7 Things Beauty Bloggers Should Never Do

Who knew so many of y’all would find such great use out of the 10 Tips for Aspiring Bloggers post? I don’t claim to be some kind of professional when it comes to blogging but I’m glad that my post brought about so many “OMG, that was helpful.”-type comments. Fellow blogger gals and I were griping on Twitter not too long ago about some of the annoyances we’ve seen in the blogosphere. I know, I know. Sounds so whiny, doesn’t it? The fact is, a lot of bloggers may not know the rules of the game when they are first getting started. Granted there isn’t an official “Beauty Blogging Bible”. The fact is, we’ve all made mistakes. This post is to help give some insight on what may not be so good to do if you’re a beauty blogger. Of course, use your judgement and feel free to correct me if you think I’m wrong about something.

1. Fail to cite sources.

This is the worst thing any blogger, journalist, writer, college student, hell, ANYONE can do. Failing to cite where you received your information or photos is such a no no. It’s stealing. Period. If you grab a thought that didn’t come from your own dome, cite where you received that information. It’s just the nice thing to do. Besides, if the blogosphere finds out that you’re notorious for taking content and photos without citing them, no one will want to work with you. You’ll be considered an e-thief. And nobody likes thieves. Noooooobody.

2. Completely bash a brand.

This one is relative. Some beauty bloggers only feature products that they like. Others feature products they did and DID NOT like. The choice is yours but remember this….your completely bashing a product may omit you from future opportunities. I am soooooo not of fan of Revlon’s mascaras. In my opinion, most of them suck. However, I actually really like their new lip butters and nail polishes. If I totally wrote off Revlon as a brand, I may do myself a complete disservice if they had intentions on working with me somewhere down the line. Of course, it’s your blog and you can do whatever you’d like but if you plan to be in the beauty blogosphere for quite some time, it’s best not to publicly bash a brand.

3. Leave your blog link in another blog’s comment section.

Whenever I see this, it makes me want to scream. A blog’s comment section is for engagement. Not for you to spam your blog’s website. Many bloggers consider it rude and oftentimes they will delete those comments. I get it. You have a blog and you’d like the person whose blog you’re commenting on that to visit your blog. A better option would be to send them an email introducing yourself. Because I love showing love to other bloggers, I installed the CommentLuv plugin (WordPress) on Clumps. That way, commenters can display their blogs in the comment section in a discrete manner.

4. Assume that by becoming a beauty blogger, you will get free products.

So you’ve started a blog and now you want free products to review. Newsflash: It won’t happen overnight. If at all. Becoming a beauty blogger is not a guarantee that you’ll get products. Starting a blog for the sake of getting free products can be considered….lame. And PR folx pick up on that quicker than you may think. Your best bet is to blog, blog and keep blogging. Get your Google page rank up. Increase your blog traffic, Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Give PR folx a reason to want to work with you. They will come to you. Trust me on this.

5. Solely post press releases.

Aside from being insanely boring, a blog that only posts press releases isn’t really a blog. It’s a beauty news source and there is no creativity behind it. Oh, MAC has a new collection? Okay cool. Laura Mercier’s primer comes in a larger size? Great. Copying and pasting a press release or article time and time again will not engage your readers.

6. Assume that if you don’t live in New York City, you won’t be a successful blogger.

This couldn’t be more false. I don’t care if you live in East Idaho or Northern Wyoming, you CAN be a successful and influential blogger. And that goes for any blogger. Yes, NYC is considered a beauty mecca but don’t let not being there discourage you. Trust me – it sucks to miss out on the opportunities that seem to prevalent in NYC but look around you. Why can’t you launch events in your own city? Next month a good 15 beauty bloggers and I will be getting together for a networking event and swap meet. And I live in Orlando. Home of Mickey Mouse and tourism. Put some feelers out there. If you are passionate about blogging and beauty, chances are you can find a few others who are too. And no shade to my NYC bloggers but being a beauty blogger who is not in NYC kinda makes you stand out a bit, ya know? 😉

7. Consider other bloggers your competition.

There is no race. Blogging is not a spectator sport in which the person who has the most comments, likes, visits, subscribers and fans wins. Some bloggers interact more on Twitter than they do on their blogs. Others get hundreds of comments per posts while others have thousands of newsletter subscribers. Don’t beat yourself up trying to figure out how to be “better” than another blogger. Can you be inspired by them? Absolutely. But whatever you do – don’t waste your creative brain power but trying to find out how to be “better”. Be you. That’s the one thing that you can do flawlessly. And before you get to thinking “OMG, she’s got 40,000 Twitter followers. She must be really cool.” consider this – there are programs out there in which you can BUY followers, subscribers and likes. I don’t use them because I find them to be inorganic and I’m not insinuating that every blogger with a ton of numbers uses them, but…I’m sure some do.

What do you think? Am I off on some of these things? Got any to add to the list? Let me know!


*Special thanks to the bloggers that helped with the development of this post!


  • This is very well written. YES on all 7 of these points especially #3 & #7. I have run into my fair share of bloggers that act like this is a contest. They make blogging miserable for everyone. Thank you for posting this! Oh and check out my blog at http://www.ImJustKidding.com 😀

    • Your post is so much helpful. I admit I am guilty on some of the things youv’e said about posting more on edvertisements. I am so grateful i stumbled upon your blog because really, I am so new to this. In fact, before, I blog only because I make this as my online diary. But then since I also love beauty and fashion I created another blog about beauty and fashion. But im still very ignorant when it comes to blogging. I will keep this tips in mind. :)

  • This is a great posting. I really agree with #6. I was surprised at just how many bloggers there are in Florida, but have quickly learned just from our get-together communications. LOL! Sorry, I won’t be able to attend the one coming up. Take care and stay beautiful.

  • This post is amazing. I never considered the fact that people actually buy their followers/subscribers. I think that is so dishonest to themselves and their “real” subscribers. The whole leave your blog link in my comment box is really annoying. If you leave me a comment I will naturally click on your name to check you out, so the extra here’s my link follow me is overrated.

  • Kim

    nothing to say except thanks.

  • This is a really great article. I aspire to be a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger and I found this quite helpful.

  • excellent article!

  • Great Post!!!!!!!! Well said and on point!

  • This is a fantastic article full of great advice!! 😀

  • VERY well said! I agree with each and every point you posted. I too want to scream at #3, (and #1, it’s so rude to “steal” things, not to mention it might be illegal soon?!) and 100% agree on your last point. There is so much competitiveness within blogs, and I always say; hello! People are capable of reading more than one blog, it is OK to link out from your blog once in a while, haha! In my opinion, the more beauty bloggers the better! :)

    xx Renee

  • Great post! I’m a beginning blogger so these tips come in handy.

    There are programs to BUY followers? That is ridiculous, in my opinion. I’d want people to follow my blog because they enjoy reading it, not because I paid them!

  • Love this!

  • Awesome post once again. I love the tone of your post. I think that’s most important when a lot of these bloggers release their pointers. I think they are all awesome points and I will begin to cite pictures and ideas because duh, I’m a college student…I should have been doing it. You’re point of plugging in the comments section, I just believe that to be relative. If a blogger is against it, announce it. I don’t really understand why it would annoying….accept in instance where its a “cool blog , insert url” then its like…really??? When I do it, its to blogs I visit all the time, comment all the time, actually give intuitive response and add a link so maybe their followers will be interested in mee…is that bad also???

    Great post lovely!

    • Brittany

      I definitely agree with that tip being relative. When bloggers leave links to their sites in the comment section of Clumps, I don’t go around huffin’ and puffin’. I realize that 9 times out of 10, they don’t mean any harm. To me it comes off as a shameless plug. It’s kind of like, “Yeah yeah, whatever to what you just said. Just check out my blog.”

      Especially when the comments aren’t engaging at all. I’ve gotten comments that are like,

      “Cool! Visit my blog: ISuckForDoingThis.com”

      Now THAT is annoying. Dot com. 😉

  • I love this article, I agree with all of your points! I was actually guilty of number 3 for a long time until I leaned that no body like it. Plus I found this same plug (commnet luv) for my blog so that I can let people leave their side when they comment. Another one that I find interesting is #4, a person actually ask me how did I get things for free because they were going to start a blog, lol… Please that’s not the idea!
    I love the blogging community and the opportunities to meet new friends that like the same things :-)
    Can’t wait for out meeting next month!

  • again, thanks for another great post. Your last post really helped me to go ahead and start my blog.which i did :0) it’s actually live now :0) I was so worried about being perfect, and having super fancy pics, and who would read it… But you helped me to realize that my blog would be special because it was my blog.my oictures, my thought, and my personality! i believe that my gifts will make room for me…so im just being the best me :0)

    thank you so much for all of your tips! you have no idea how helpful and encouraging they are!
    God Bless!

    • Brittany

      A new blog? Weeee!! I’m off to check out. CONGRATULATIONS!

      • oh, wow!!! thanks!!!
        It’s still a baby but i am sooo excited!Ive been getting nice and encouraging feed back from my friends and fam.

  • Awesome post! I think a disclaimer like this should pop up whenever a new blog is created 😀

  • Thanks girlie! Great post. I’m a new blogger and I found this really helpful. It’s hard to know the blogging etiquette when you’re just starting out!

  • Good points. Okay, I have been guilty about NO. 3 but will try not to do this anymore. Good to have read this. Also, the last point is very true. No point being competitive.

  • Very very helpful! I also hate when beauty bloggers bitch about other bloggers. I mean seriously? Are we 12 years old ladies?

    I choose to never post press releases as I find that they become really really repetitive when every single blogger posts the same beauty blog.

    Great list!

  • This is super cool!! Thank you so much for all of your help! Especially for a Baby Blogger like me! 😀

  • I completely agree with all your tips except #2; I’m not sure quite what you mean by that. I agree that it’s not a great idea to say “______ is a terrible brand” – but I also value honest reviews, including honest reviews of products that perform poorly. So, I do – and will continue to – write negative reviews of products that perform poorly.

    Also – I have a question with regards to #1 that I can’t figure out. I would never take a photo from a blogger (without advance written permission), but I occasionally take a stock photo from Sephora’s website (or Amazon, etc) – I always credit it, of course, and never hotlink. Is that considered acceptable practice? I don’t know where to go with that kind of question!

    Thanks so much B for being awesome!

    • Brittany

      Hey mama,
      Considering you always cute the source, I think you are just fine. I do the same thing from time to time so no fears there. And good for you and not hotlinking. That’s the woooooorse! Saving the image to your blog or photo site and then linking it is always the way to go. :)

  • Harshleen@BeautyTidbits

    Another awesome post on blogging! Agree with you on all the points especially #2and #3.

  • Great tips! But I’m with Vanessa on #3. If a blogger says “Hey DON’T DO THIS! That’s why I have this fantastic plugin to make you stop doing this!” (thanks for telling me about, I’m off to see if they have a version for blogger!^_^) Then no one should post it, but if the comment is just a comment and not “leik totes read my awsume blog!11:link” then go for it because sometimes (at least in my experiences) that’s a great way to get your name out there.

    Citing sources is hugely important, especially when you use someone elses pictures or text. My biggest fear is someone swiping my photos/text and not giving me credit for them because it takes me a while to write a post or edit a photo (the amount of photos I take for ONE decent one is pathetic) I’m satisfied with and someone just grabbing it is like saying you don’t care about that effort at all.

    • Brittany

      I know what you mean about the photo stealers. I spot my photos alllll over the place. I stopped caring and stopped watermarking because it seems like no matter what I do, my pictures will get swiped. :(

  • What great advice… every point is very well made. I get especially annoyed about the ‘bloggers get free stuff’ attitude. A lot of bloggers do blog just to get free products and they give the rest of us a bad name. It also makes it harder for people that do it just for the love of blogging to get accepted by the blogging community. When I was new, I ran into bad feelings from more seasoned bloggers that assumed I was only in it for freebies – which I wasn’t at all, and have never even tried to get free products in the almost 12 months since my blog started!

  • Excellent and very nicely written. :) The blog link thing can be confusing, but forms like the one you use make it much easier. When other blogs don’t have something similar I always just leave a comment.

  • I agree with all your No-nos! Especially the ones on failing to cite sources, completely bashing an entire brand, and posting press releases!

    I am definitely for citation, all the way down to where an image comes from if one really feels the need to use stock pictures. And also, to where one gets an idea from, for example, if I watched someone on Youtube, and I was indeed inspired because that someone did something that I want to modify from, I’d cite the someone, since the idea didn’t pop out in my head from thin air.

    Furthermore, I am always very irritated when I follow a blog link with a really good title, but end up seeing a press release. =( I guess, most of beauty bloggers already have feeds from a lot of preview blogs, youtube and magazines, and really don’t need another post to remind.

    And really, thanks for the CommentLuvPlugin! I really, really appreciate blogs with these. Am wondering if it can be done on Blogger… …

    • I love the Comment Luv plugin too :) I wish Blogger had it. I recently started my blog and that’s the only lament I have about Blogger.

  • Uh-greed. 100%. Well said.

  • Very informative and I like it so much that I had to comment! I also see some bloggers that visit a blog and just say “nice”, nice what? Lol and at the bottom leave their blog link. I find that kind of fake and some that comment for a while and once you become a follower, they never return. I mean you don’t have to comment on every post, but don’t just recruit me as a follower and then forget it, you know what I do to those fakers? I’ll stop following them, delete them and never visit them.

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  • Great, helpful post. It would be cool to be in NYC for beauty/fashion stuff. However, we do have events around here; we just have to look for them.

    Free stuff??? This is one of the most expensive hobbies I have had! Glad to do it but it is NOT for free stuff, for sure. :)

  • Buy readers? This is too funny. I will have to google this (NOT to buy of course!)

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  • Thanks for the great advice! I’m just starting and I put a lot of effort in having something interesting and new… not to mention the money lol!! no free samples at all!!
    I love nail polish and I just want to share it!
    BTW I’m moving to NYC in two days!! I will need a beauty blogger guide!!

  • Hi.
    I love these posts, please if you have the time, extend the series as I have found it really useful. ‘Hotlinking’ I think this has been lost in translation for me please could you elbaprate or provide an example, i don’t want p anyone off on the ‘net.



    • Brittany

      Hotlinking implies grabbing a photo from someone else’s site and instead of uploading it to your own site or photo server, you use the photo owner’s original link.

      • Nina

        Hmm… See now this is interesting, I also was a little confused by the hotlinking comments btw you and Emi. So blkmimildn, it might not be “lost in translation” as much as not a term that’s well understood by many (I’ve definitely heard the term before, but I never put much thought into what it actually means). =)

        But, with your explanation above, I think I understand what it means, but am a bit confused why it’s bad… I actually tried to look it up, but that didn’t really help. Ha! But did at least get that it implies “stealing bandwidth” from others ~ well I can understand that not being good! But… I’ve always found it handy to click on a pic and have it go directly to the site it’s from. And while I don’t blog, I am becoming FAST addicted to pinterest (follow my pins at. pin/hahahaha ~ okay, j/k, I couldn’t resist). So, if people “pin” a picture from a site, doesn’t that hyperlink it? So, does that mean everything I pin is stealing bandwidth from someone else? That’s no good… =(

        • Brittany

          Okay, how addicting is Pinterest? I’d follow you, Nina!! Drop or email me your link and I will definitely follow.

          Pinterest is a tough one. There is a pin going around now encouraging people to NOT re-pin pins that do not go to a blog or site. And I agree. From now on, I will only re-pin pins that give that head to website. Makes sense, right? Otherwise it’s just like blogging a picture without a source. Of course many of us didn’t think of it that way but yep, that’s what it is.

          • Yay! Pinterest friends! =) I will totes follow you back too! And… Seriously! Most Addicting Site EVER!! I’m way more addicted to pinterest than I was ever even into Facebook which at this point I’ve almost totally stopped paying attention too… Though I should probably give it a bit more love than I have been recently.

            And I totally have a serious irritation with re-pinning pins that aren’t sourced correctly. Drives me NUTS! It’s surprisingly difficult sometimes though. Even though I was pretty aware of it from the start, if I go back through a board I’ll start noticing things I re-pinned that totally aren’t sourced right that I never even realized. Once you start pinning stuff… it’s hard to remember to double check each one sometimes…! =) But as long as people are conscious of it, it seems like most people are pretty good about it. At this point whenever I pin stuff (esp from blogs, etc) I just write the bloggers name in the description. Seems like it adds that extra layer that people would have to delete out before it gets lost to the interwebs.

            I attached my pinterest name/link thing as my “website” so we’ll see if that works, otherwise I’ll just email you. ; )

          • Brittany


  • Thank you for this! As a new Beauty Blogger I don’t think I have committed too many no no’s..tempted at first perhaps. I appreciate when you find people who extend their knowledge and experience to newbies. I have a few bloggers I would love to pump for advice and feedback, but I am afraid to come off as a pest. Maybe I should just take the plunge and send off a few emails. Thanks again for starting the dialogue.

    • Brittany

      I’m always here if you ever have any questions. :)

  • Thanks so much for this article! I’m currently trying my hand at blogging, so this was super helpful.

  • April

    I totally agree with this post – esp numbers 3 & 5… I’m not a beauty blogger, but I read ALOT of them! Beauty is my world, my passion, my obsession. And when I’m done reading an excellent article that I may choose to scan the comments to see if my question may have already been asked & answered or the like & I come across a blogger that has posted the link to their site within the comments, my eyes just roll back into my head & it just frustrates me so because that is not the place to advertise yourself! It’s just plain rude, among other things. As for the blogs that post mostly or all newsreleases or links to articles from totalbeauty.com, I end up bypassing those blogs all together because I can get that info elsewhere. I don’t need your blog to give it to me. I want your blog for fresh info & insights – like you said, stuff that came from your own dome. :))

    • Nina

      Doh! Now, see I thought I was going to add in some fresh perspective with the comment I just left as a “blog reader/non-blogger” ~ and then I read the rest of the comments and April beat me too it, in a much more succinct manner as well. =) Oops! Oh well, I suppose people can still wade through my essay below if they want, but April definitely makes good points that I totally agree with! Nice to know I’m not the only non-blogger here too. =)

  • I really appreciate this article- it’s good to get these kinds of pointers from established bloggers. I’ve been reading beauty/nail polish blogs for several years now, but only just decided to start a blog of my own about a week ago. It’s amazing how little I’d thought about how I would actually go about blogging myself; I had been so used to just browsing through blog posts, and not considering the “how” of producing them.

    Thank you for a very valuable and informative post!

  • Nina

    Hello! I just found your article via NouveauCheap and found it to be really well written! I just thought I would just throw my thoughts in as a non-blogger/blog-reader. I totally agree with your whole list! As a blog reader, I really do notice when these things are followed / not followed, and it makes a big difference on whether I decide to follow a blog.

    The picture citing rule is a HUGE issue and drives me crazy! I don’t post my own pics (I’m not creative enough for that, ha!) but just find it awful when others don’t cite pics, etc. I follow a lot of beauty blogs, so, if you literally steal a pic from another blog, I might actually recognize the picture, and if you didn’t cite it, that’s a pretty immediate reason for me to not want to follow someone. And as Emi mentioned above, I don’t see any problem with using images from other sites if you cite them, it’s the non-citing that’s obnoxious. As a reader, I might really like that image that you have brought to my attention, and want to learn more about it! If you haven’t told me where it came from, I either am out of luck, or have to put a lot of work into hunting down where it came from. Both things are NOT awesome…

    As for the leaving your blog link in a comment ~ I agree with you there as well. I totally get the reasoning, but can see why it would be irritating for the blog owner. And, as a reader, I am MUCH more likely to click on another blog from the current blog I’m on if that blog is on the blogroll (which leads to it making sense to email the blogger and introduce yourself). OR, with awesome bloggers that add the “commentluv” button or something similar, that is awesome! Particularly because then it’s not just “hey, by the way, I have a blog”, but, links to a recent post! So, as a reader, if I’m reading through comments and see a link to a blog article about a nail polish I’ve been interested in, I’m much more likely to click on that link than seeing a html address for a random beauty blog ~ no matter how cool a blogs name is… that alone will probably not get me to check it out, especially if it’s randomly placed in a blog comment post.

    Just my two cents ~ thought it might be helpful from a readers perspective, as opposed to a bloggers. We notice this stuff too! =)

    Oh ~ And Brittany! Just wanted to mention, while I realize watermarks are kind of annoying, and some photo stealers will go far enough to remove them (which is just the epitome of awful IMO!) I wanted to throw in a quick pitch for not getting rid of them completely! Again, as a reader, I literally have come across another bloggers photos that were NOT cited… BUT, did have the watermarks still on them… so weird… But, I really liked the pics, and was able to find the blog they were originally from because of the watermarks, even though the jerk that used them never gave the blogger credit. So, that’s just one reason it may be useful to keep the watermarks! Though, that’s obviously up to you! This is where not being a blogger means I have little understanding of how much of a hassle watermarking can be, and how likely it is that pic thieves will leave the watermarks intact. So, take what you will from that.

    *Sometimes I think I should be blogging as I seem to leave the longest comments EVER! Ha! Sorry about that! *
    And good luck to all you lovely ladies that are aspiring/just starting out bloggers!

    • Brittany

      Comments like this are SOOOOOO useful. You rock in every way, Nina. XOXO

      • Nina

        Aw, thanks! =) I’m glad!

  • Very informative! Thanks:)

  • I LOVE THIS POST!!! You are so right on in every level. And yes, I am woman enough to admit to being guilty to a few of these, but we all learn from our mistakes right?? I thoroughly agree about not completely bashing a product or line- who wants to read a negative nancy type of blog anyway?? Keep it positive beauty bloggers!

  • I’m so glad you posted this, I am a new blogger and already have common sense to know these things. You also motivated me by saying ” there isn’t a competition or race” the small amount of people who read my blog act like I should be trying to be the Michael Jordan of blogging, impossible! Everyone has their own pace. Thank you for this

  • Shann

    I soo did not realize that #3 was rude! yikes! thanks for the heads up!

  • Great post, Brittany – re-tweeting it! :)

  • What’s wrong with posting press releases? 😉

    • Brittany

      Press releases are totally fine. But a blog full of press releases is Zzzzzz…… 8)

  • As always, great advice. Thank you!~

  • Brittany, this is a terrific post!! Your blog does rock! Thank you! x

  • I totally agree, esp, with #6. I never cease to be amazed at the sucess I’ve had living in BFE! I live in a really small town and don’t even have access to a lot of brands so I blog about those brands I can get and it’s worked!

    Love this post!

  • These are great tips – I’m afraid I didn’t know that #3 was so bad – I usually sign my comments with my link – I hope everyone doesn’t hate me now:

  • I love that your advice is to the point and gives exactly the right about of information. I hope you do more articles like this one.

  • awesome, awesome, AWESOME!! thanks for sharingggggg ;)))

  • Thank you for posting this, I found it very helpful! I also really enjoyed your tips for aspiring bloggers and that was very helpful also :))

  • victoria

    ITA with # 3, when I see links to other blogs in the comment section, I don’t click on them. I’m not even a blogger and I’m totally turned off by that!

  • My sister has been telling me to start my own blog for years now, she thinks that my thoughts and recommendations could help others but I was always so skeptical to do it because I thought what if I’m doing it wrong? With this post and the previous one about aspiring bloggers, I feel a lot better about my new blog which is live now but I think I’m just going to concentrate on having fun doing my own thing and if no one else reads I always have my little sister! haha thanks for this great post, definitely helps!

  • Liz

    Excellent post! Thanks for writing this. :)

  • Paula

    I’m starting up a beauty blog and this REALLY helped me think about what I want to do, how I want to do it and what I definitely should NOT do. thank you so much!

  • Just reread this. Great post! Thanks.

  • I hear ya on the NYC thing – I love to read blogs, personally, from people all over the world :) It’s very refreshing

  • I’ve been guilty of leaving my link but now I know better. I feel so embarrassed!! Actually do click other peoples links when they leave them as I find it a great way for me to discover more blogs. But I dont think I’ll be doing it again myself if it annoys people! Haha…you live and learn.

    This is a great post. I was wondering where I was going wrong, but I do need to give it time as I’m still fairly new.

  • I really enjoyed reading your article and found it very useful. I personally blog for my own self ,I find it to be a huge stress relief and kind of a fun way to interact with new people. I’m not blogging for the sake of getting things for free, but should i get things I would never turn them away if I am interested. keep up the great work and take care.

  • I agree with everything you said. It was a very mind opening and helpful post. Blogging is meant to be fun, if you’re obsessed with the numbers, it will never be a success and you won’t have fun doing it either. Thanks for your insight :)

  • I hate to say this, but I’m hella guilty of leaving a link with my signature on other people’s blogs, always after I leave a comment, though. I’m not going to go to a great post and ignore it and promote myself. That’s rude as hell.

    Even though I have promoted myself to some companies in Asia and gotten things from them, it’s all been relevant to my blog. I’ve found a few places like BrandBacker and BloggersRequired that I’ve used to work with companies. One started out as an affiliation and looks like it’s turning into a full blown sponsorship, which I think is crazy since I don’t have many followers on my blog itself, just twitter. My whole family thought I was insane doing my happy booty dance.

    I think it’s so cool to find another blogger from Florida! I live in Okeechobee, about two hours south of you. Most of the bloggers I’ve connected with have been from Europe or Asia, so Florida bloggers for the win! It really excites me to meet someone else from the Sunshine State <3


  • Bennie M

    thanks for this really usefully post. I have a question though, Ive been blogging for around 3 years and I get contacted my PRs to review products, I only say yes to the ones I think are relevant to my blog. then there are press releases I get sent all the time, the brands that I liaise with Im fine in requesting samples to review but I also get press releases from PR and brands I havent worked with. What is the rule? Can I reply and ask for a sample to review or just file the press release for future reference and hope they will ask me one day! Cheers

    • ​Every blogger will tell you something different. I have the philosophy that a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. If I really want to connect and form a relationship with a brand, I’ll reach out to them! ​