Milani’s Illuminating Powders are almost TOO pretty to use

Anyone ever watch the show Hoarders? Centered around people who “hoard” items, this show takes you on a journey inside the mayhem that these people live in. While shocking, it’s always sad because usually the hoarder had a breaking point in their lives that MADE them hold on to material things. Sometimes it’s the death of a loved one, feeling abandoned after their kids move away or divorce.

Anyway – I have a girlfriend who has me thisclose to calling Hoarders on her. She hasn’t had any recent traumatic events in her life but she hoards more makeup than anyone I know. She has a collection of more than 200 blushes that she doesn’t even use because she says they are “too pretty to touch”. That’s right. 200 perfect blushes that have never touched her cheeks. When I showed her these new Milani Illuminatizing Powders, she shrieked and told me she couldn’t wait to add these to her “Too Pretty To Touch” collection.

Crazy, right? Don’t worry. Said friend doesn’t mind that I put her story on blast. She assures me that there are probably hundreds of beauty hoarders out there. Eeek!

Beauty hoarder or not, if you’re a Milani fan, you’re going to love these. Milani is doin’ it BIG this season girlfriends and if you didn’t know, you better ask somebody. These Illuminating Face Powders are ah-mazing.

Gorgeous, right?

These babies can be used as a highlighter, bronzer or blush. Whatever fits your fancy.

First up is Amber Nectar…

Combining a gold finish with a touch of rose, Amber Nectar is the perfect combination of her other two siblings. She’s got a few micro-sparkles goin’ and while she may be a little too cool for my complexion but I’m sure other gals can rock Am Nec beautifully.

Beauty’s Touch is my favorite…

If you are taking baby steps into wearing blushes and want to wear something with a little color, this is the route to go. Beauty’s Touch’s golden notes are toned down a bit on the cheeks and what you’re left with is a shimmery pink finish.


(L-R) Amber Nectar, Beauty’s Touch, Hermosa Rose

And then there’s Hermosa Rose.

Despite the “rose” in the name, I think AR has more gold in it than anything else. In fact, it’s the closest powder to a true bronzer. That said, after Beauty’s Touch, it’s my favorite.

-Beautiful and subtle shimmer.
-Perfect for blush beginners. It gives enough coverage without being too intimidating.
-A little goes a long way.
-The packaging. How beautiful are those flowers?
-Even with multiple uses, the flowers stick around. Yay!

-May be tricky to apply. Because it’s so sheer, you may actually have on more than you think. I found the best way to apply this was with a skunk/stipling brush.
-If you aren’t a fan of gold shimmers, you may not like these because all 3 of these are gold based.
-It isn’t very long-lasting. After about 5 hours, my cheeks weren’t as golden as they were when I first applied.

Hermosa Rose on my cheeks…

So yep, while these are subtle, I still love the glow that they give my cheekies. Some days I don’t feel like putting a ton of color on my cheeks, so these are absolutely fantastic. They are in drugstores now for about $8.99 and online for $9.49.

Whatcha think? Yay or nay?

  • These are so pretty! The pink one is definitely my favorite.

    I don’t understand buying makeup just to keep it – I mean, it’s not my thing to judge, but it’s also not my thing to buy and not use something! I buy my makeup to wear it!

  • I like their soft glow. I was a beauty hoarder too. Glad to have recovered.

  • Gah, the roses are so pretty! Honestly, I would have said ‘yes’ to them right away based on prettiness factor, but after calming down and reading the rest of your review, I might opt for something with more colour payoff.

    But still… talk about beautiful packaging! They deserve points for that.

  • Going to buy. Buying. Bought. =D

    I am going to look out for these at my country’s Milani counter… … Not to sure if we will get it.

  • Isa

    Those are lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  • I have been seeing these in stores for the past few weeks. They are gorgeous to look at like you stated. I wasn’t sure about trying them, but after seeing swatches, I think I would like to try Hermosa Rose. I think they would be great highlights. The price is the only thing that turns me off a little but I may bite the bullet.

  • I saw these yesterday–PRETTY!

  • gio

    They are all so pretty, especially the pink one!

  • Hmmm, The colors appeared a bit chalky on your swatches. The thing about Milani is that they have absolutely gorgeous colors…it just their stuff never last long. So frustrating!

  • I have oodles and oodles of makeup… some stuff I use more than others. I would be catergorized a beauty hoarder. I purchased one of these Milani powders and I actually use mine. I have the one in Beauty’s Touch. It is indeed very subtle and it gives off the right touch of glow without having you look LIT. I say YAY!

  • I have walked past these a few times drooling. How do you think they would wear on the very pale? Would they impart much color or just shimmer?

    • Brittany

      Absolutely!! I think Hermosa Rose would work perfectly for you.

  • They’re so pretty!!! But are they embossed all the way down? It’ll be such a pity to have the roses gone in a month or so..

    • Brittany

      They will probably disappear somewhere down the line…. :(

  • victoria

    Hmmm 200 blushes she doesn’t use
    Does she buy separate blushes to actually use? lol I’m curious. Does she have MAC or other high end blushes she doesn’t use?

    I guess years down the line if the blushes are unused she can make a killing on eBay! Vintage stuff sells for more if it’s not used lol

    • Brittany

      She has a variety of different blushes. Not just higher-end or drugstore. And yep, she’s got a whole ‘nother set that she uses regularly. I’ll definitely suggest Ebay. That’s such a good idea!

  • Those are just beautiful! Whenever I find them, I’ll definitely use them.

    I can kind of understand the too pretty to use aspect. But 200? Wow

  • Oooh I want beauty’s touch!!

  • I hoard make up too!