Kickin’ rocks to Google Friend Connect

Welllll, Google has decided to get rid of Google Friend Connect for bloggers who DON’T use Blogger. Since I proudly ride the WordPress train, that means my GFC widget will disappear soon. If you are following Clumps that way I soooo don’t want to loose you. The good news is, you can follow me other places on the web.

  • Facebook – The Clumps Facebook page just reached 4,000 LIKES! Woot!
  • Twitter – Follow my ramblings about beauty and other random bits.
  • Pinterest – It’s my newest obsession. I’ve got the boards to prove it.
  • YouTube – I’m back to making videos!

I think that about covers it. A boring post for a Friday, I know but yours truly has been feeling mightyyyyy lazy. 8)

Have a great weekend!


  • 4gs!! WOAH!!!!!

  • I don’t wanna lose you either! :)….I was thinking of signing up to Hello Cotton and/or Bloglovin anyway, so I’ll add you on there once I do.

    Lol @ you feeling “mighty lazy” :)

    • Brittany