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| January 1, 2012 | 137 Comments

Why not start the new year off with a giveaway?

If you still have your heart set on beauty baubles over at Sephora, let me gift them to you. TWO Clumps of Mascara readers will each score a $50 gift card to Sephora.com. This one is easy. Many thank to Q-Tips! My ambassadorship with them means hook-ups for YOU! Check out the deets below and good luuuuuck!



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  1. Supriya says:

    My beauty resolution is to wash my face before bed each night!!!!!

  2. Mary Happymommy says:

    I’d like to lose weight in the new year.

  3. Schnelle says:

    I am resoluting to be a better person for 2012!
    Schnelle recently blogged about See you later 2011….Welcome 2012!My Profile

  4. tiffany says:

    my plan is for moderation in all things!

  5. Tara says:

    My plans for the new year include being on a new Weight loss journey, as well as not procrastinating!!

  6. Wynell says:

    I plan to eat healthier

  7. Sophia says:

    10 year cancer-versary coming up in a few days….my goal….live this year absolutely differently to my year 10 years ago. I’m not even planning anything….just let spontaneous life run this show!

  8. My resolution for 2012 is to become healthier and happier. Happy new year ^_^
    Jessica Ferguson recently blogged about When freedom of speech crosses the line into bullying.My Profile

  9. Tiffany says:

    My plans for 2012 are to eat healthier, do more yoga, stop procrastinating and just be a better person in general. Happy New Year, B!

  10. Kate says:

    I plan on enjoying watching my children grow, and to try very hard to stop worrying over the little things. I want 2012 to be calm and happy!
    Kate recently blogged about WIWWMy Profile

  11. Cristine says:

    My goal for 2012 is to invest more in the positive relationships in my life, invest more in myself, and take better care of myself and my family.

  12. Iman says:

    To live more in the present and worrying about or trying to plan for every little thing that may occur.

  13. Ashley says:

    I want to buy a condo/townhouse this year

  14. Kestrel says:

    One of my beauty resolutions is to find my signature red liptick. Right now, it’s a tie between MAC Ruby Woo and Russian Red.

  15. Lois says:

    I need to take better care of my skin. I know what works for me, I just need to do it.
    Lois recently blogged about Product Review: Sephora Perfecting Lash PrimerMy Profile

  16. Sabrina says:

    I don’t usually do resolutions, so instead I’m setting a personal goal: I want to stop being so hypercritical of myself and enjoy the here-and-now a little more :)

  17. Jeeya says:

    thanks for this giveaway , my goals for 2012 are to get higher education and be a better humanbeing.
    Jeeya recently blogged about NOTD : Bling Nails & Happy new year 2012 !!My Profile

  18. Arlie says:

    Get up earlier so I have time to do my make-up properly!

  19. Tina Renee Barker says:

    I would like to lay off the sugar this year.
    I’m sure I would feel and look better!
    I’d also like to visit DC again!

    • tina renee barker says:

      I was playing with my new kindle fire and I think I accidentally entered twice on the rafflecopter. I’m so sorry!

  20. I want to cook healthier meals in the new year.
    Cosmetics Aficionado recently blogged about Review: Lauren Luke Foundation BrushMy Profile

  21. Christina says:

    My goal is to do the first 5 things on my bucket list before my last year of school!

  22. Genevieve says:

    In the new year, I plan to finish the class I received an incomplete in last semester. Pass my comprehensive exams, finish my prospectus, and possibly defend it. I also plan on keeping my eyebrows in check and wearing most of the makeup I love buying so much. and to clean my brushes regularly.
    Genevieve recently blogged about Tommy: “Oh yes. I know what you need.”
    Noxeema: “I hardly think…
    My Profile

  23. Paula D. says:

    My plan this year is to not let work rule my life. I plan to travel more and focus on decreasing stress.

  24. Brooke S. says:

    My resolution this year is to take on a healthier lifestyle so I can reach and maintain my goal weight and to either continue my education for a different profession or try to find a job with my current degree. Happy New Year!

  25. Ashley says:

    I plan to apply to grad school and hopefully be admitted! I am also praying that God blesses me with a new job :) I would also like to travel to 2 different places this year…Where? I haven’t figured that part out yet lol. Great Giveaway!
    Ashley recently blogged about Happy New Year!My Profile

  26. milaxx says:

    My plans for the year are to get back to the gym since I’ve been MIA there for about 2 weeks and to follow up with my educational plans.

  27. Becky says:

    I would like to get on track with working out and eating healthy. I would like to conceive in the next year.

  28. Cinnie says:

    I am going to be healthier– do my yoga every day, eat healthier, and start juicing!
    Cinnie recently blogged about Review: MAC Cremesheen GlassMy Profile

  29. Ashley says:

    My goals for the year are to continue to expand my blog, strive to meet my goals and grow deeper into my religion.
    Ashley recently blogged about OOTD: Teal & Leopard (Blog Giveaway Winner Inside)My Profile

  30. Susan says:

    I started a new book and so my goal is to finish it this year. I want to see my family have more interest in the things of God instead of this world.

  31. Madeline says:

    My plan for the new year is to get a new job and start an exercise regimen!
    Madeline recently blogged about Orly EmberstoneMy Profile

  32. Priscilla says:

    I’m hoping for this New Year to be healthier, to my skin, to my weight, nutritionally, the works.

  33. Gloria says:

    I don’t have really any big or exciting planned for this year, but I do want to improve my health by implementing some beneficial lifestyle changes.

  34. eight says:

    Happy New Year! Hope it’s awesome!
    eight recently blogged about Indie Style & TopBox: Awesome Sample Boxes by and for Awesome PeopleMy Profile

  35. Crystal L. says:

    One of my resolutions this year is to take better care of my skin! I love those days where I look in the mirror and think, “Hey, my skin looks pretty good today!” And BAM. I breakout. I want the days where my skin looks decent to happen more. :)

  36. Carrie says:

    My plan this year is to have a better relationship with God.

  37. J says:

    I look forward to leaving the country twice this year. Toronto & other place unknown for now.

  38. blkrox says:

    I REALLY need to find a job this year!

  39. Savvy says:

    I plan on getting healthy and loosing weight.

  40. Jennifer A. says:

    My plan is to be less indulgent.

  41. Celine says:

    My resolution this year is to simply go with the flow in life and let whatever is meant to happen, happen naturally. I’m not going to worry so much when certain things that I think should be happening, aren’t happening.

  42. I can sit here and tell a list of generic plans. Lose weight-Doing, Traveling- I do have a ticket that someone got me to go anywhere. But the only thing I want is happiness. You know for a long time I was sad. Dealing with everything which you know, but as 2011 came close, I was in a spot where I was FINALLY at peace. Now 2012, I am hoping to find pure and utter happiness within. Got some, but COMPLETE happiness is what I am aiming for. Happy new year mama!
    Stefanie (IFCURVESCOULDTALK) recently blogged about HAPPY NEW YEAR! WELCOME 2012!!My Profile

  43. Well, I would like to go to a college that’s a good fit for me :) Although I have to wait another 4 months or so to hear back!

    I plan on cleaning my brushes more often (but we’ll see how that goes b/c I planned that last year too and err…didn’t really work out).

    Happy New Year, and thank you for holding this giveaway!
    Makeup Morsels recently blogged about New Year’s Resolutions, Home Fragrance Haul, and Lots of RamblingMy Profile

  44. Larie says:

    I haven’t had a chance to think through all of my goals for the year – will have to do that soon. One of them is definitely to stay more focused this year, though!
    Larie recently blogged about The Best of 2011 – Product FavoritesMy Profile

  45. Katie says:

    Honestly for 2012 I want a new me. Physically, spiritually and emotionally I want to become a better person, a more positive person. I want to get my health in check. I want to get closer to God. I want to really know who I AM. I CAN & WILL change for the better.

  46. Rachel says:

    i plan to drink more water and also move to a new city with a great job

  47. Anjali says:

    My resolution is to maintain balance – work hard but still take care of myself!

  48. MsFarrah27 says:

    My beauty resolution plan would be to treat myself more(get facials, mani/pedis and get my hair done by professionals instead of doing it myself. I work hard so I deserve it:)
    I also plan on dropping 50 pounds this year and gaining a more healthier lifestyle.I am believing God for a child so I have to do my art by taking care of this temple He gave me. I would love to go back to San Francisco again this year for more than 2 days on a business trip.

  49. LadycrowX says:

    My beauty resolution is to eat right and keep up with skincare routine daily!
    LadycrowX recently blogged about Some more Black Friday and Christmas HaulsMy Profile

  50. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I plan to try and drink more water and get more sleep!

  51. Candace says:

    Not sure if my comment went through, but I plan to travel a lot this year and spend more time with my family and friends instead of just working all the time.
    Candace recently blogged about Shoe Lust: Betsey Johnson Popppie PumpsMy Profile

  52. Eva says:

    This year, I just want to enjoy myself !

  53. Mama Violet says:

    I want to take my baby girl to visit her relatives in Africa this year.
    Mama Violet recently blogged about Vision Board: Ask, Believe, & ReceiveMy Profile

  54. My beauty resolution is to moisturize EVERY NIGHT!!! :)

  55. B Fab says:

    I’m moving forward into 2012 with the plans God has laid out specifically for ME!!! And I couldn’t be more excited!!!

  56. T says:

    to learn to snowboard and start grad school!

  57. Sarah says:

    This past year, all at the ripe ol’ age of 14, I was in a very serious car accident, a victim to medical malpractice, severe daily pain, and unreliable friends, and thus developed depression and post traumatic stress disorder. During this dark time, one of the only activities I find peace in is makeup (literally, my therapist actually recommends that I buy makeup. My parents are actually considering filing an insurance claim for art therapy because that’s basically its purpose here…). For 2012, I hope that I will be able to learn how to want to move forward and to want to find happiness.

  58. Valerie says:

    I plan to start college in the fall and hopefully travel some in the summer. =)

  59. Janelle @ Life.Love.Nailpolish says:

    To actually workout and lose this extra weight before I graduate in June. And to learn how to knit!

  60. Adria says:

    My plans for the new year are simple: have fun, laugh a lot, and to try new things… oh and to lose weight :)

  61. Catherine says:

    So many thing to do this year 2012! I’m getting marry, going back to school, and hopefully traveling a lot!
    Catherine recently blogged about Natural Beauty with Makeup!My Profile

  62. i want to get my own place soooo badly! north side of chicago
    Vonnie (socialitedreams) recently blogged about How I Brought in the New YearMy Profile

  63. Kim D. says:

    My resolution this year is to eat healthier.

  64. KIM says:

    My plan for the New Year is to be a better person attitude wise. I have been told by my family in 2011 that I am too arrogant in my speech so I am working on being forward but not too arrogant (in other wise, speak my mind but control my temper).
    Happy New Year!!
    KIM recently blogged about HAPPY NEW YEAR!!My Profile

  65. T.R. says:

    My goal for 2012 – be healthy, shed some pounds and make my business thrive.

  66. Alisha says:

    my beauty resolution is to wash off my makeup before sleep!

  67. Adia says:

    I want to travel and take lots of pictures and the thing I don’t wanna do is to spend too much money ><
    Adia recently blogged about Christmas makeup tutorial (gold,red,green)My Profile

  68. Mandy says:

    My beauty resolution is to start taking better care of my skin. This is the first thing people notice about you, and I don’t want to look like a baseball mit.

  69. Melany says:

    My New Year’s intentions are: to grow & retain hair length, start school in the summer/fall & lose 15lbs.

  70. Tai says:

    I want to sleep! That’s what I want to do :) School is tiring but fun!

  71. Carmesha says:

    My goals for the new year are to be more healthy and to focus on positivity.
    Carmesha recently blogged about Act Like A Ladi…Dress Like A Diva: NYE!My Profile

  72. Zana says:

    I plan to lose weight this year
    I plan to commit my skin care regimen ( I ain’t gettin’ any younger)
    I plan on working with my special needs son on specific projects (very important)
    …and lastly and hopefully I will be more God aware, in my daily life, in 2012 :-)

  73. Joanna says:

    I want to purchase a Canon DSLR EOS Rebel T3i

  74. Kris says:

    Wish n Supa-Wish to lose at least 10pounds diz year and maintain it throughout!!!!!!!!! :D

  75. Maria says:

    I haven’t made any New Year resolutions this year just because is too much all at one, taking it slow. I would love to lose 20 pounds, eat healthy and get motivated to exercise. I stayed home this new year, just relaxed in the house.

  76. Dimitrea says:

    My resolution is to lose weight, stress less, and travel more!

  77. Juliana says:

    I plan on spending the holiday with my friends!

  78. daniela says:

    my 2012 resoultion is to lose weight and be healthier
    happy new year
    dani ♥

  79. nicole says:

    my resolutions this year are to loose weight in time for my wedding, stop worrying so much and to spend more time with family

  80. Ashley says:

    My goal is to manage my time better so I can focus more on creating a better life for myself.
    Ashley recently blogged about Natural Hair Braid Out with Oyin Hair Dew and Burnt Sugar PomadeMy Profile

  81. Amy says:

    My NY resolution is to make sure to see my family. Some of them I have not seen for at least 10 years! :(

  82. Channing says:

    I have a couple goals for 2012: handle my hyper-pigmentation issues on my face, spend more on investment pieces and stay strong transitioning out of my relaxer. I have those and non-beauty goals in my 2012 vision book to keep me on task :)
    Channing recently blogged about Snapshot: Getting Cozy in J.CrewMy Profile

  83. Jenn says:

    My plan for New Year’s Eve was to sit at home with my husband, and for New Year’s Day was to sleep in – both were accomplished, whee!

    My 2012 resolutions:
    1. Read one book per week
    2. Lose 10 lbs
    3. Be more efficient with work tasks

    Happy New Year, and thanks for the snazzy giveaway!

  84. Trina J says:

    My new year’s resolution…Stay consistently persistent!

  85. Brittany L. says:

    I would love to continue to travel and hopefully lose weight in 2012.

  86. Joseph says:

    My resolution for this year is to make a goal every month instead of the entire year :). By doing these litle goals monthly, I know I will be able to acomplish them :). For this month’s goal is to get back in shape inside and out :D. I.e, like eating healthier and keeping up a regimine :).

  87. Ashley Marie says:

    My plan for 2012 is to finally get my drivers license and move out of my parents house. I hate being a late bloomer!

  88. YJ says:

    I want to keep being vegetarian! :)

  89. Darlene says:

    Get my sexy body back…got a bid birthday coming this year.

  90. Erin Pitts says:

    I want to be healthier and get another stamp in my passport this year.

  91. Airess says:

    My goals for the new year are to do better at controlling my temper and cursing, start/finish some business ventures, and to survive being overseas with the military!

  92. DENISE says:

    I plan on taking better care of my skin this year by washing it twice a day and doing a weekly facial/scrub.

  93. L. Michelle says:

    for this year, i am being a little more SELFISH!
    L. Michelle recently blogged about The Look::Style WatchMy Profile

  94. Christine says:

    Just chillin’ w/ family!

  95. Calli says:

    My plan for the new year is to write, a lot!

  96. Jennifer says:

    I spent this New Years with my friends and family!
    And my New Year’s resolution is to get rid of acne~

  97. Grace says:

    Id love to try out new mascaras this year :D

  98. colleen boudreau says:

    My plan is to lose weight & get healthier.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  99. Tina B says:

    My plans include connecting more with friends and family in person and online. Oh, and make more NEW connections!
    Tina B recently blogged about Review: Montagne Jennesse Strawberry Souffle Moisturizing & Purifying MasqueMy Profile

  100. I plan on eating better, being a better mom, running a half-marathon and enjoying life more.

  101. marta says:

    i want to eat less sugar :-)

  102. Nana Yaa says:

    Thanks for the giveaway

    My New Years Resolution is to design more dresses and have confidence in my designs. I love to draw dresses..just call me a younger version of the Late Alexander Mcqueen lo..just joking.. but i love fashion design and this year my resolution is to draw more and bring those designs to life

  103. Anita says:

    haha another blog I followed asked this too, I will copy and paste:
    -stop buying new makeup and use all the stuff I’ve accumulated

    -resist temptation to use new job’s earnings to sabotage previous resolution

    -be more religious with skincare routine

    -go to bed earlier

    -lose 10 pounds so I don’t look stupid in very unflattering ballet class uniforms

    -stretch every day

    -practice the excercises in the perfect pointe book (which I just got for christmas yay (: ) every day

    aand thats purdy much it (:

  104. Monique says:

    My resolution for 2012 is to become healthy and happy.

    Happy New Years

  105. Deanna G. says:

    I don’t have any plans. Just taking things as they come.

  106. Amanda says:

    I didn’t do much for new years, stayed in and cuddled up to my bf. <3 But my new years resolution this year is to finally lose weight and use more of my makeup. I have a number of makeup that sits in my closet and I wanna make an effort to use more of my eyeshadows and mascara and not just save it! e_e Have a happy new year!

  107. gabriela says:

    My plans for this new year is to focus on my two children. And plan a trip to Walt Disney World..thats if god permits it..because my daughter wants to go there. this year I wanted to start using only mascara..to go easy on my makeup..But my little 5 yr old little girl tells me to wear makeup..Because i look ugly without it. By the way i love the giveaway so much..I hope you had a blessing NEW YEAR..my GFC is :gabrielaaguilarsanchez_7587@yahoo.com
    liked on Facebook:Gabriela Aguilar.
    Have a blessing year..

  108. Emmy says:

    I resolve to eat healthier to feel healthier. I’m starting on the 17-Day Diet to do a sugar detox. =] I also am trying to save some money to go on a vacation to Hawaii this year =)
    Emmy recently blogged about Happy New Year–Last Minute Tutorial =DMy Profile

  109. claudia says:

    To excersie more and to enjoy life:)

  110. Michelle says:

    My goal for 2012 is be more of a positive person who takes better care of myself and my family.

  111. Asia says:

    My New Years resolution is normally just to be happier than the year before. I pick that one because it’s easy. At the end of the year, I can always think about so much that upset me over that year but the fun, happy stuff kinda out weighs the bad : )

    Happy New Years B! And Happy News Years to all Clumps readers!

  112. Jana says:

    My goal is to stick to a skincare routine. I gotta clean this up!

  113. Enjoli says:

    My resolution for 2012 is to complete the 468 miles in 12 months run challenge and to learn how to do the smokey eye makeup flawlessly.

  114. Jade says:

    My NY’s resolutions are to: write more, read more, and run more. I’ve started all of those things in December. :-)

  115. Patricia says:

    My New Year resolution are to be the best mom I can be, go back to school and start a new fresh outlook on life. :)

  116. Crystal says:

    My resolutions are to: Give up Hot Tamales, Continue my weight loss journey by losing 40 more pounds and Tame my road rage.

  117. Allykat says:

    I need to work on my anger management and better manage my money. Get a workout regimen that I can stick to.

  118. TraciB says:

    I plan to keep my hair at the moisture level it needs in order for it to be happy!

  119. Crystal says:

    My plan for the new year is to lose weight and become more active.

  120. Syreeta says:

    My new year’s resolution is to become more independent.

  121. Chanelle says:

    My resolution is not to make any cause I donot keep them.

  122. Lisa says:

    I plan to become financial fit by spending less and saving more.
    Lisa recently blogged about Giving ThanksMy Profile

  123. Sarah says:

    My resolution is to stop worrying so much!

  124. Jessica says:

    I really want to redecorate my room! Which means I need to start by cleaning it… >___> *gulp*

  125. Andrea says:

    to sleep. seriously. holidays stress me out!! and to be the best wife ever. after my nap. :)

  126. MJ Moore says:

    I already know I’m going to move at least once this year, but I don’t know where! I do need to figure out a system for frequent moves, though. (Husband’s job, keeps us on the go!)

  127. April says:

    This year I turn 30! There was a time (not that long ago) that I was scared to death of the big three zero, but now I’m excited. My life is finally in order and I feel more beautiful than ever before. Cheers!

  128. styleezta says:

    I went to a club! bootie LA :)

  129. Mariam says:

    For the new year I would like a new job. I’ve been trying to leave my current employment forever. This year, I’m going to do it.

  130. Tara Caudillo says:

    I want to take a vacay to cali to see all my family that I haven’t seen in 5 years!!!!

  131. Linz says:

    My beauty resolution is to exfoliate regularly and stay hyrdrated. :)

  132. Ashley L. says:

    My beauty resolution is to wear good bras and at least tinted moisturizer at the very least.

  133. Joie says:

    I want to get serious about blogging and writing more. I want to wash my face before going to bed at night. It’s so hard to remember that!
    Joie recently blogged about Kernel of FaithMy Profile

  134. AubreyLaine says:

    I would love to go to Arizona to visit my parents :)
    My new years resolution is to be more patient with myself & others!
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

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