazon store!



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  • Wow, this post is so timely and awesome! I just started my beauty blog last week :)

    I’m so glad to see that I’m already following several of your tips – but it sounds like I really need to focus on my photography.

    Thank you so much for this post. I’m going to bookmark it and refer back to it often.

    And of course, I would absolutely love it for everyone to check out my blog!

  • all of it…SO incredibly helpful! you’ve been a motivator for me & my blog from day one, so thanks a bunch!! and yep, to all newbie bloggers…take note!! seriously, take out a pen + paper and write it down so you don’t forget (because it’s easy to) and commit to memory all of the ideas you want to implement. Your voice does matter;)

    • Thanks for the tip off:)

  • These are all great tips! I think #5 is very important. As a new blogger, you need to ask yourself, “How will my blog be different from what is already out there?” The best way to stand out is to have a niche. #7 is also a good one. You never know when someone you tell knows someone who would be interested in what you do and have a great opportunity for you. And please keep #10 in mind. This is a great post for baby bloggers!

  • Jen

    Thank for the great post! I get a lot of emails from new bloggers asking for tips when they are starting a blog, I’m going to direct them to this post. It’s like you said everything I always want to tell them but can never manage to write down in an organized thought out way like you have.

  • I found this very helpful for myself. I feel like a one hour old baby. I know I have ALOT to learn and am enjoying myself.

  • This was such a great entry! Thanks so much for giving back and helping all of us who are just starting out. :)

  • starting a blog has been my new years resolution for the past two years. I feel like the makeup obsession came first, then photography, and now I feel like blogging about it is the way to go. thanks for the tips!

  • Great post! I always like to see what other bloggers consider their valuable tips & tricks because it seems like we all rank them differently. I was really excited to see you point out not to post your blog link in comments. I’m wary of doing that even when I’m linking to something people ask about in the comments haha. I hope all of the new bloggers reading this have a great experience!

  • These are really great tips… Thank you so much for sharing! It is so hard to find a niche and be unique… seems like everything has been done already.

  • Aisha

    Great advice! I have recently considered starting a beauty blog and have been researching and this post came right on time. I appreciate you taking time out to share your thoughts,

  • Good read and very helpful. I was a wordpress blogger and now im a blogger “blogger”. LOL *giggles* I have to admit that i read other blogs that I am subscribed to on the go from my phone and I dont always share my feelings and comment (i need to get better at that). Ive been following you for quite sometime and you are one of my favs! Now with that sais… lemme go and comment on your post from yesterday… i was def shy with that one.

  • These are all really great tips! I’m not a baby blogger – been blogging for a little over 4 years – but in that time I’ve gained pretty much a zero following…it’s disheartening since I put so much time and effort in, but I try to hang in there. I’m not sure what the problem is (bad pictures, people just aren’t interested in the niche, maybe I have crappy content and no one’s told me yet!) but I will definitely REALLY think about your tips and see if there’s anything else I can do. :)

  • I read this post earlier today but am just now getting a chance to comment! Thank you for sharing this. I’m technically a fetus blogger but also a longtime reader (since sometime in ’08, I believe) and have never commented until now. Oops!

    This post has many points I agree with and have been adhering to since I began blogging. For the most part, I think people should let their blogs speak for themselves and be happy and proud of their work! Also, thanks for the encouragement about cell phone photos — at the moment, I use my Droid to take pictures, but I think mine come out just as good if not better than some point-and-shoot ones. (I feel a little badly sometimes when I can’t pimp my blog in others’ “share your blog” features when there is part of the criteria is “no cell phone pictures, please” … but it doesn’t last long.)

    • Ugh, that last sentence should read “when part of the criteria is.” Sorry! And thanks again for this post.

    • Brittany

      If your Droid is cranking out nice and clear pictures, chances are people will never know. I had a HTC Thunderbolt and currently have an iPhone and the cameras on both blow many point and shoots out of the water. Keep it up! And remember, autofocus is your friend. 😉

  • This post was truly helpful. I’m a relatively new blogger and appreciate all the advice you gave. I think I certainly need to work on a niche and work on the lighting for my photos. I have a lot to learn! My blog is definitely still a baby. Thanks for all the great help!

    • Kirsty

      Agreed! I think finding perfect lighting is the biggest obstacle in terms of blog content for me.

  • You taught me all this!! And because of YOU, I am succeeding!! Youve helped me so much!! and Inspired me!! LOVE YOU!!

  • I find your discussion of blog branding interesting. While I think it is important to promote yourself, I also sometimes feel that the “corporate” nature of blogging is troublesome. For me, blogging is a hobby and something I do as a labor of love. I am a big believer in ad-free blogging (though I realize that this particular stand is not for everyone). I would if if you could do a post about press kits – i.e. what are they, how do you use them, etc.

    I also really appreciate your comment regarding quality over content. I have stopped following some blogs that basically only link to other bloggers’ blog giveaways.

    Finally, as a fellow beauty blogger, I find your point about finding your niche incredibly true! This was the hardest part for me about starting up a blog. I finally decided to focus exclusively on nails, eyes, and lips – what I consider to be the big three of beauty. I find that at times it does constrain me, like when I want to write about an amazing blush I found. However, it is really important when you are establishing yourself to stay true to your niche.

    Great post!

    • Brittany

      I know what you mean. Some blogs are clearly trying to make a buck off of your clicks. In some ways, I understand. I have ads on Clumps but they are always unobtrusive ads that I think are great fits for the content on my blog. While blogging has always been a labor of love, I would also consider it a profession. Especially since I’ve been doing it for so long and have invested so much time and money in it. Yep!

      Press and media kits – maybe I can get a guest writer to talk on that topic. I actually hired someone to do my media kit. Design is so not my forte. 😉

      • Thanks for not taking my comment about ads offensively. :-) As far as blogging becoming a profession, I can easily see where that can happen. You have put such an incredible amount of work into your blog and it clearly shows!

      • I also will love to know a bit more about Media Kits, I have always been unsure..

        • Brittany

          Hey mama! We will definitely be talking about that at our meeting. :)

  • you are the best!! I’ve been following you for a couple of months and, really and truly I enjoy reading your posts so much. Especially this one!! Your like a “big sister” who dishes out useful, well written and relevant advice!! And it was totally your name that got me interested. I have just started too and am learning (at least I hope so) about taking good photos. At the minute what I have up there is not great, but ok, it’s a start!! thanks for being there!

  • I must tell you, I love that you are so open and willing to help others be great. There is room for everyone to play on the e-streets! And thank you for calling out the link in the bottom of the comment, it is rude. Esp when the comment is only ‘nice!’

    I’m totally pinning this for reference encouragement. Great post!

  • Pia

    I’ve had a private blog for a while and your post inspired me to finally make it public! It’s not technically a beauty blog, but I still found your advice incredibly helpful, especially the parts about finding your own niche and having good photography – I’ll definitely have to work on that 😉
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • Elles

    Amazing tips girl! I’m new to the blog world and I’m trying it out. Thank you for being gracious, there aren’t many that are. Btw, font judge my blog harshly. I’m new at it. :)

  • Brittany – this is such an excellent post! Even as a non-newbie, it’s great to read posts like these from fellow bloggerellas.

    I would also add – start an email chain with a bunch of your blogger friends and keep snowballing it with more and more bloggers. Use it as an intimate way to share your latest posts, ask questions, and get linkbacks. It’s fun, too!

    Keep up the sexy mascara-ing!
    xx Michelle

    • Brittany

      I totally agree, Michelle! I do a weekly roundup of posts from fellow blogger gals and have experienced a lot more because of that. Woot!

  • I think your blog is fabulous. You are fabulous. Thank you for writing this, as you are an inspiration for other bloggers. These tips are very helpful!

    I write a beauty blog that features cosmetic reviews with special features about beauty electronics and tattoo removal/concealer products.

    I’ve only been blogging a year, but it is really more of a passion than anything else. Even with the readers I have it is awesome to read and respond to all of their comments. It’s just great that there are people out there that have the same interests!

    Thanks again for being an inspiration! xo

    • Brittany

      Such an awesome niche. Especially since I’m a techie and tattoo lover. Off I go to check out!

  • You are one of a kind. I’m a baby beauty blogger (only a few months), and I do it because I love it. I’d been unsure of how to proceed (make a fb page for my blog or what..) but now I have the confidence to. Thank you so much for this post:) I’m going to be a fan of yours forever, and now, we have lots of new blogs to follow and check out:)

    • Brittany


  • This was so helpful! You are such an inspiration Brittany!


  • CAM

    Thank you for this! I just started blogging-after months of contemplating- and your tips are really helpful! And, I agree, anyone with any type of passion or hobby should blog and use their voice. There’s no harm in that. :)

    *This post is most definitely bookmarked*

  • You wrote: “I spend hours brainstorming, taking pictures and researching information for Clumps. I didn’t just wake up one day, start a blog and become successful.” It shows, Brittany!!! I love your blog and this was another terrific post. I also love the random pic you posted to “break up the lengthy text.” LOL!! Thank you! xx

  • Hey! Thanks for this post! I need to upgrade wrt to picture taking thing! I totally agree that pictures are vital to a post. And I am not really concerned with having thousands of readers. That would be great but at the end of the day, I need to enjoy what I do and love researching and giving readers information.

    Oh yea I have to totally start bragging!

  • Hi,

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and I enjoy it!

  • I have a “baby blog” as you call it, lol. I started mine for fun, I like to write and I like seeing swatches on black girls and beauty products as well as outfits and stuff so that’s what I do. I never thought anyone would really read it, but after 2 years I have 17 followers, and it does hurt a bit. I’ve had better luck with youtube, so I’m torn on really committing to my blog or just being a youtuber…

  • hey b! really nice article! i’m not technically a “baby blogger” but i am still learning. i’ve recently gotten a new lease on blogging and have been upgrading my site and implementing some of your suggestions. thanks so much for your insight and willingness to share. also, for those interested, a chat goes on every sunday afternoon on twitter called #bbloggers. i’ve participated a couple of times and have picked up some blogging tips there also. blessings, girl!

  • Great tips! I completely agree with every one of them.
    Especially “Content first. Money later.” How true.

  • You are so right!! And right on time. I have a blog but I’ve been slacking on it and I need to get back on it. I also have videos on YouTube but I just don’t have the time to make them like I want to!!! I will continue to blog though. Thank you for your tips!!!

  • Great Post! Every word is true. I still have a ways to go in regard to be consistent. Loved this thanks for sharing :-)

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  • Love this! Thanks for sharing and you are totally correct – write good content and love working on it. Blogging for any other reason is a probably a waste of time. I’m finally starting to make a little bit of money, but not enough do it this for any other reason than the love of it.

  • I love how supportive and helpful you are even though you’ve reached success. thank you so much for this post. got me out of my “blogging funk” and im gonna work harder at it <3

  • Excellent tips Brit! I’m still new to the community and I know I LOVE some great photos and I’m still learning the art of photography. I’m a very visual person and I appreciate lots of photos.
    I’ve been in loooove with beauty products and I research the Internet a lot, there was too much information in my head and since my friends live really far from my new place and they’re all busy, the only person I could talk to really was my boyfriend, sometimes he looks at me with the “this woman is cray cray”
    I love to write too, I even started writing a book 2 yrs ago. Blogging seemed like the perfect fit for me, incorporating some things I loved to do (beauty and writing) and somethings I wanted to learn for eg photography was an amazing decision.

  • Great post!! You covered everything so well. Thanks for the helpful advice!

  • Daena

    Brilliant and extremely helpful post! As a very very new blogger, this was great to read!

  • I love your blog and especially love this post. I’ve been blogging for just over two years now, and love it. But it is still work and I definitely would love to improve it. Thanks for the great tips!

  • I’ve been blogging for about a year and got to a pretty good place last summer. Then I had to stop for personal reasons for a couple of months and am only now picking things up again… So this post is very useful to me as I’m a sort of second time beginner. 😉

    The weird thing though… I kinda lost the ability to take good photos while I was away, when I look at my pics from before my hiatus, they are better than the ones I’m taking now with the same camera. Don’t really know how that happened, but I hope I’ll evolve again as the pics from the very beginning of my blog were… Well, not so good is one way of saying it.

    One thing I wanted to say here is that in addition to all the things you mentioned:

    Don’t be discouraged! Blog because you love it and want to share your experience with any beauty product. NOT because you want something out of anybody or free stuff. If you go into it with that motivation, you’ll soon give up and be disappointed.

    I mean, I’m still a tiny little blog with a handful of readers, but I keep at it, because I just plain like it. :)

  • Brittany – This is so concise and so well said. Honestly, it should be a prerequisite for anyone registering a url with “beauty” in the title!

    I’m going to reiterate what you touched on – friends in the blogging world are absolutely priceless, for SO many reasons (links, questions, advice…to sit with at events!) But really, that’s advice for real life too, isn’t it? Be nice!

  • Thank you for taking the time to write all of this up. It’s very helpful. I guess I need to figure out why my good camera isn’t working right and start focusing on photography… and even more importantly, finding my niche! 😀 Thanks again for writing this, Brittany!

  • Hi, as a new blogger I just had to read this post~ thank you for the very helpful information! I completely have been taking to heart the importance of swatching and wearing the products. At first I was too shy to put a photo of myself on my site but I’m pushing myself over the shyness :))

  • Love this post! I don’t blog about beauty but this post is very helpful. I originally started following your blog for the beauty advice and reviews, but I really love that you are versatile and change it up from time to time. I also like that you demonstrate the products with your photos. I like to see how it looks, and most of ALL I love you honest reviews. Keep it up! xo

  • Oh my WOW, this is such a great post!!! Brittany, you are amazing and so helpful. I can see in all of your posts your want to help others and only put forth what will truly help people, from a product review to your funny TMI posts. This post was very helpful to me in that I have a “baby blog” that I’m currently nursing and trying to raise into a beautiful young woman..haha. In any event, I’ve gotten discouraged at times and felt like it was going nowhere, but keeping at it despite those things is definitely important. I love how you stressed the importance of blogging being something that you do because you genuinly want to and not because of monitary rewards, it totally wouldn’t work if that’s what you went into it for. Again, I have to thank you for this wonderful post and here is the link to my “baby blog” 😉 http://www.therunwaytimes.com/

    Much love,
    Sharontina aka @TyrasLilSis

  • This post came just in time for me. I’ve had my blog for so long and have yet to put in the time that I want to put in as far as posting and commenting goes. I’m more of a lurker type, but I realize that I must get out of that mode! I need to take some serious time thinking about what my niche is though. Thanks so much for sharing tips for us newbie bloggers!

  • Thank you for such an inspirational post. I have started my polish blog in January and really want to develop it, turning it into a community and valuable database. I started posting like crazy and now with the help of my friends calmed down and now plan my post beforehand.

    One thing that I did not know (or did not think about) is about leaving your blog link in a comment. I saw people doing that and did it myself. I guess that was the last time. Thank you for great advices!

  • This post couldn’t have come in a better moment for me! Honestly! This morning (it’s morning here, in Romania), it’s like I am Cinderella and you’re my fairy Godmother :))and you just saved me a ton of grief!
    I just started blogging and although my baby is growing nice and steady, last night I was awake till morning tossing my brains on how to attract more readers, more followers, more everything…
    In the past hours I’ve been guilty of many of the sins you mentioned in your post, but I repent….
    I promise to take it slow and enjoy the ride!
    I love the world of beauty blogging! I’ve been a follower for years until I finally decided that I also have something to say. And my niche is budget products/drugstore beauty: great products at great value per money. It may not seem like much, but there are not that many bloggers in Romania who are trying to edducate women on how to spend little money and still look like a million bucks! So…I will keep doing what I love and hope that readers will follow :)
    Oh…and talking about quirks: my blogger alter-ego is a cat, a blue cat – bluekittyblog.blogspot.com :))
    Hooked already? :))

  • I just started beauty blogging after getting hooked reading other beauty blogs. If nothing else, I’m learning a lot through researching products. Plus, I’m learning how to use my new digital camera and getting lots of gratification figuring out what works/doesn’t work. It is tough seeing how few read the posts, but for now I’m focusing on the positives.

  • Even though I am not a beauty blogger this is still an awesome post! I can use these tips when blogging for natural hair or just in general.. Will you be doing more lists like this??? PLEASE DO!

  • Kim

    1, 3, 8 and 10 are where I feel I have my biggest issues.

    Sometimes by doing comparisons to other blogs I become ‘overwhelmed’ and hesitant to update my own. I’m working on it though.

    Bookmarking for future reference :)

  • I LOVE all of these tips. You are the best for sharing it. Thank you.

  • Thank you, Thank you for this! I am a baby blogger! I have only been blogging for 2 months now, and actual actively blogging for just over a week! All these tips are so helpful! Thank you so much for sharing with us! 😀


  • Thank you SO much for this!! I’ve ran into so many “experienced” bloggers that seem like they don’t want others to succeed and will not give any kind of advice or tips! And if you ask, they act like you slapped their momma. SMH

  • ~L

    These are great tips and can apply to other types of blogging as well. My favorite is #10. It’s important to appreciate your blog for what is good about it, and not just see the faults because you want it to be like someone else’s.

  • I just started a blog about five days ago so I’m really just taking in as much tips as possible. I don’t know where I’m going with it, or how much I want to obsess. I just know I obsess with beauty that I need another outlet because my one friend and hubby isn’t enough. If I do want to further expand, I will most definitely take into account everything you’ve stated. Thanks again!

  • Bee

    This post contains very useful tips and info. I am a new to blogging and I will keep refering to this post to be kept on the right track. Thanks a lot.

  • Thanks so much for all the tips. I just started a blog, and have wanted to do so for over 5 yrs now. Thanks these will all really help.

  • good and helpful post for those people who are new to the game :)

  • Thank you so much for such a wonderful and helpful post. I am ADDICTED to your blog (and subsequently to mascara…) :)

  • Thank you so much for the tips! Very helpful! I’m just starting my blog and SO excited about it. It’s such a fun hobby and a great creative outlet.

  • I totally agree with you that it takes a LOT of hard work and good content in order to make a blog good enough for people to want to actually visit and follow. I’m working on it and I’m doing all I can to make mine as good as I can!

  • I am so grateful to you for sharing, you just don’t know! I have been thinking about starting a blog for the longest time- actually it was when My Space was hot n popping- I had a blog attached to my page and LOVED chatting about sweet nuthings and most sumthings :p

    Finding these help tips was just the nudge I needed to fall over into the pool of blogging! As others have noted this post is def a bookmark! BTW- I enjoy looking at your blogs on nail polish :p

    keep em coming,

    • one question in addition…
      What are your thoughts or advice on choosing a blog host? Is it ok for a newby to start out on just a google blog host? Knowing that I want to be heavily invested in my blog- what if I need to change hosts later to “upgrade” or make my blog better. Is it easy to make those transitions later on, thus making this not a huge issue to worry about now??


      • Brittany

        A lot of veteran bloggers tell bloggers to start off with Blogger because it is a little more user-friendly than WordPress. However, if you have design and CSS experience and want to just go for it, I’d say get you a host and go with WordPress. I am currently with Blue Host and have nooooo problems with them. Your best bet is to do your research and you may even have to shop around a bit to see what hosting site works best for you.

  • This post was very helpful for me since I have a “baby blog” :) I am learning a lot about blogging lately and it really makes me happy because I was looking for a hobby quite some time and I think I finally found what my ideal hobby is :) I enjoy writing posts and reading comments from my readers :) Thanks for great post! :)

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  • Hello! I really enjoyed your post. Though a baby blogger, I have already arrived to the same conclusions and am driven by the same principles. We have to admit that every blogger dares to hope that they will profit from their blog sooner or later, but many put that first and forget to work and learn incessantly. I learn and work as much as I can for my blog, which I see as a challenge and as a GREAT experience. Thank you for your advice!

  • More great posts for us new kids. Right now my toughest challenge is finding the balance between finding my voice on my blog and giving the readers what they want most. I love chatting up my products, but you always worry, do people want to hear how I stubbed my toe on the Wet n Wild display or do I need to wrap it up and get to the swatches? Or I worry that I don’t have enough variety.

    I started my blog because I love beauty and I love helping people. My coworkers always say I should sell cosmetics for a living, if it paid better I would lol. I love it, I love blogging about it. I think that will carry me. If I had 1000 readers, I couldn’t love it any more. (but I would be super stoked)

  • Hello!

    Thank you for the great advice on creating and beginning your own blog. You seem very informative and I thank you for the great blog post. I found it very inspiring, although my blog is just a tiny baby. I hope to one day transform it into what I think is me. I want to be able to write for me and do what I love. Shopping, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, and food. Yum for food!

    Thank you again.

  • Again, I found this super helpful as an aspiring blogger. I don’t know if you’ve posted about this before, but do you (or anyone else reading this) have any tips on taking pics? I’m trying but they’re not coming out the way I want. Thanks! xoxo, adri

    • Brittany

      I haven’t done a post on picturing taking but I think I will. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    At the same time, I have so much more respect for fellow bloggers, because it truly is a lot of work and takes a tremendous amount of dedication. This was the most succinct and insightful article I have read to date about starting a beauty blog, and has helped me quite a bit. Thank you so much!

  • Thanks so much for this post and your post on what not to do! I just started my blog about 2 weeks ago and advice is certainly appreciated. My career could not be further from the field of beauty but I love all things beauty related and consider it a hobby for myself. It is a hobby that is so much fun to share with others.

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    I have been reading your blog since it’s infancy stage and it has grown into a wonderful young lady!:-)

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    I just started getting into the beauty blogging community and I actually just started reading your blog. Today. Anyway, I am glad I ran across this post. I have recently became interested in starting a beauty blog. I am very young, 16 to be exact. But I got to thinking … it really shouldn’t matter how old I am. If Jessica Sanchez can be a finalist on American Idol then why can’t I be a beauty blogger? If Chris Brown can get a record deal at 16 then why can’t I be a beauty blogger? So this is my new goal. Thanks so much and I’m already in love with your blog btw. :)

    • Brittany

      Heck yeah, girl…you go and start your blog. And be sure to let me know when you do!

  • This post was actually very helpful and I’m glad I came across this. I just started my blog very recently and all this tips were helpful, although I am guilty of including my url at the end of many comments. I’ll stop that now! haha thanks!

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    Thanks!! :)

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  • Hi, Brittany! I just gotta say that reading your post is a breath of fresh air for me! You made me smile and even giggled a few times over your expressions and just the way you expressed a point. You are adorably funny as much as you are obviously very knowledgeable on the topics you talk about. You got another fan in me and I will definitely be back to learn more and draw inspiration from you. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the blogging world. More power! :)

  • Wow, I just discovered your blog through this article, bonus! I love this article, I know I’m still fighting my way through finding my voice, posting regularly, and taking decent pictures.

    Moreso, I love the mascara database! Mascara seems like the biggest thing I have trouble deciding on. I just found out a little while ago that they ‘categorized’ mascaras, and I was like ‘damn, why don’t they tell us on the package that some of them are DESIGNED to work better than others!’. I’m super into Japanese street fashion, and we like our eyes BIG.

    I’m in love with Rimmel’s length accelerator right now; it’s the closest I can get to the false eyelash look with just mascara, and eyelash glue is obnoxious to deal with, so I’m certainly looking to avoid it.

    Now I’m excited to browse through all of your archives and find some other options! Keep doin what you’re doin, darlin’. 😀

  • MMS

    Not comparing myself to other bloggers is my biggest issue. I feel like my layout isn’t good enough, my writing not strong enough, etc. I know the secret is hard work and laser focus. I will get there.

  • Great post – thanks so much! I am a little baby blogger – I have had my blog for about two months and I am loving every minute of blogging. I agree with not getting obsessed with numbers – although I am so happy to have gained a (small!) following I am just trying to write engaging content to keep my little following coming back because that’s what’s most important to me.

    I am anxiously looking for tips on how to improve my blog and this post has been a big help – thanks!

    Claire x

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    Thank you :) You are an inspiration.

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    I’ve just recently found your blog, and I’m loving your conversational writing style! That’s how I like to write too. I’m an accountant that needed a hobby, so I started my own beauty blog – “just” as in last week! I don’t even have any real content yet – just a rambling welcome post that was more for me than anyone! These tips are super helpful. One concern I have is lighting for photos. Any tips on how to light my photos without purchasing tons of equipment? Thanks again for a great post!

    • Brittany

      Using natural lighting. I have a photo box and only use it when necessary but I just LOVE how pictures look in natural lighting and settings.

  • Thank you for this – just came across it and taken notes!:)

  • Thanks so much for the tips! I’m glad to see a post that says you don’t have to get a DSLR. I had a regular 5 megapixel camera on my phone and I know that was not good at all, but I didn’t want to shell out hundreds for a DSLR. I settled for a point and shoot with 16 megapixels instead, so it’s good to know my money wasn’t wasted.

    Also, when you say don’t leave your website on comments, why do you have an option for commenters to leave their site? Does it not show up? Sorry, I’m new to blogging haha (so you can remove my website when you moderate this, wasn’t sure whether to put the site up or not).

    • Brittany

      I have the CommentLuv plugin installed on my site and it allows users to discretely display their URL if they feel so inclined. This, I believe, helps with allowing bloggers to show off their awesomeness without being too “HEY!! LOOK AT ME AND GO VISIT MY BLOG!”

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    Thanks for all the the good information. Just added you to my reading list.

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    I just started a lifestyle-fashion-beauty-SEX blog and I’m always so excited to hear how other bloggers have found success. Btw love your blog and I am now a new follower.

    Thanks again girl,

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    I especially appreciate tip #9: Focus on great content over numbers. We’re in the beginning stages for our site and it’s tempting to get discouraged and wonder how others rack up so many numbers. But your post is a great reminder that we just need to stay focused on delivering awesome content to our audience and to be patient.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks again!
    Look forward to hear from you.

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    • Don’t quit, though!! Believe it or not, there are probably MANY people who would be interested in what you have to write about. I never thought anyone would care much about mascara but hey – they do. Best of luck in your decisions. Stay true to you!

  • Karishma Majithia

    I just started up my blog yesterday, I wanted to be able to write about something I love (makeup/beauty). I love writing and reading posts like yours motivate me to keep going and stay consistent. Thanks for being a sharer! Do check out my blog if you get a chance…www.mirrorglamgo.blogspot.co.uk x

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    Thank you so much for this post! It is a real time saver! For the past few months I have been too scared of what people will think to tell anyone I had a blog. I guess that isn’t helping it grow hahaha

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    • You go, girl! Now go forth and be great!

      • Zahra Zadeh

        Thank you so much :) xo ♥

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    I made my own website about beauty and your tips really motivated me. I was losing hope because my site doesn’t generate loads of traffic, but I suppose that’s ok since I believe I post quality content. Thanks for making me feel better!

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    • You’re so welcome, Kimmie. Yay for starting up your blog. I’m here to help and support if you ever need it. :)