Guest Post: How to Effectively Apply Fiber Mascara

It’s Ishah here, from over at Beauty Mamas – a blog for women who live life to the fullest and still want to look beautiful 😉 My all time favourite type of mascara formulas is the fiber mascara. It builds up on your natural lashes to lengthen and volumise like no other. There is a trick to applying it, however, that can really make a big difference in the end result of your lashes!

For today’s post I am using Dolly Wink Long Mascara, but the concept is the same for other fiber mascaras. I have used this method with Maybelline The Falsies as well.


Here is the video tutorial, but if you prefer text & pictures just keep on scrollin’.

                                                       Source: IshahBeautyMamas 

As you can see on the brush and on my hand, the mascara has a bunch of little fibers that are supposed to grip onto your lashes as you swipe.


The traditional method of applying mascara isn’t the most effective with this type of formula. Firstly, we focus on lengthening: to really get the most fibers on your lashes and lengthen them as much as possible, use the tip of the wand first and swipe the brush up vertically, . This way, you are placing the fibers right where they need to go, on the ends of your lashes.


Swipe each section, all the way from your inner, to your outer lashes. Using the tip ensures that you can catch every single lash and build them up. You will be able to see the fibers attaching to the ends of your lashes and making them beautifully looong! I do two coats, just to ensure I’m building the length up as much as possible.


Once you have gone over the lashes with the tip of the wand, it’s time to go back to more familiar territory. To build volume and separate, swipe the wand in a ‘zig zag’ fashion at the roots of your lashes, then sweep upwards to the tips.



Make sure you get every lash! I give them 2 coats, but make sure you’re loading your lashes with as much of the mascara that’s on that brush. I feel like many women do too many coats and cause clumping, when what you should really be doing is using one or two coats and going over and over your lashes thoroughly with each coat. Did I explain that right? If you’re confused, see the video.
The top lashes

L: no mascara R: 2 coats of mascara applied vertically, 2 coats applied horizontally.


Although I wouldn’t recommend doing any more coats than that, you can continue to build as much as you want with the mascara and fibers that are on the brush. With each coat I literally go over and over my lashes until they are as long and lush as I want them. If you have a good mascara (like Dolly Wink or Fiberwig) you wont get any clumping or flaking. In the video I actually went over the eye I used for the tutorial more thoroughly than the eye I had done beforehand, so it ended up looking a little more dramatic.

Oh, and don’t forget those bottom lashes! They can really pull a look together (like this one!)


Fiber mascaras can do wonders for your eyelashes if applied right! Maximise the potential of this great formula by taking the little bit of extra time to do it right 😉

What are your thoughts on fiber mascara? Worth the extra time and effort?

Thanks for reading, beauties!

Ishah xx

  • Great video and great written directions!! Thank you for the guest post!

  • That is actually some great tips. Hmm, I remember watching a MAC artist do that and I totally forgot the tips. My next question is since you technically use 4 coats…how would you do that if you use two different mascaras. I use Maybelline Falsies & Illegal Length.

    Great post.

  • I had NO idea that you were supposed to apply fiber mascara like that. I will definitely try this out!

  • Vanessa: I would do one mascara first, then the other. So for example – one coat of The Falsies vertically, then one coat of The Falsies horizontally, and then one coat of Illegal Lengths vertically, then one coat of Illegal Lengths horizontally. That way you’re layering the mascaras (and fibers).

  • victoria

    Great tutorial! How would you rate the new Maybelline fiber mascara compared with Dolly Wink?

    • The major difference between the two is that the formula on the Dolly Wink mascara rubberises when it dries – which means your lashes retain softness and when you remove it, it comes off as little rubbery clumps and fibers and doesn’t give you panda eyes. I like The Falsies, but I am in love with Dolly Wink – however the price difference is considerable. I got The Falsies for around $6 at Walmart, Dolly Wink was $12 + s&h from

      • Unfortunately I haven’t tried Illegal Lengths yet, so I can’t comment on it!

  • Thank you! I’ve been completely clueless on how to make my fiber mascara look natural. I will definitely give this a try!

  • Nice! Mom says Hello my love!!

  • Your lashes are gorgeous! I find this method to work amazingly well for some mascaras, it blows my mind. Thanks for the tip!

  • thanks for sharing! very helpful

  • I love this!! It’s too bad that I can’t find a good fiber mascara here. I need to look at other brands than Maybelline!

  • KIA

    i don’t think i realized that i actually love fiber mascaras… maybelline falsies and loreal false fiber mascaras are my favorites in rotation right now!

  • Ambreen

    I’ve been hearing a lot about fiber mascaras on here & yt but I had no idea what that meant. Now I know! Are they easy to remove & what are the best drugstore ones?

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  • Thanks for this! I have some Hard Candy fiber mascara that I’ve been wanting to use more but didn’t quite “get it”. Btw, have you tried Hard Candy’s fiber mascara? What do you think if so?

    • Brittany

      Nope, I haven’t try it. Gotta add it to my list!