New Year, New Age!


Hey y’all! Guess who turned 27 yesterday? Yours truly. I’m one of those women that promise to never lie about her age. Because what’s the point? The way I see it growth, experience and wisdom all come with age. Wrinkles, health problems and memory loss may come too but hey, I’m deciding to see the bright side of things as I grow older.

That said, I’m taking a break today and shall return with a hot new post tomorrow. I took the day off from work to extend my birthday. Ooooh yeah! 8)

Oh! And I walked on the wild side and got an iPhone. I took all of the above photos with Instagram. I am beyond obsessed with that app. You can follow me on there (ClumpsOfMascara) and if you’re a Instagram junkie too, let me know so I can follow you back!

  • Happy birthday! Wow. an iPhone? That’s a great present. Hope you enjoy using it.

    • Brittany

      Thank you!!

  • Happy Birthday!! I hope you enjoy your new phone ^_^

    Alice in Nappyland

  • Your L.A momma says Happy Bday!!!

  • MsFarrah27

    Happy Belated Birthday Britt!!!!

  • Happy birthday| I got an iPhone for Christmas. I should check out Instagram.

  • Amy

    Happy Birthday!!

  • Happy Birthday Brittany! :)…I wouldn’t think you were 27…you definitely look younger and have a younger spirit about you (not that 27 is old…Lol). I’m the same age too (still can’t believe it)!… Enjoy :)

  • Happy Birthday!!!! I bet you enjoyed it!

  • Happy Belated Birthday, Queen B! I hope you had a loverly day. And judging from your photos, you did 😉

  • Happiest of birthdays! I’m so glad you were born!

  • Lavendar

    Happy Birthday B! Have a wonderfully Blessed birthday week!

  • victoria

    Happy Birthday B!

  • Happy belated B’day!!! I love apple products & Instagram is too hot. Love your pics.

  • T.R.

    Happy Personal New Year. Enjoy your day off and definitely celebrate the you the way you like. Wait I forgot who I was talking too….you’re going to do that anyway….:O)

  • Katie

    Happy Birthday!!!! GO GO GO SHAWTYY!

  • happy bday and welcome to #teamiphone….you’ll love it! what app/program did u use for the collage?

    btw, feel free to follow me on instagram (themiscfiles).


    • Brittany

      Thankies!! I took the pictures with Instagram but put them all together with a desktop program called Picasa.

  • Kim

    Happy Birthday :)and Happy New Year