Schick’s Hydro Silk. The razor you need in your life.

A new razor has hit town, y’all. And it’s a big deal. Laugh if you want, but if you’re like me and endure an insane amount of razor nicks from dealing with crappy razors, you know finding a GOOD razor is a serious, mega and colossal deal. Shick is bringing us their new Hydro Silk Razor. And uh…I hope this doesn’t seem to forward but you need to get one.

Like fo real fo real. This razor is amazing. And for several reasons.

  • This is Schick’s first 5-blade razor. Finally! Why the fellas always got 5 blades and us gals didn’t is beyond me.
  • There are skin guards on the top of the blades to help smooth the skin while shaving.
  • The inclusion of water-activated moisturizing serum is genius. I don’t know how it works but this lubricating strip stays slick for several shaves.


Oh, and then you’ve got the nice handle that makes moving around easy peasy .

Because I suffer from razor bumps, burns, nicks, scraps, cuts (you get the idea)…I like that the razor has 5 blades.

That means, I’m not only getting rid of the hair with one swipe, but my skin is left smooth and irritation free. It’s a fantastic razor, y’all.

If you can find it in your drugstore, get it with the quickness. It retails for $9.99 for a razor and 1 cartridge. I loves it.

In extremely random news, how beautiful was the sky the other day?

I have this thing for glaring up at the sky and taking pictures of it. It’s the little things, you know? I get this calming wave of relaxation when I look up at the sky. Even if it’s in the middle of a lunch break.



  • Celine

    How much does it cost when you have to buy a new cartridge of blades? I have a razer like this, the same idea but the cartridges are so expensive when you run out and have to buy more. If this brand is cheaper for that, I will give this a try.

    • Brittany

      I believe the cartridges retail for $11.99. I agree, they can be on the pricey side.

      • Celine

        Well the ones I buy are about $20, so that’s half. I’m going to give this a try then. Thanks!

    • Aj

      Yea, I might have to try these too. The ones I use now also cost $20 bucks for a refill. It kills my wallet but I can’t stand the feel of my legs without it.

  • Nice! Need to check it out!

  • Nice one. I’d love to try this. Bet the results are pretty smooth.

  • Zana

    I guess I need to get this razor. I was waiting until school started to pick up a mens 5 blade razor but now there is a girly option YaaaY!! Also, Brittany, I too am a skywatcher from way back…I find it extremely peaceful and calming..I feel like there is a positive energy exchange goin’ on between me an’ the sky…always have

    • Brittany

      The sky and I are friends too. :)