My Top 4 Favorite mascaras of 2011

I hope no one noticed that I didn’t do a “My Top Favorite Products of 2011” -type list. Why DIDN’T I do one? I was too busy working on a top secret project. Okay, I’m lying. I got lazy and forgot to do one. But what I do have is a list of my Top 4 Favorite mascaras of 2011.

This wasn’t easy, y’all. I came across A LOT of amazing mascaras last year. These kids happened to be the ones that made the cut.

Queen mascara

This mascara was everything. Everything! From the packaging to the wand, formula and results, this fiber mascara could have very easily been the only mascara I wore all year. You know…if I didn’t have a mascara blog.


Maybelline Great Lash Lots
of Lashes (LOL) mascara

You knew it was coming, right? I raved about how much I loved this mascara the first time I tried it. Aside from it being a FANTASTIC mascara, it has a really groovy wand (it’s heart shaped!) and was 10x better than the original Great Lash mascara. Go Maybelline go!


Clinique Bottom Lash mascara

I loved this mascara so much that I used it all. I don’t think I’ve ever hit the bottom of any mascara tube. This teeny tiny wonder of a mascara makes bringing out those bottom lashes super easy. And it’s just soooo cute.


LORAC Multiplex 3D Lashes mascara

This one may have come as a surprise because I didn’t brag about it as much as I did the others. But considering it’s a preservative-free mascara, it is fantastic! It has a buildable and long lasting formula that really helps lengthen those eyelashes.


Honorable Mentions:

What were some of your favorite mascaras from last year?

  • That little pink mascara from Maybelline always makes it to the favorite list somewhere. It’s just a great product.

    • Brittany

      But of course, darling. 8) It’s cult fave!

  • Thank you for your list. OK, since it’s coming from the mascara professional, I’ll have to break down and try the Clinique Bottom Lash! xx

    • Brittany

      You’ll love it!

  • I love the Fairy Drops one too!!!


  • I have to try that Great Lash LOL. I used to be a Great Lash junkie! lol

  • I stayed true to my falsies lol. Great picks babe

  • Oh Man! I have not try any of this mascaras! I will definitively be looking out for the Maybelline one when I got to the drugstore, and will put the FairyDrops in my wishlist :-)

  • I love Clinique. :)

  • victoria

    Ok so I bought a new tube of my Holy Grail, Lancome Hypnose. BUT, my old tube of Hypnose refuses to dry up or run out! I just can’t seem to bring myself to toss it!
    Do I need counseling? lol

    • Brittany

      If it’s been more than 3 months, toss that baby out, V!

  • Love the new Maybelline great lash LOL (lol) Mascara. Also top on my list is the Clinque high impact mascara, which can removed with warm water. Especially handy when you go to the gym and don’t want to go “naked” Right after my workout I jump in the shower with facial cleanser or thermal scrub and feel like a million bucks.

  • Linda

    Lorac seems to have parabens in the at the moment, must have changed from preservative free.